Dr Oz: Whisper Test & Hearing Test: Quiet Appliances & Ear Buds


Dr Oz’s Whisper Test is a quick, simple and free At-Home Hearing Test that all of us should try on each other this evening.  Doctor Oz said that trains, planes, loud music and other loud household noises are leading to hearing loss.  Did you know that 30 million Americans already have hearing loss?

Dr Oz: How Hearing Works

Dr Oz said that a sound wave enters your ear and vibrates a membrane, which converts energy as little hairs shake back and Dr Oz Hearing Testforth.  In turn, electricity is generated and goes to your brain, where the sound is processed.  The important part of this process are the little hairs.  But if you listen to loud music or are around airplanes, lawnmowers or loud sounds often, then these little hairs can get destroyed.  When they get damaged, you can no longer conduct electricity and send the messages to your brain.

Dr Oz’s Whisper Test

Dr Oz said that the best and cheapest way to test if your hearing is ok at home is through the Whisper Test.  Have a person stand behind you, one arm’s length away from you.  Then they should whisper three random letters and /or numbers like 4-R-1 while you cover one ear.  If you misheard any number or letter, then you might want to have a doctor check it out.  Repeat the test while you cover the other ear.

Dr Oz: Decibel Meter or Sound Meter

Dr Oz had his Assistant-Of-The-Day, Yvonne, yell into a Decibel Meter or a Sound Meter, and she registered in at 95 decibels.  Doctor Oz said that 30 decibels is a whisper, 60 decibels is normal talking, and 120 decibels is a jet airplane taking off.  The general rule is that anything over 85 decibels for an extended period of time can impact your hearing.  For example, all three of the following items can damage your hearing over time:


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    My mother was watching the Dr. Oz show on the how the ear can be affected by the hairs in the ear and cause tremendous noise in the brain. Dr. Oz mentioned there was a certain medicine that could relieve this noise. My mother has a ringing in her ears ever since she had her ear drum broke while swimming when she was a little girl. She has had a couple of operations done, but none have really helped. She is a 79 year old women now. Can you e- mail me the new drug that may help her you suggested on your show a couple of months ago with the hairs in the ear causing loud noise in the brain. My mother lost our father 2 years ago and my oldest sister 1 year ago and now lives by herself. I would love to help her be able to her her without noise in her head constantly. Thanks for your help – Steve Schultz

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