Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Hyperhidrosis & MiraDry Review For Excess Sweat


Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Hyperhidrosis

Wendy Williams told Dr Oz that her days of Sneak Eating are over. But she also had a big health secret she had never talked about before: hyperhidrosis.

Dr Oz: What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Hyperhidrosis & MiraDry Review For Excess Sweat

Wendy Williams confessed that she has hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating. Dr Oz has the problem too and shared a MiraDry review as an option. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Amita N Bhatt says

    I am parient desperately suffering with this nocturnal hyperhidrosis for three and half decdes no body figured out the cause , It occurs only during deep sleep my night gowns get drenching with sweats Every night . I was worked up for TB , got treated for malaria. My nighyt sweats started in 1991 after hysterectomy done for dysfynctonal bleeding. I got bone marrow aspiration and arterial blood gases. I have DM for which I have started Insulin.
    I also have Sarcoidosis and have a colostomy done for fecal incontinence.
    I like to get this Miradry treatment . How can I do it ? Can you give me contact info for Specialist who will do it for me ?
    Amita Bhatt

  2. Lin says

    I’ve had excessive sweat under my arms, palms of my hands and feet for at least 30 years. Just recently my doctor prescribed Hypercare. It’s in liquid form and you apply it to problem areas. It is suppose to temporarily shrink the sweat gland and you have to reapply when you need it. It has helped me tremendously and I wish someone would have mentioned it sooner.

  3. Eileen Holloway says

    Can you advise if excessive sweating from the head, neck and general body can be treated. It does not affect hands or feet.

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