Dr Oz: Where Can You Find Best Online Health Deals: Shopping Secrets


Dr Oz knows that all of us are interested in where to find the best bargains for health products online.  So he asked his viewers “Where Can You Find the Best Online Health Deals?” and here is what they reported back to Doctor Oz.  The Internet is becoming more and more popular for shopping and is even being called a Shopper’s Paradise.  Nearly 4 out of 5 people believe that Internet Shopping is faster and more convenient than in store shopping, and people spend an average of $40 per online order. Dr Oz Online Shopping Secrets

Dr Oz: Top Online Bargain for Sneakers

Dr Oz asked all three ladies to find the best deal on the Internet for sneakers (walking shoes more specifically).  One lady for a pair of sneakers that retails for over $100 for $21 at 6PM.com.  The second lady got her sneakers for $22.49 after a 15% discount at FamousFootwear.com.  The third lady found the best deal on sneakers (that sparkled!) for $14 at Amazon.com.  The third lady said that women’s shoe sizes 8 and 9 are probably the hardest to find good deals on, but if you can find the last pair of shoes available in your size, they are often marked down 50% or more.  I have actually found amazing deals on heels at Amazon.com … including a pair of Beverly Feldman shoes that originally retailed for hundreds of dollars, and I got them for under $10!

Dr Oz: Top Online Bargain for Anti-Aging Cream

Dr Oz asked the three women to find the best deal they could on anti-aging creams.  Lady three found a bottle of Anti-Aging Cream for $3.99 on Ebay.com… maybe it is just me, but I do not know that I would order personal hygiene products from a place like Ebay.  Lady two found anti aging cream for $11.66 at Target.com.  And lady one found an anti-aging cream for $11.30 at Ulta.com Dr Oz said that he prefers buying things like anti-aging creams from a big store like Target because you have a guarantee that it won’t be used when you receive it and you can always return it.  However, I don’t know why Dr Oz didn’t pick Ulta, which is also a big company with retail locations… though Target definitely has more locations.

Dr Oz: Top Online Bargain for Supplements: Vitamin D

Dr Oz asked the three ladies to find the best deal online for supplements, specifically vitamin D.  And all three ladies came back with the same place that has 2 for 1 bottles of Vitamin D for $4.79.  The place is called Puritan.com.  Dr Oz said that whenever you buys supplements, he prefers for you to buy them at big name stores and that you should look for the green and yellow USP seal.

Dr Oz: Internet Shopping Tips:

1.  Lady one told Dr Oz that she refuses to pay for shipping and she will never shop without a coupon.  She likes RetailMeNot.com, CouponCabin.com and the facebook pages for online stores because they send you free coupons.


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