Dr Oz: White Kidney Bean Extract Block Carbs From Being Absorbed


Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters

Dr Oz’s show on Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters mentioned L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketone, Konjac Root Fiber and an Unworkout Workout as ways to boost your metabolism.  But Doctor Oz saved White Kidney Bean Extract for its own segment because he said it was one of his favorite Fat Busters!  Lisa Lynn said that taking White Kidney Bean Extract is not the green light to eat anything that you want, but we live in a real world where people want to eat carbs and this supplement prevents carbs from being broken down into sugars in your body.

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract

Doctor Oz showed an animation of what happens normally when you eat food.  It goes down into your stomach and you digest it.  If it is a carb, your Dr Oz White Kidney Bean Extractbody digests it into sugar which goes straight into your bloodstream and gets deposited as fat.  However, if you take White Kidney Bean Extract, it paralyzes the enzyme in your stomach that turns the starch into sugar, and so your body does not absorb it.


  1. Bonnie Gish says

    I went to the local health food store to buy white Kidney Bean extract, but they sold out today. They had never heard of Raspberry Ketone . So I bought L-Carnitine and Slim Styles PGx: Granules (Konjac Root Fiber). I think I will try the L-Carnitine first.

  2. Tom says

    Dr. Oz provides a ton of wonderful health advise, tips and information but I feel leaves you a little short on resources of where to find these products. I always have trouble find the things he recommends locally in my area not to mention the internet? I think as much business as he generates worldwide he could establish a reliable source for most of the products he recommends like the Dr. Oz buying Club. It could provide quality products and service at a substantial savings instead of throwing us to the wolves on the internet.

  3. barbara says

    Silly me….I went to the health food store to buy the Konjac Root Fiber and the White Kindney Bean Extract. Yikes! the Konjac Root (SlimStyles OGX ) was $29.99 for 180 capsules and the White Kidney Bean Extract ( NOW, Phase 2 ) was $15.99 for 60 capsules. You can get these by different companies for a 1/3 of the cost that I paid by doing a “google” search on buying them on the Internet.

    Another thing, The Konjac Root has some side effects that they did not emphasize on the show. Largely, esophageal and or intestinal blockage. Once must be very very careful when taking this that you consume 8 to 16 oz of water…I’d do more than 8 myself. Also this product has been banned in several countries due to this side effect. I think that was worth mentioning but she simply glossed over the need to drink water without going into the details.

    As for the White Kidney Bean Extract…I am a type 2 diabetic. After buying this, on the label it stated “not be taken by diabetics”. ugh! This is another thing I think should have been mentioned on the show. I am going to do some research to find out it I need to be concerned about it. Apparently the Extract can lower your blood sugar greatly and if you are on medications to control blood sugars you could be in trouble if your sugar goes too low from taking this stuff.

    All supplements, no matter who is recommending them, need to be researched for side effects….they don’t always mention them on the show so don’t blindly take something without doing your research.

  4. bun says

    Great suggestion Tom ( April 29,2011 @ 4:10 p.m.)!!! I hope Dr. Oz will seriously consider your idea.

  5. says

    i work in the wellness department of a large natural foods store. Every year there is a new diet product that is promoted on Ophra or Oz or someonelse. A few years ago it was hoodia. Now it is white kidney bean extract or HCG. Whenever these things are hyped on one of these programs people come swarming in to get some. We want to help so we order from our suppliers. When they run out our customers have to wait. By the time we get some there is a new product that Oz is promoting and the “old” product now sits on the shelf until we mark it down to get rid of it and make space for the next “new” thing.. So when you go to a health food store please realize that they really what to help you get what you are looking for but sometimes there may be many other people who watch Oz that are looking for that product too. Dr. Oz doesn’t let suppliers know what he is going to promote so we are often left short on product

  6. barbara says

    @ bun…you’re welcome.

    @ Marge…..I know what you mean. I got the “last bottle” of both items the day of the show. The fella helping me said…”are you here for the “Dr. Oz” list”? LOL

  7. Machelle says

    I looked at the websites of all the Health Food stores that I frequent GNC, Vitamin World & Vitamin Shoppe) and none of the can identify with: Konjac Root Fiber, Rasperry Ketones, or the White Kidney Bean Extract. Live in TX. Where else can I purchase these supplements locally.

  8. barbara says

    @ Machelle….
    Asked them if they have (SlimStyles OGX)…it contains the Konjac Root. Also, ask for (Phase II ) carb blocker which contains the White Kidney Bean Extract. Our store did not have the Rasberry Ketone and never heard of it. I googled it and you can get it on the Internet. Hope this helps.

