Dr. Oz: What Cancer Are You At Risk For: Colon, Stomach or Breast


Doctor Oz did a show on surprising cancer risk factors that most of us don’t know about.  We all have heard that smoking increases your chance of lung cancer, but other risk factors for different types of cancer can include your race, age, living habits, environment, job, medications, weight, height and family history.  It is extremely important that all of us know what cancers we are most at risk for, because then we can make sure to take preventative measures like simple things from dietary changes to medical tests.

Epidemiology & Cancer Risk Studies

Epidemiologists spend all of their time trying to estimate the risk of diseases and how strong one risk factor is over another.  Of course, some people with a high level risk will never develop cancer… but it is better to know what you are most susceptible for so that you can plan accordingly and change your habits to push the scale in  your favor.

Colon Cancer Risk Factors:

1. Eating Red Meat 3 or More Times Per Week

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