Dr Oz: Where Is The Thyroid? How Does My Thyroid Work?


Dr Oz: Thyroid Health

This show was all about restarting your body so you can reverse medical problems and live a happier, healthier life. Dr Oz met one audience member who wants to restart her body so she and her husband can start a family. To help her and all of us take better control of our health, Dr Oz started by explaining what the Thyroid does and how you can get it restarted.

What Is A Thyroid?

Dr Oz: Where Is The Thyroid?

Where is the thyroid? Dr Oz explained how to find it and shared Underactive Thyroid symptoms.



  1. Wendy lowe says

    I have alot of systems that point to thyroid problems, but blood tests are fine. Can i still have problems with my thyroid and have tests come back fine?

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