Dr Oz: What People Do When They Think Nobody Is Watching


Dr Oz: What Would You Do?

Dr Oz did a show called What Would You Do, based on a popular TV show hosted by John Quinones that looks into what people do when they think that nobody is watching them.  What if cameras were on you when you least expect it?  Would you do the morally right thing?  What Would You Do is a version of “Candid Camera” with a twist.  John Quinones is on a mission to reveal what people do in real life by having actors play out certain scenarios.

Dr Oz & John Quinones

John Quinones said that What Would You Do is the ultimate reality show.  Other TV Shows handpick their characters and everyone knows Dr Oz What Would You Docameras are on and following them.  But on John Quinones’ show, the characters are whoever happen to walk into the diner or park – and they do not know cameras are recording everything.  Everyone always has a hidden desire to be “a fly on the wall”, and this is exactly what his show lets viewers do.  John Quinones said that he finds that the people who respond are usually the ones who can relate.  So if a person is gay and sees gay bashing or if someone was bullied as a kid and witnesses bullying, they are most likely to respond in these situations.  People want to do the right thing, but it is interesting to see what divides those who step in from those who don’t.

Dr Oz: Mother Harasses Daughter To Get Gastric Bypass Surgery

Dr Oz put a hidden camera in Edison Diner and placed two actresses at a table.  One actress played the role of a mother, and the other actress was the overweight daughter.  The mother kept harassing the daughter to lose weight and said that she should get Gastric Bypass Surgery because it is a popular way to treat obesity.  The mother even went so far as to tell her daughter that she wants a good looking family, implying that her daughter was unattractive.  She continued by saying that she should not be drinking a milk shake because it is not more important than how she looks.  Eventually, a woman in the diner started crying, so the mother went over to her and apologized for the disruption.  But the upset woman was too frozen to say anything, and the man she was with said that they were just going to leave the restaurant.


  1. Tobi Meyers says

    I would not have done anything, but I would have noticed it, and I would have made sure to speak with my children when I got home about how much I love them and how NOT RELATED worth and beauty are. AND, the fact that being overweight is inconvenient and uncomfortable, not necessarily unattractive (look back to the renaissance).

  2. Jenny roy says

    Dr Oz show is the best in the world. teaching people how to be healthy is something no amouth of money can buy. you save my life also…now i am hoping to live to 92 years old…i am 50 now LOL! ..will see how that goes. Hope i can get answer for you or someone.
    I love you…Dr Oz.

  3. Lisa says

    What a great show! I enjoy watching Dr. Oz and find it full of great information! I also enjoy watching What Would You Do? With John Quinones on Fridays! If I found myself in the middle of a what would you do situation like kids bullying another kid I would say something! I thing that’s the problem today with people… they never want to get involved! What if it were your child being bullied? Or if you were the one in a situation that others could have stepped in and didn’t. The mom who wanted her daughter to get gastric bypass was horrible and I would have gotten up as the bystander did in the scene and consoled the daughter. If the mom approached me to ask me if I thought her daughter should have the procedure I would have told her the way she is going about it is not the way to help her daughter. I to will live to be 100 hrs old! After taking the test I will continue to live along and healthy life! Yeeeaaaaa!

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