Dr Oz: Whipworms Help Crohn’s Disease, Ascarid & Tapeworms


Dr Oz: Tapeworms, Ascarid & Whipworms

Dr Oz did a segment on Parasites in your own backyard.  He did a similar show a while ago, and you can read the recap of it here: Dr. Oz: Parasitic Worms.  When parasites like Tapeworms, Ascarid and Whipworms get into your body, they can feed off of you for years to come.  Could you have a parasite i n your body and not even k now it?  Apparently, a lot of us do!

Dr Oz: Ascarid Symptoms

Doctor Oz’s first parasite was the Ascarid, which is most commonly found in dogs, cats and racoons.  If any of these animals Dr Oz Whipworms & Crohn's Diseasedefaecate in your yard or garden, and then you ingest the eggs that are passed through in their feces, you can wonder around with Ascarid larvae in your body.  In fact, 10% of the country has been exposed to Ascarid worms.  If you have a heavy infection of Ascarid Worms, you can get the following symptoms:


  1. susan says

    I watched the show about the crohn’s disease , my husband has Crohn’s ,we were wondering where we can get this Whipworms from? and how long he has to use it ?
    It’s great to hear that there is something to help him.Great Show !!!
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Taradiddle says

    A few years ago, I developed all the symptoms of the Ascaris worm. At the time I was doing alot of gardening daily/nightly and no Doctor could figure out what was wrong with me.
    I do not garden anymore and have no more symptoms, but I wonder if i am infected w/ the worm and if so, how do I get rid of it or test to find out.
    thank you.

  3. denise says

    i have been dealing with some type of parsite for around 6 months now white long worms ive taken vermox 2 tmes took a parasite cleanse and been to doctors not much is helping this parasite is killing me slowlyi feel i have a lot of pain mostly in my rite side mds here dont no much about parasite they keep thinking its pin worms pin worms would not me feel pain only in my rite side ive had 2 stool samples they cant find the worm but wen i go to bathroom its there

  4. Susie says

    I have Crohn’s disease and would love to try Whipworms. I have done lots of research and can see the benefits compared to other drugs. Hopefully with more research they will soon be available for patient use.

  5. Jack says

    Hi all, I hope I can get help from you all I’m from South Africa, I have been having signs that I believe reflects parasite infection and they include:
    Joints Pain
    Muscle Pain and weaken ( Shown on CBC test)
    Bleeding gums
    Nodes Pain
    Blood flow problems
    Electric wave in my head
    Stinging pain in my stomach and heart recently and the list to on and on
    By the look of things Doctors this side do not have any idea what is going on but they also do not want to take my story. I have used D-Worm and Vermox but signs keep on coming back.

  6. martina says

    hi,can you tell me in which episode of Dr.Oz’s show has he talked about Crohn’s disease??

  7. Anna says

    I was in a clinical study for TSO and it put me in remission for 10 years! My UC started flaring last year. Hurry up and get this approved!!!

  8. Patty says

    The best dewormer is Nitazoxanide, this a strong dewormer, I use it twice a year, specially because I have a dog. I take nitazoxanide 500 mgs. 1 tablet every 12 hrs. with meals for 3 days. After 3 weeks you take another dose. Same every 6 months.

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