Dr Oz: What Body Language Says About Your Health


Dr Oz: Body Language and Health

Dr Oz spoke about Grapotherapy to help us learn what our handwriting tells us about our healthy, but what about body language signs?  You probably already know of some of the body language signs that indicate our actions, (like scratching your nose detects lying) but did you know that your body language is directly related to your health? (I didn’t either!) Well, it is! On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Body Language Expert, Jeanine Driver, to show you how body language is the secret window into things that you don’t want people to know about you. Jeanine said that how many times you blink can actually effect your health. Is your body trying to warn you about a health issue? You may be doing certain things and not even realize you’re giving tell-tale signs about your health.

When is Yawning Not Normal?

Doctor Oz had a hidden camera in the audience that caught audience member, Alicia, yawning in between takes.



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