Dr Oz: “What’s Your Exhaustion Type?” QUIZ & Why Am I So Tired?


Dr Oz: Exhaustion Type Quiz

Dr. Oz asked some pretty telling questions… Do you ever feel completely exhausted, even after 8 hours of sleep? Do you lose all your energy just halfway through the day, with a lot more still left to do? How do you feel after a big meal? All those answers matter because as Dr Oz explained, not all exhaustion is the same. There are different solutions based on your exhaustion type, to help you feel more rested and alert.

Why Are You So Tired?

Psychotherapist Dr Mike Dow, author of “The Brain Fog Fix,” developed a quiz to help you determine what type of exhaustion you’re suffering from. The purpose of Dr Dow’s quiz is to get to the root of your exhaustion. For some people, they’re so tired because of stress and high levels of stress hormones. For others, it’s all about how you prepare for sleep and some are even tired because of what they are or aren’t eating.

Dr Oz: Why Are You So Tired? & Exhaustion Type Quiz

Are you struggling constant fatigue? Dr Oz and Dr Mike Dow shared a quiz to help you determine your exhaustion type. (jesscross / Flickr)

Why Am I So Tired?

To find out your exhaustion type, take Dr. Oz’s “What’s Your Exhaustion Type” Instant Quiz on the next page…


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