  9. says

    Don’t we need carbs for energy?
    To lose weight I bought and will try the 0-calorie noodles.I also bought nutritional yeast and will order the white kidney bean extract.

  10. barbara says

    @ Judy…yes you need carbs but not bad carbs…(starches)

    I read reviews of the “0 calorie” noodles and many of them said they taste like fish and feel like rubbery worms that just float around in your mouth. The texture is odd. I know I bought “tofu noodles”…sort of just like the 0 calorie ones and they were just OK. Nothing like the real thing but not a bad substitute.

  11. says

    I have never heard of raspberry ketones either. We are checking with suppliers. White kidney bean extract has been a fad on and off for several years. I often wonder how Dr. Oz does his research. I sometimes think he is more of a showman than someone who does close clinical research on these things. I guess, in order to keep the “show” going he has to come up with one thing after the other but some of this stuff has been around for years and some of it has side affects. (konjac can cause intestinal blockage in some people who don’t drink enough water or have a pre-existing condition of the intestines for example). Zero calorie noodles mean zero nutrition and taste. They might make you feel full for a while but then you could rebound and eat too much of the real thing and thus defeat the purpose. Sometime I wonder if Dr Oz has really checked this stuff out or if he is following the promps from the show’s producer to get better ratings. Check with a health care professional that has done the research before taking some of this stuff.

  12. barbara says

    It is “Slimstyles PGX…..Sorry I made a typo before. The O is right next to the P.

  13. Jutta says

    I agree with Marge. Dr Oz is cute and the mostly female audience loves him; that is ok, but he IS more of a showman than a doctor who thoroughly researches what he promotes. As you mentioned some of the side effects of Konjak root and the White Kidnee Bean Extract are horrendous and should be mentioned by an ethical doctor.

  14. barbara says

    I never take Dr. Oz’s word for it! I love him but he has left out important details about side effects too often for me to rely on what he presents to us. I am diabetic and I cannot afford to just pop something in my mouth without researching it. There are many people who think Dr. Ox is God, like I said, I love him for all the good information he brings to light but he is not God…he makes mistakes just like the rest of us. Listen to him and to others with a little grain of salt. Research all things before taking them.

  15. says

    The evidence does not support white bean extract as a useful weight loss tool. It’s ridiculous to recommend this. Over 8 weeks in one trial, the group taking the supplement lost about 3.75 pounds and the group taking placebo lost about 1.5 lbs. Aside from the fact that these weight loss numbers are less than impressive for total weight loss over 8 weeks, the difference does not seem worth it for whatever amount the supplement might cost.

    In another trial, the supplement group lost 6 lbs compared to placebo losing 4.7 lbs over 4 weeks. Again, is it really worth the money?

    After all, you could just not eat the starchy carbohydrates, right? Stop wasting money and time on useless interventions and start applying that money and time to what works.

  16. barbara says

    @ Matt…..well you are right, but the point of all this was because people are having a hard time with slow metabolism. We all know that if we eat less carbs and calories we will lose weight eventually…………..that’s kind of a no brainer. But some people, like myself, have a hard time losing even when eating less. I really don’t want to live my life never eating bread, pasta, or potatoes so finding something that will allow me to make some compromises and still lose weight is something I might find encouraging and want to try. That said, I know that there is no magic pill so I always do my research first. Just looking for a little help not a miracle.

  17. Tammy says

    I have been using konjac root aka Glucomannan for 3 days now. I am only hearing of the side effects now. Kinda scares me!! I spoke to my doctor today, and she said the L-Carnitine should always be taken with vitiman c, and she does not feel you should mix it with the konjac. Wow I really took everything Dr. Oz said to heart. I did not know he would leave out the imporant side effects.

  18. barbara says

    @ Tammy…kudos to you for talking to your doctor, although I have to mention that if I talked to my own doctor about this, he’d have “no clue” what I was talking about.

    This is why listening to these TV doctors can be dangerous. They do not give you all the facts and leave you with very little information. I take L-CArnitine but never knew I should be taking it with Vitamin C…good thing I take C anyway….who knew. I love these kinds of forums where we can all discuss and find out what is the real “truth” about this stuff.

  19. says

    does drinking orange equal the same amount of vitamin c that you need to take with l-carnitine?

  20. barbara says

    @ fred…you would have to do some research on that. I have no idea how much C you should be taking. However….i think a large glass of orange juice does give one a good supply of daily C ………but I do not know if it is enough in regards to what you are asking about.

