Dr Oz: What Causes Autism? Do MMR Vaccines Cause Autism?


Dr Oz did a show on What Causes Autism today, which I was thrilled to see him cover.  Doctor Oz said that every 15 minutes a family hears a diagnosis that their child is Autistic.  1 in 110 children have Autism, and the statistics are even worse for boys – 1 in 70 boys have Autism.  Why do so many kids have Autism now?  What causes Autism?  Is it where you live?  What you feed your child?  Is it a government problem or is it our fault?  There are so many questions about Autism, and really so few answers.

Dr Oz: Autism

Dr Oz spoke to families who have Autistic children and they said things like how hurtful it is when people come up to you at the store and tell you to just control your child and how it Dr Oz What Causes Autismmakes you feel awful when you are in bed, totally exhausted, and feel like you do not like your daughter right now.  700,000 kids in America are living with Autism.  I am sure that all of us know at least one family with an Autistic child at this point.  Eileen, a single mom of 3 kids, said that all three children have Autism.  Gianna cannot handle eye contact and has anxiety, Marz does arm flapping and Vincent hits himself all the time.  Alison is the mom of 13 year old Jodie who is Autistic, and Charles has a son with Autism that cause him to flap his arms and to be unable to focus.

Dr Oz: Autism Challenges

Dr Oz asked these families what are the challenges of having an Autistic child?  They said things like that you cannot help your child not hurt themselves, you have to worry about things like the color of playground equipment or if people are wearing strong perfume that will trigger their Autism, it is hard to not be able to fix something that is broken, and every single family seems to worry about who will take care of their child when they are no longer around.

Dr Oz: Asperger Syndrome

Charles said it is very difficult for men, because every man has a dream of what they want to do with their son – that is your legacy.  Another lady said that there are simply not enough people trained to work with our children, because they need help on a daily basis and they could be very successful if they were given the help that they need in school.  One lady said that her son is an A student who does very well in school, but he has Asperger Syndrome (a type of Autism) and so he does not have the skills to make friends, which is where a school could really help.

Dr Oz: What Is Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder that robs a child of his or her emotional foundation that makes it impossible for the child to communicate or even to smile.  The world is too confusing for children with Autism.  In 1980, 1 in 5000 kids had Autism, but today its 1 in 110, which is a 50-fold increase in one generation.  If that does not scare you, I do not know what would!

Dr Oz: Autism Causes

Alison Singer, President of the Autism Science Foundation, said that we do not know what is fueling this rapid increase in the number of kids with Autism.  Part of it is that we are better at diagnosing Autism and we have broadened the definition to include more mildly effected children.  There seems to be a strong genetic component with Autism, because they did a twin study and in identical twins, if one of them has Autism then the other one has a 90% chance of also being Autistic.  This means that there is a genetic component obviously, but there are also some environmental component that must interact with genes.

Dr Oz: MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

One mother told Dr Oz that many people are worried about the MMR Vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), because many parents feel that there was an immediate chance in their child after getting the vaccine.  She personally believes it may be due to the huge amounts of aluminum found in the MMR Vaccine.



  1. says

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  2. Joyce Worcester says

    Dear Dr. Oz,

    I am watching your program on Autism. Have the following been explored?

    Sleep Disorder

    To many toys in a riot of colors

    Brain Chemistry

    Thanks for attacking this alarming disease epidemic.

    Joyce Worcester

  3. Kristin says

    What always got me was why just the MMR vaccine? Why just mercury? That makes no sense at all! ALL the vaccines have lethal ingredients that are known to cause brain damage. Take away the MMR vaccine and you still have multiple vaccines with dangerous toxins. Take away the mercury, you still have hundreds of ingredients that are known to cause brain damage, emotional stress, and loss of motor skills, etc. I think that doing a few short studies on ONE vaccine cocktail and ONE vaccine ingredient is like sweeping it under the rug. Also, I was a little disappointed that the only study on the link between autism and vaccines that was brought up in the show, just happens to be the least reliable study out there. There are plenty of other studies, with much more evidence, that were conducted in a much better manor. I do think that using THAT study on the Dr. Oz show, unfairly discredited the vaccine-autism theory.

