Dr Oz: Whats in the Nation’s Chicken? Roxarsone & Antibiotics


Doctor Oz did a show called “What’s in the Nation’s Chicken?”  Do you know what is in the chicken you and your family are eating?  Your chicken could contain Roxarsone, an organic form of arsenic!  Dr Oz said that today’s chickens are bigger than they have ever been, because of the drugs and antibiotics we are pumping into them.  Dr Oz put America’s chicken in the truth tube, and I am sure that tons of people were shocked.  I have personally been buying strictly organic chicken for the past half a year or so, but now I am going to be even more careful about eating chicken at restaurants where the chicken is not organic. Dr Oz Roxarsone


  1. Dr. Cluck says

    Dr. Oz as usual you are misinformed and need to consult real experts in the field of poultry production. Organic chicken has an equal or higher liklihood of containing Salmonella. And you know what– you can kill all Salmonella by cooking your food. Imagine that, instead of filling consumer’s minds full of lies you could actually use this opportunity to educate the consumer so they dont end up in physician’s offices in the first place. Furthermore, there has never been a scientific link to antibiotic resistance in animals and humans. Most antibiotic resistance is due to voeruse in the medical community, by wack-job charlatans such as yourself.

  2. says

    Dr Cluck… I can’t speak on behalf of Dr Oz, because we are not affiliated with him at all… however, I don’t think Dr Oz was implying that organic or non-organic chicken are more likely to have Salmonella. I think the biggest concern is the concept of using antibiotics in the chicken’s feed, especially for reasons like to make the chickens grow bigger and / or grow faster. On a humane level, I also do not think it is appropriate for any animal to be kept in such tight quarters and never (or for very short periods of time) to be allowed to roam free outside. That is just my two cents…

  3. John Simms says

    The FDA is a bunch of jokers. Probably on the take. Or just plain incompetent. I’ll only buy organic chicken from here on out. Although I’m not real sure it’s safe either.

  4. Pearl says

    I have tutored biology for many years and it is highly feasible that consumption of animal protein that is resistant to antibiotics can be passed on to human beings. Why do I say this? I say this because diseases can and do spread from animals to humans and vice versa. The avian flu being a recent example. The one thing that gets me is that many times common sense is not used in so-called scientific thinking. For example, Kuru disease is a neurological disorder that is caused by cannibalism or people eating people. Mad cow disease is caused by cows eating cow, I quote, “A British inquiry into BSE concluded that the epizootic was caused by cattle, who are normally herbivores, being fed the remains of other cattle in the form of meat and bone meal (MBM), which caused the infectious agent to spread”. Do we have to wait to find a link between human resistance to disease and animal resistance with the evidence that we already have in related circumstances? Besides, Dr. Oz is a doctor and has have many years of biological studies under his belt. Check out the curriculum for becoming a doctor for yourself. I am not a fan of Dr. Oz, however the main point that should be made is science as it is practiced is based on hypothetical thinking.



  5. Reality Check says

    Ok, so we know if we take too many antibiotics, germs and other buggies develop resistance – good reason to not dose chickens and cattle as antibiotics and other chemicals remain present in the meat/milk/egg – we need some natural immunity again – our grandparents had it but we have so sanitized our lives, a simple bug could kill us. Admin, do you like veal? Calves are kept in very close quarters, fed milk for a certain length of time, then slaughtered – it’s been done for centuries – get over the whole poor animal mentality, although I do agree there is no reason to keep all animals confined – go after the estrogen manufacturers instead of the chicken industry. There are natural alternatives for hormone therapy, but it’s better (so we’re told) to keep mares pregnant to harvest their urine. There’s even less justification there than for poor, trapped chickens.

  6. skeeter1 says

    So which companies do we avoid?That’s really what it comes down to since they do not list these things on the package.

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