Dr Oz: What Causes Fainting & How to Prevent Fainting


Dr Oz did a segment on What Causes Fainting and How To Prevent Fainting.  I have fainted several times – most recently a couple of years ago while at the opera.  Right before I faint, I usually start feeling lightheaded and a minute later I am on the floor.  So Doctor Oz’s tip for how to prevent fainting when you feel it coming on will hopefully help keep me from fainting in the future! Dr Oz Fainting

Dr Oz: Fainting Causes

Dr Oz said that your heart pumps blood that carries vital energy to your brain.  Also, oxygen is continually bubbling up from your heart to your brain, but only when you breathe.  If your pressure drops in your brain, and the oxygen flow turns off, then within seconds your brain “goes out” and you faint.  Dr Oz said that are many myths about why we faint, but he will helps us to separate fact from fiction.

Dr Oz: How to Prevent Fainting

Do you think it is true or false that you can prevent fainting by raising your blood pressure?  Dr Oz said this is true!  So if you squeeze one of those stress balls and tense up all of your muscles and even squeeze in your buttocks, then you can raise your blood pressure to be as high as it can be.  Therefore, the second you feel like you might faint, try squeezing one of these balls or tensing up all of your muscles to raise your blood pressure.

What to Do if You Are About to Faint?

Dr Oz said that the first think you should do if you are about to faint is to lie down, that way you will not fall if you end up fainting.  When you are standing, the blood rushes from your head to your feet.  When you lie flat, your blood stays fairly level.  So what you want to do is lay down and prop your feet up in the air, because then your blood will go to your head.  Dr Oz said you need your feet to be above your heart – so about 1 foot (12 inches) up.

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