  4. Shots Are Crap says

    These doctors are ridiculous. I am sorry to say but they know that vaccines cause autism and many other complcations. people listen, if you stop giving one shot (MMR) that will not solve the many problems that are going on with our kids. You have to stop all these shots, they don’t help and they make us woraw. Shots don’t prevent anything. Now you have to ask yourselves \ What are these shots really doing\???????

  5. Brenda says

    I agree w/Kristin. The MMR is NOT the only vaccine w/harmful toxins in it. They all have various QUITE HARMFUL toxins added. Research (not done by the chemical companies producing the vaccines) has proven that vaccines, in fact, do cause many health problems of today. Even with the vaccines, children are still dying in large numbers from diseases caused by the vaccines. Go back to when vaccines were first introduced up to today and see how childhood diseases have increased (such as cancer, asthma, autisim) not decreased. Drugs are a multi-billion dollar business. They have the medical profession in their “pocket”, so to speak–in my opinion. They give hefty “gifts” to the Dr.’s for the dispensing of their drugs. I recently heard that some areas are given quotas by the drug companies on the quantity of drugs they prescribe and are “penalized” if they do not perform the right quota. Dr. Mary Tocco has done much research on vaccines and lectures about them. You may want to log on to her website @ marytocco.com. Research done by the people who are at fault is like putting a thief in charge of a bank w/ no supervision or accountability. Personally, I believe that the drug companies are “buying” their way through their evil products. Sadly, that is the name of the game in our country today on all levels of business. I KNOW that vaccines cause a lot of the diseases that are showing up today. The chemicals allowed on and in our foods and water is also a BIG player in our DISEASED country today. We are right up there with the Third World countries w/our poor health/nutrition.

  6. Tyler says

    The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are the watch dogs over consumer products and their safety. Labeling laws provide the complete and accurate listings of ingrediants on lables… at least they’re supposed to. Becuase of these laws we can recieve full disclosure of the chemicals and perservative in a bag of chips & therefore can make an informed decition on wheather or not to buy and consume those chips. no one os forcing me to buy these & eat these chips. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) do not follow these same standards when it comes to Vaccines… Why not?
    If I were to eat the bag of chips that happen to have a nasty mold growing on it which made me very ill I have the right to sue that company for damages, NOT so with vaccines and the phamaceutical companies. Its terifying to think of why and what they are hiding.

  7. ClaireC says

    I am 65, come from a huge family with nothing in our past that resembles the mildest case of autism, yet today, among the great nephews, grand children, second cousins, there are seven, all born in one decade, 1990-2000! I have been reading all over the internet today and came across a very interesting blog post. Hepb vaccine at birth as suspect for causing blood brain barrier dysfunction, followed by future vaccines, including those with live viruses as possibly getting a “free ride” through this barrier that has lost integrity, and setting an infant up for neurological damage, including toxic encephalopathy (with IMO autism could be) Makes sense to me, and I would love to know, if during that era, mercury laden vaccines damaged this barrier allowing for future vaccines, illnesses, to cause damage never before considered possible? As for the program, too many fearful pretenders, and a liar or two as well.

  8. Ross Coe says

    People don’t realize that to keep focusing on the MMR only, plays into the hands of the autism pandemic perpetrators. Its not just the MMR, its the act of unnaturally injecting anything into the human body. We are not, or have we ever been able to deal with this type of chemical invasion on our bodies. Every component in a vaccine must be dealt with, and many can’t be. Producers, who will portend to be scientists, don’t follow true science at all. Vaccination is experimentation. Side-effects and damage are to be expected from such irresponsible actions, and we have seen this through the autism explosion, just to name one. We have other VIDS (vaccine induced diseases) like Ms, ALS, ADD, etc, but they get the same response from main stream medincine, the denial and kiss-off. When will we realize that vaccines are a product for sale. Its marketed through fear mongering and fraud. They are just product. We don’t have to listen to the marketing.

  9. says

    When I was a child I have several sympoms of an autistic child, growing up, most those symptoms went away.
    40 years later I have a son who was diagnosed with autism. I have worked very hard on my sons sympoms just as my dad worked with me.
    The main reason I don’t share my improvements my son is making with the doctors is because I feel they don’t believe in unconventional cures and also any improvement causes my HMO to remove any therapy my son is being given.
    The only folks who will ever hear about my sons progress are the people at Generation Rescue because they have given me hope and encourage me to continue.
    I am a children and family social worker and to fix a family you have to get to the core of the problem, in my case the core is me and I am determined to fix my son.
    My son will recover.