  21. Sally says

    I saw this stuff at Walmart today and I live in Canada. PGX and carbblocker. Also a Slimquick product I am going to try that looks to be a Walmart product.

  22. Sally says

    BTW, most of this stuff can be found in our drug stores now as well as most health food stores.

  23. Ellen says

    You can look up a product called Healthy Curb on Dietsinreview (dot) com. I know Vitamin Shoppe carried it but I understand they are reducing the size of their weight management section, so I don’t know if they will keep carrying it. You can buy it directly through the manufacturer, Nutritional Therapeutics, or some other online websites. Just do a google search Healthy Curb.

  24. Joe says

    This has become silly. The best and most rational way of losing weight is to control the amount and quality o your intake to cut calories, and exercise. Trying to cut corners by taking these kinds of supplements is on the one hand expensive, but also is gonna disappoint you. They are not working and everyone of them has side effect if you take it long enough. Get moving and start taking control of what you eat and how much you eat, you’ll lose weight if you’re overweight and you’ll not gain weight if you have just the right weight.

  25. says

    @ Barbara I totally understand where you’re coming from. I work with people every day who are struggling to lose weight. In order to see a significant difference compared to placebo, researches had to feed people an absurd amount of carbohydrates – 280 grams/day. When more sensible diets were used – 60-200 grams of carbs/day – the results were not at all worth $20/month to me.

    I’m not at all for complete elimination of breads, pastas, etc, at least not for long-term plans. Heck, I eat an entire pizza once per week 🙂

    Good luck!

  26. Jerica says

    When cooking the zero calorie noodles (or tofu noodles), I use some sort of boullion to help with flavoring. My kids even “approved” the flavor when I used it in place of spaghetti with our standard homemade meat/pasta sauce.

  27. Sally says

    Matt, there is also the fact that some are dibetic and this carbblocker stuff and Konjack could help some of us not digest the carbs into sugars which is what hurts us the most. It was believed that sugar itself was the culprit and is found that sugars transformed from other sources like White flour could be just as bad or worse. Worse IMO because most diabetics are unaware of that happening and we can eat a lot more white flour products then actual sugars cos SUGAR is what we are watching for. I find if I have less carbs (not getting rid of them all of course) then I have better luck then watching for sugar alone. It is hard to go out to some place with friends or family and order something that is guarenteed not to have something in it that will be turned into a sugar once in the gut. Some of these products help in a similar way that a lapband does by allowing the foods to be processed later in the digestion, like half way down the first intestine area or further, allowing the food to be processed properly rather then dumped. For anyone to say why waste the money lets look at why so many are diabetic,,, it isnt always because they like twinkies, some are unable to live on meat and veggies alone, there is potatoes and wheats that go along with a normal diet. If you are going to help yourself you need to see that rice, potatoes and pasta are what could be hurting you. Can you avoid it??? No. I would rather order a baked potato then a burger if those were my only choices. There is a product that will help and I will spend my money there, I need the help.

  28. Sally says

    To Joe, if it was that easy there would simply be no overweight people, don’t you think some might need a little help? Don’t you need a little push for something in your life or is it just easy for you? These things help, some people need a little help. I am not all that over weight, a few pounds but I am diabetic. I need to control the carbs for medical reasons. Blood sugar count. Just a few too many makes me go nuts. You should look into that and also see why so many are diabetic, not always bad self control.
    Diabetes is being studied and is being found not to be a just a fat mans disease anymore and when it hits you or a family member you might wonder what went wrong. What triggers it is in most of the foods we eat. If a diabetic can eat one carbless meal a day and lose hardly any weight they can still improve their blood sugar count. That could be something big to a diabetic. Mind you we need to watch that we don’t get too low a count too. Diabetics using this stuff should be monitoring their BS count.

  29. barbara says

    I think the answer is still open as to whether “weight gain” is caused by diabetes or if diabetes causes weight gain. I was “ALWAYS” slim….till one day I was not and that day was the beginning of my borderline diabetes diagnosis. For me…..I KNOW diabetes caused my weight gain because I know my body and I know what kind of “eater” I always have been. I am and always have been a healthy eater. So here i am, over weight with a metabolic syndrome. It runs in our family, my grandmother died from it. I eat practically nothing all day….constantly watching my sugar consumption which is practically 0. I don’t have the patience anymore to listen to those who think they know it all and try to tell me to lower my calories and exercise more. They don’t know my daily hiking routines with my dogs or how active I really am. Some people who have health problems or diseases are in a helpless position and all we want is to find a solution……………………these “fiber and carb blockers” are not it. I am waiting for a healthy medical solution…………….like curing my diatbetes!

