Dr. Oz What’s Worse Drinking, Eating & Sunburn Remedy

Doctor Oz played a game called “What’s Worse” to teach us the lesser of two evils when it comes to bad health habits.  Plus, Dr Oz gave a great sunburn home remedySunburn Remedy

Sunburn Home Remedy – Tomato Sauce & Aloe

Did you know that by eating tomato sauce, you can be exposed to the sun for longer without getting a sunburn, because of the lycopene in tomatoes.  Also, Dr Oz said that you can crack off a piece of an aloe plant and put the aloe goo on your sunburn as a Sunburn Home Remedy to quickly cool down your skin.

What’s Worse: Binge Drinking 1 Night or Drinking Every Night?

Doctor Oz said it is worse to binge drink than to drink every night, because your liver can only metabolize a small amount of alcohol, and if you drink too much alcohol, it can cause lots of health issues.  Dr Oz said you should never have two drinks of alcohol in a row – you should always have a glass of water in-between your alcoholic drinks.  Interestingly enough, Dr. Oz said that drinking 5 glasses of water in a row is too much and can actually cause harm as well!

What’s Worse: Pigging Out One Night a Week or Overeating Every Day?

Doctor Oz said overeating every day is worse than pigging out one night a week, partially because of a hormonal issue, but the overeating every day creates a habit that sneaks up pretty quickly.  Dr Oz said that if you overeat, you have to exercise and so he demonstrated the Burpee exercise – where you do a pushup and then jump up in the air.

What’s Worse: Getting a Bad Sunburn or Going to the Tanning Salon?

Dr Oz said getting a bad sunburn is worse than going to the tanning salon, because you double your chance of getting a Melanoma if you get a bad sunburn.  However, tanning beds are bad too because they are carcinogenic.


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