  10. says

    dr oz, we just found out about my son who is 13 has autism we are so scared over him and not sure how to cope with this. we knew when he was lil he had a learning disablety and have been trying to get help for him. and now we found out about this. please help me and getting a grip on this.. thank you i love your show…

  11. jim stevens says

    How can any doctor stand here and tell me that vaccines do not cause autism when they stood right there on dr. oz show and said they have no idea what causes autism,get real docs.Go to google and punch in amish children autism study to see that amish kids do not get vacinnated and unlike the rest of country who’s 1in 110 rate of autism compared to 1 out of 10,000 in unvaccinated amish kids.

  12. Ross Coe says

    Chrissy, for your infirmation, the Wonderfull Dr Oz holds a large numbers of shares in vaccine maker Siga Technologies. He also sits on their board of directors. Search Siga Technologies and Dr Oz and read for yourself. He is pro-vaccine. He will not help you.

  13. says

    My question for everyone is the following. If vaccines are causing Autism in many kids, what can we do? Not getting vaccines does not seem to be an option since they are required to go to most schools in America (as far as I know at least). So should we be putting our kids on some sort of extended vaccine schedule? And if so, what should that schedule look like? Or should we be fighting the system altogether and trying to get schools to not require proof of vaccination before attending?

  14. Kristin says

    I think Dr. OZ knew what he was getting into when he decided to open his show up to the autism debate! He’s a doctor, and when a belief has been pounded into your head over years of medical school, you tend to believe vaccines prevent disease. But at least he’s smart about it. I respect him for not rejecting the vaccine-autism debate all together like some doc’s do. It also gives people like me hope that I wont have to fight so much to protect my children. Thanks Dr. Oz!

    1. I agree with Jim Stevens, the amish are a great example. So are other countries who just vaccinate less in general. Thier autism rates are not as devastating. This, and the rise of autism compared to the rise of number of vaccinations given, really gives us some sort of proof that vaccines have at least something to do with it.
    2. As for what someone wrote about not getting into school. My neighbor and I haven’t had our children injected with a single shot, ever. Our children get into any public school just fine, no questions. Every state in America has some sort of exemption, especially if you opt out of all vaccinations for a religious exemption. Its actually easier to get them into school without a single shot than on a delayed schedule. Half the mothers I know either don’t vaccinate or partially vaccinate on a delayed schedule. (None of thier kids have autism) Besides, would you rather have a child with autism? Or have to home school your child? I’ll take home schooling, thanks.
    3. Any you know what else? Our kids generally don’t get sick. Thats right. I’ve never even bought a thermometer! My daughter had an ear infection once, when she was 1 and It was after being enrolled in swim lessons. When RSV and whooping cough are taking out large numbers of kids at school, guess who’s kids don’t catch it? And the flu, WHAT FLU? The large reported outbreaks of disease? Oh, the ones where over half the people were up-to-date on thier shots? Yeah right. It’s a strange phenomenon.

    This anti-vaccine movement wont just go away. And all the above is only part of it. The people who don’t vaccinate see the incredible health difference. Its amazing. I honestly wouldn’t consider vaccinating my children unless the government put a gun to my head. (And even then I’d probably try to flee the country). Good luck with stopping us, we know how many children they’re hurting. Autism is just another immediate symptom.

  15. Ross Coe says

    Dr Oz has a long road to travel before he’s awarded a sainthood. Read about the Homefirst health companiy’s 3500 non-vaccinated children. They are not perishing, no bodies in the street, no infecting of others, especially vaccinated. They barely have allergies, asthma,, no autism, ADD, ADHD, etc, etc. They are extremely heathy. Vaccinated kids are a mess. But vaccine producers don’t tell us about them because its bad for profits and business. They are Bernie Maddox types who are greedy, sociopathic and immoral. Vaccines are like cigarettes, faulty and fraudulent. We’ve allowed them to be entrenched into our healthcare and they won’t go away unless we say no. They will continue to market them via coercion, fraud, and fear mongering. Homefirst kids are not infected, have not caused an epidemic, and have not died without vaccines.