  30. Sally says

    I don’t want to wait for the medical side of cure, it isn’t gonna happen, If it did the drug makers would be out of work. You and me are being teased with helpers like metformin and insulins. There is word that there is a cure but we will never see it because it is being hidden, tossed under something. Why wait? Why not try to find something that works? Why not find something on our own if we can? As far as I am concerned if a carbless noodle once a day gives me my third meal in a day as free then why not try it? I am, my order is here finally and I am going to try it and see if it can help, even a little cos that is better then nothing. BTW, fiber does help, that I already know, has improved my conditions some as far as plant fiber like that found in Konjak, I don’t know yet, will be a test for sure.

  31. Sally says

    I do agree with weight not always being the main cause of diabetes tho. I worked on mid night shift for many years and diabetes is in my family. I found myself diabetic and I believe it is not about what I ate as much as it was when I ate. On mid shift it is hard to sleep right, eat right and even live a normal life but someone has to do it. Problem is with shift work and on call work that includes an assortment of surprise shifts that people are taking with all the cut backs companies, including the health field are taking on, we are domed to become less healthy then we were ten and twenty years ago. I could be a prime example of that. Most in my family were diagnosed 15 years later in life then I was. In fact my mother who is twenty years older then I am was diagnosed a year after I was. She was diagnosed a pre diabetic 5 years ago and still is. I was diagnosed a full blown diabetic 6 years ago and still am. We both try to work at it and we have held our own but not made any special improvements yet but we are trying to find the one that will work. I was diagnosed because I had neuropathy and could hardly walk when I finally realized it wasn’t in my head and the pain was real (not just me feeling tired due to my mid shift work). My mother went in to get checked just cause she was worried about her chances due to my out come and it being in the family. I believe we need to watch what life is throwing at us and that includes what you work with, chemicals, even a low moral work condition. Watch that you don’t get hurt by something other then the Twinkie when you are not looking.

  32. mom23girls says

    The Konjac root can be found in this product: Nature’s Way Glucomannan.

  33. barbara says

    @ Sally….I should have been more specific. I meant the fiber and carb blockers are not for “ME”…they don’t work for me. If it works for you or others then by all means you should be doing what works for you. I use fiber for colon health but it does not seem to help with the BS or cravings or feeling full when I eat.

  34. Sally says

    OK Barbara, can understand that. I found after being diabetic for a short while I had BM issues, likely from the neuropathy complications and the added fiber brought things back to almost normal. It also helps food not go to a fast dump in the gut and it is widely known to help some cos it is not digested as fast causing some to have the higher BS count. I think the plant fiber might help as well cos it tends to grab the food bits and surround it so it is not just put into the blood stream and used as a sugar. Together we need to do our research and help each other to understand what helps, God knows the medical side isn’t in a rush to cure us. They couldn’t do that cos the maintenance drugs would not be needed. Can you imagine if they cured diabetes? Look at how many people are using their stuff. Insulins and metformin along with all of the drugs for complications that go along with diabetes. It is amazing what we pay for all of this stuff. That is why some health insurance companies wont cover diabetes and its complications. The cost is high and never ending once yer there. Meanwhile, you are here so you are interested. You find something that works for you, let us know. It goes around and some day we might figure it out ourselves.

  35. barbara says

    @ Sally…..gosh, I really hate to think that cures for major illnesses and disease are being held back from the public due to drug profits etc. I would not be surprised if that were true. I don’t think the FDA and the government has our best interest in mind. Money speaks! Their new policies of being in support of GMO ( genetically modified organisms ) namely our “food” shows me just where their priorities are. Many countries have banned GM foods but not the USA….ugh! Our food is being tampered with BIG TIME and destroying the natural nutrients in them. Can only imagine the impact on our health this will have. If interested in knowing moe about this simply “google” GMO foods and a ton of information will come up. I wish Dr. Oz would address this on his show.