  16. Mary says

    Big fan of Dr. Oz. Too many vaccines given at one time. A cummulative impact definitly causes the immune system to break down.

    According to the FDA and EPA guidelines a newborn would have to be 275 pounds to safely absorb the hep B shot. What does that tell you? Wake up people and read the inserts of the vaccines.

  17. Lisa says

    Every family member of my generation had their vaccines. Why aren’t any of us autistic? If it was a vaccine issue, why isn’t every kid who gets them developing symptoms? My daughter had all of hers, and is 6. She is not a mess like what was suggested above. She has been sick one time. Not autistic. We have vaccines to eradicate diseases that were killing people. Stop measles vaccine and have that epidemic all over again? I’m more willing to lean toward a genetic connection, not a vaccine based one. People I know with autistic kids, have siblings with autistic kids or cousins with autistic kids. That goes for my stepson. His mother’s sis has 2 autistic kids. Just a coincidence? Doubtful.

  18. Ross Coe says

    Lisa what you say has been a favorite thought of many. Its just not quite that simple. Consider yourself lucky to have a family not prone to vaccine side effects. All along its been said there could be a genetic component, but also an environmental trigger. The big picture however, is why children in every part of the world are being harmed, for its not an isolated event. Questions of what the common denominator could be cannot be answered easily, except for one, vaccines. The Genome Project released a report which has been all but ignored, because what it found was not the answer that many hoped for. The Project reported autistic children in the families studied had mutations that did not originate with the parents. These families were from many diverse countries. What I’ve found searching on my own, is that vaccine components aluminum and thimerasol mercury are both neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and both are known to be able to cause spontaneous genetic mutations. Since autism appears before age 3 generally, and mutation was not found to be inherited, something must happen between birth and age 3. Thats where vaccines enter the picture.

  19. Lisa says

    Well the thimerasol was taken out in 2001. The aluminum is a smaller amount than in formula. The truth is no one knows what causes it, so giving that unknown why stop vaccinating our kids. I don’t really think a smallpox outbreak is smart when we can prevent it. The have altered genes in albino mice and the mice have begun exhibiting autistic behaviors. Also, the argument about Amish is a bit off as well. Their life has nothing in common with popular society. They don’t eat the same, don’t use the same doctor’s etc….
    Until there is undeniable proof, I’m not buying the vaccination scapegoat.

  20. Kristin says

    Lisa, obviously you havent done your research. Mercury components cannot, and will never be removed from vaccines because it protects the vaccine against contamination. This was highlighted when they tried to partially remove it that year. Aluminum is not the only other toxin within the vaccines and comparing it to formula consumption is rediculous. Even if it was a similar amount, which its not, it is being injected, not digested.

    Oh and the smallpox vaccine caused mass outbreaks of smallpox, resulting in hundreds of thousands dying during forced inoculation in Prussia. Sadly, we are still using a similar science on our children and there is no proof that these vaccines actually eliminated the diseases they supposedly protect against.

    If you read the package inserts, provided by the vaccine manufacturer, you wont want to vaccinate. Not only do they admit the low rate of effectiveness, but they illustrate the thousands of ways the product will mutilate your child’s good health.

    Read ‘Vaccination Is Not Immunization’ by Tim O’Shea. Attempt to disprove the facts it supplies to you and you will realize what a horrible mistake everyone is making by vaccinating.

    Or you could just jump off the bridge like the rest of them!

  21. Kristin says


    Lisa, I would hope that you, and others like you would take the time to do the research. So many dont. Its not about googling ‘dangers of vaccines’ and believing the first site that comes up. Its about analyzing valid research, understanding each ingredient, reading the information provided by the manufacturers and government themselves and not taking risks for the greator good, but protecting your children from the potentially harmful. Because you dont want to be that mother whose child died from a vaccine and hear that your child’s death was a small sacrifice in the efforts to protect the greator good from curable diseases. Sorry, but I love my children too much to vaccinate.

  22. Lisa says

    Like I stated, my stepson is autistic. We’ve done more than go to google. My daughter is a healthy 6 year old that was vaccinated. My point of view being that there is no answer currently.
    Ao I guess b/c I vaccinated my daughter, I don’t love her?
    What’s out there is far to contradictory for me to sway one way or the other. Plus I know a family that didn’t vaccinate a 2nd child because their first is autistic. Guess what, the second child is also on the spectrum. What’s to blame for that?

  23. Ross Coe says

    The mother could have a mouth full of amalgam dental fillings. Mother may have gotten a flu shot while pregnant. They may drink water laced with aluminum. They may live close to a coal burning power plant. But most of all, I just don’t believe your example, because you have made some questionable statements that have me wondering about your judgement and honesty.

  24. April says

    I Believe vaccines cause autism. Not only does my heart tell me this, but when so many mothers know that their child’s autism was caused by a vaccine, I can’t deny that it’s true. I’ve done my own independent research on autism and the toxins in vaccines, and I know without a doubt that vaccines have harmed our babies. I don’t have a child with autism, but I’m a mother and share the heartache for all the mothers who have watched their children regress after vaccination. I can only imagine what that would be like and it’s truly heartbreaking. My prayer is that the truth comes out, and our children become the bottom line instead of money. These are our children that suffering! The fact that studies are not being done makes me very suspicious. And then when studies ARE done, like Andrew Wakefield’s study….which was not fraudulent by any means, they are thrown out.

  25. Ross Coe says

    Well said April. Its nice to know there are thinkers like you about. I think too there is a movement by parents individually that has seen measle outbreaks in many countries and the return of chickenpox parties. Actions like these are courageous, but also send a message that vaccines are not trusted and neither are those who push them. Of course we can expect vaccine pushers to campaign against this by using fear mongering and exaggeration. We will hear those who say unvacinated children threaten vaccinated children which is such nonsense. But I’m waiting for the fallout and hope it doesn’t lead to legally mandated vaccination as has been done before.

  26. Angela says

    I’m sorry, but mothers can never “know” that their child’s autism was caused by a vaccine. And anecdotes are NOT evidence by any means.
    Also, doctors do not know that vaccines cause autism but are hiding it. Something like this could never be hidden – to prove a link/cause, multiple well-designed studies would have to be conducted and published (published being a key word there, and meaning that the studies are accessible to others via medical/scientific journals).
    Doing your own “independent research” is not valid, especially when it’s done on google, or on the general internet for that matter. You need to go to the primary source, not an interpretation of it. You need access to scientific journals (which you must often pay to access due to publishing), and must find studies that are designed carefully and correctly, with the the gold standard being double-blind randomized trials. Simply determining if there is a correlation between children who receive vaccines and the number who develop autism does NOT prove anything. You cannot prove causation in any way with these types of studies – one eg being, the results obtained could be due to a 3rd variable(s) that you’re not accounting for -> which could cause, moderate, or influence both, and you wouldn’t know. For the record, correlation DOES NOT equal causation – this is basic scientific principles and theory.
    In the case of autism and vaccines, a double blind randomized trial would not be ethical. In this case, children would have to randomly be assigned to a group that would receive vaccines, and a group that does not / receives placebo vaccines (eg, saline solution) – with no choice of the parent being considered, and without the researchers or the parents knowing which group each child is actually in. As I hope you can see, not plausible as it would not get through any ethics review board.
    That being said, there is never a way to prove 100% that one phenomenon does or does not cause another phenomenon in science. Science is based on probabilities, and what it can say (for eg, with vaccine research) is that something is EXTREMELY unlikely / likely to occur. This is often what is most frustrating to parents – because autism is serious, and devastating news to parents, and they want to know with 100% certainty. It also so happens that the signs of autism emerge around the time that children are receiving vaccines, such as the MMR one. So it is understandable that a great deal of fear exists surrounding vaccines and the possibility of autism. However, as stated above, correlation does not equal causation.
    Also, autism often becomes evident around this time period, because this is when most children make great leaps in things like vocabulary, social skills, and communication, all which when absent, can be hallmark signs of autism. At this age, if a child is not progressing “normally”, as can be the case for those with autism, it becomes very evident.
    Since the majority of children in NA are vaccinated, they may be preventing the spread of harmful diseases to children who aren’t.
    And lastly, Wakefield’s study WAS fraudulent; it was not thrown out for the purpose of drug companies, or anything of that sort. There were only 12 children in his study – IMPOSSIBLE to generalize to the population with that kind of sample size – and the data was made up. Just so you know, he was stripped of his medical license, and the other authors removed their names before the study was removed from the LANCET journal. Also, if you actually read the study, you’ll notice that the authors were careful to point out that the study did not prove a link between behavioural problems and vaccines. (one of the reasons this study may have made it past peer reviews and through to publishing in the first place is that if true, it could have serious implications on children’s health – ironically it did, but not in the way it was guessed to)
    And Lisa is right, thimerosal was removed from the majority of vaccines. Multiple subsequent studies showed either no link between MMR and autism, thimerosal and autism, or thimerosal and more minor neurological difficulties.

    (also, in response to an earlier post, just because you get chicken pox as a child, does not mean you will never get it again as an adult)

    ps – Have you ever tried reading the warnings and small print on your prescription meds? Maybe you’ll stop taking those all together too, if these types of warnings can keep you away from vaccines
    With how easy it appears to be to sue nowadays, everyone has to cover their asses and can’t guarantee 100% that something will work because if they do and it doesn’t (which there will always be a chance of this), someone will likely sue

  27. Ross Coe says

    Angela you have mastered the status quo way of debunking everything. Accuracy can only be achieved in some areas, but certainly not with vaccines or autism. Don’t hold your breath for a gold standard study to prove anything. The old correlation does not equal causation is over used and is an insult to the importance of correlation. Vaccines maim and kill, injury compensation programs and vaccine injury courts exist for a reason. They weren’t set up by anti-vaxxers, radicals and rogues. They were set up through government and medical agencies, and courts and are serious business. They are not rejecting a correlation, they are accepting it and with other assumed information and some scientifically accepted evidence, they have awarded autistic children compensation. Seems you think you can lay down the law concerning this issue but you’ve only set yourself up for criticism and ridicule.
    In regard to Wakefield he was not doing a study, more a medical investigation. He was authorized to do the things he did. He was celebrated for his work until it started to cause issues for the medical system and GSK the MMR maker. Note that the MMR in question was rejected by Canada because of safety concerns. Note that Brian Deer was hired by James Murdoch and James Murdoch still sits on the board of MMR maker GlaxoSmithKline. I know its just correlation. Seems some just don’t understand good old corruption any more.
    Be aware too that in the USA you cannot sue a vaccine maker any more. In 2010 it was made formal that you could not litigate them in any form. Add that to a compensation program and court, and I’d say this is a lot of protectionism for vaccines that are safe and have only RARE and MILD side effects. Read some of the compensation stories and gauge how mild these injuries are. We are not talikg about mild or rare. Wake up!

  28. Angela says

    I am not going to try to convince on this discussion board that there is no evidence of a link between autism and vaccines, as I see there is no point. But in response to your message:
    I too agree that there is a lot of protection for vaccines, and that pharmaceutical companies have too much money and often influence. And yes, obviously vaccines weren’t set up by “anti-vaxxers”, or children wouldn’t be getting any…
    Also, I am not saying that there is no importance to correlation in research, it is used often and is respected. But you cannot just accept a correlation, and use “assumed” information and SOME scientific evidence to come to conclusions – by saying this, you too are setting yourself up for criticism and ridicule. You cannot just accept assumed information in medicine (or in any domain for that matter), it is not that easy – don’t kid yourself.
    If you look at almost any medical treatment, there are always “rare” and “mild” side effects. If you take on this attitude, medicine / medical treatments “maim and kill”, as you put it.
    And Wakefield’s “investigation” is a study (yes, investigations can be classified as studies). He was celebrated for his work until they realized how it was done. Of the 12 participants, 8 participants displayed signs of behavioural difficulties “linked” to the MMR vaccine – if 8 in 12 children who received vaccines actually did develop autism, then yes, this would be beyond serious. The sample and results are signs that this study had problems from the beginning. Also, no one has ever been able to replicate his findings, another thing making this invalid. There were also serious “conflicts of interest” on Wakefield’s part. A medical journal, especially not one as highly respected as the one this paper was published in, does not retract a study because of a pharmaceutical company. In fact, they were embarrassed that this even made it to publishing.
    – An aside, after this study, Wakefield called for stopping the MMR vaccine, not all vaccines, and suggested giving separate ones for each measels, mumps, and rubella
    There will never be a gold standard study to prove this issue, and I can guarantee you that I am not waiting around for it. Autism begins early (earlier than 2y), whether you will acknowledge this or not.
    And again, as far as setting myself up for criticism and ridicule, you are also doing the same as you claim I am – thinking that you can “lay down the law concerning this issue”. We are on the same level, do not put yourself above another

  29. Wyoming says

    What I find so interesting about vaccines and autism….and how everyone wants to be able to point a finger at something that caused it, is that only one person spoke about eating habits! Someone briefly mentioned Amish people eat differently. If you eat processed deli meats, foods with high fructose corn syrup, cook with Teflon pans, use chemical cleaners in your house, live where the air is not very clean, live near power lines, drink soda…..on a regular basis, eat foods with aspartame, hydrogenated oils….or a host of other nasty ingredients, or bathe using hair and soap products that contain all sorts of disgusting chemicals…!!!! Should I continue? Lawn fertilizer, pesticides on conventional foods, using herbacides, spraying raid…….!!!! If you can still think that vaccines are CAUSING autism and that you, your choices and generations of exposure to nasty things has NOTHING to do with disease…..ms, add, autism, CANCER, etc…..and 66% of the country is OBESE, which leads to many ailments….then I feel like you might be misinformed entirely.

  30. Ross Coe says

    Wyoming I’ve read post like yours for years. Its fluff. it doesn’t help. Its lazy thinking. As most will say “Why wouldn’t every person have autism when most of us do the things you list? TV has been suggested, but children who have never seen a television become autistic. If you would search for vaccine side effects listed by the manufacturers on their actual inserts and on government sights like CDC FDA, you can go with what is accepted by the powers that be. You will see vaccine side effects include MS, anorexia, Narcolepsy, cancer, blood disorders, and so much more. These are the science everyone is screaming for. Its there. The greater issue is that when you are told vaccine side effects are ONLY rare and mild, that is an outright lie. Imagine the market for vaccines drying up with one admission by its makers and government that it causes autism. They will never admit it. Now think about the common denominator. Its not genetic. What factor IS WORLDWIDE. There is only one that fits the facts. We don’t need gold standard studies. Correlation is the place to start. Vaccine makers and all involved likely can’t prove it, because the needed science doesn’t yet exist. But they continue to push their products because its what they do. They are not humanitarians, they are for profit businesses. The fear of the public’s reaction that would see firstly vaccination rates plummet and then a return of minor chilhood viruses keeps the truth from being revealed or accepted. The easiest and cheapest way to manage this issue is to lie and misinform. This is common Corporate and government strategy. Pharma companies also have a recidivistic history of marketing faulty fraudulent product. Search any Pharma maker or Pharma product with the word lawsuit to see what I mean. These companies are guilty of crimes against humanity, and if vaccines are truly necessary, we need better control over them and over these companies.

  31. Josh says

    The argument for child vaccination starts with the assumption that all vaccines are effective. Once this is proven, then we can move on to the issues of safety and morality. The truth is that vaccines have had no effect on the rate of death due to disease in the US or any other country. Search for “decline before vaccine”

  32. Really??? says

    Wow- that is all I have to say. First of all, for those of you that actually researched your information from RELIABLE sources, kudos to you. The rest of you asses that just “know” or “feel” in your heart that this or that causes autism are full of it and really need to head on back to school to learn how to do proper, objective research. The fact of the matter is there is not YET any scientific research that validates or proves what does or does not causes autism. Period. Until such a time where a valid hypothesis can be proved or disproved, the cause remains UNKNOWN. Get a grip. If your not a scientist and have no valid research, then you don’t “know” jack. At least admit that what you state is only speculation, rather than making yourself look like a damn fool by making statements that have no backbone.

  33. Ross Coe says

    Really: a rant like yours shows you have no business criticizing anyone. Talk about a damn fool, you are the epidemy of one.

  34. Marie says

    Jeanette, I would like to get into contact with you because I have a similar story. Please tell me an e-mail where I can write to you. I protected my son from any mis-treatment others suggested, worked hard with him and he improved a lot.Thanks

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