  36. Sally says

    I am sure lots is being held back from us. Look at years ago how washing machines used to last twenty plus years, Now lucky to get 10 years, Whats going with with stuff now? It breaks, wears out much faster then it did. Look at the cars, computerized, harder to get at the parts, it all meant to make sure we cant do stuff we used to do in the back yard to make repairs. Nothing is user friendly anymore, you have to have special training to fix with anything. We are meant to rely on others for everything as much as possible. Should we heal or should we ride out a slow death? In a perfect world we would do something for our neighbor and he’d do the same and we would never pay for anything and as far as health goes there are people trying to show us that there are natural products that can help. DO Oz might just be one of those people. Studies are there but if it is not offered by gov then we have to find it cos it is not offered to many doctors and they don’t have the time to look that way. They are busy with law and medicine.
    I am not saying medical drugs and docs are not good but why shouldn’t we do our own reading and trials where safe to do so? I have to admit if not for my metformin I would be a lot worse off but what about someone telling me a cure is there and fixing me? I hate to say it but I am bloody tired of waiting. I talked to a doctor in California who agrees there is more that could be done but the right path is veered off so that maintenance drugs can be supported meaning people are working. Yes I agree, keep the people working but not at my expense.
    Lets get going on cures cos the end of disease is not here, we are developing more bugs as we go and we will need to fight those too IMO so lets see a cure for these things that have been lingering so long and are old hat. I am tired of seeing my relatives die a slow painful death and now me. Whats more, they are still showing the old brochure for diabetes,,, “”look for thirst, eye issues and going to the bathroom more then usual””. BS,,,, I never had any of that and still don’t. I had frozen shoulder, boils I never had before and painful feet, Do you see that in brochures yet? No and it is well known, Had I known,,, What really funny is I had the sore burning feet for almost three years before I came to realize it was so bad I couldn’t walk or sleep anymore and when I went into my doctor and told him my symptoms he said “yer diabetic”. I said “my feet hurt” He said “I know, I am betting yer diabetic cos it sounds like neuropathy, we will do tests”, and sure enough, I was running a BS of 12 on fasting. WOW, why didn’t I know this could be? Why didn’t this give me an alarm? Frozen shoulder? Boils? Where is this information? I am sick to think I let it go so long that I was already taking damage to my heart and internal organs without knowing it Just because I thought the pain was in my head. People still look at me and other then the fact that I now limp they say I look so good, “How could I be in this much pain over diabetes???” Ya I have learned to live with it and take a day off when I need but I had to get fired from my job cos THEY didn’t believe me. Now I am disabled and all because I didn’t know. Yup. someone is not offering us what we need and education is one of those very important bits,,,, A cure is the next but IMO we will never see it. DO what you can to avoid what is to come if we don’t try.
    By adding fiber I have been able to get rid of the boils and frozen shoulder issues and that was almost instant but the foot problem was to the point of irreversibility. The nerve damage is done. Has gotten no worse but it sucks to be limping around and live with the burning, stabbing, shocks, and other crap that goes on daily, minute by minute. Pain pills? If I want a narcotic it is fairly cheap. If I want one that is not narcotic it is really expensive, For what I need, about $400 a month because the Canadian gov hasn’t cleared it for use for us in Canada,, Ya, we are here for them IMO and I am tired of it. If I sound harsh I am just sick of hearing we could be cured but we will not be. I am sick and I need a cure. I will get it someday if it kills me,,, hahahhaha

  37. Sally says

    Something else. I used to think natural herbs and natural meds were an old bush man’s wife’s stupid beliefs in her desperate need for help cos she couldn’t get to town for drugs, hahahaha
    This is a little off topic but here it is. I had monthly issues. DRs wanted to scrape stuff with tools and a boy friend told me there is an herb for that. I laughed my butt off. He said “I will take you to a store that can explain it and if you buy it he has sold it to you, I make nothing but if it don’t work I will buy it from you” How can a person say no to that offer? I tried it and sure enough I had the worst night, Thought I was gonna die and the next day I was already seeing a difference. I took this stuff for a couple years while enjoying the best monthlies you will ever know and then I decided to get off it and see what happens. I have still had no issues and Ya, I don’t have any issues yet, many years later, three light days each month, no pains and I have never looked away from herbs again, I do however look it up, do my research and then try it if I feel safe about it. Lots of recommendation helps from those you know too.

    What I would like DR OZ to look into now is if Konjak will help celiac people since it works to take away the sugar exchange,,, Will it help celiacs process white flour products better. I am not celiac but I have many friends who are and they suffer and they have to shop like they are gonna die if the wrong thing gets into their basket (white flour is hidden in almost everything), It is another serious and expensive disease.
    Why are we working on GMO foods instead of working on foods that we can all eat safely? Celiacs are limited like we are, they are affected differently but there are two diseases that would benefit from a better food source. Hmmm why should our gov want to do this? We would be putting medical money elsewhere like taking care of our elderly, there is lots of work coming up there but no,,,, We are cutting back on them instead and making our medical workers sicker by shorting them the work and leaving them on crazy shifts that in turn will kill them??? or put them in the care home at a younger age??? We are all back wards with this stuff. Seems we don’t want to help any more then keep the business of medical maintenance going strong and yet these diseases are claimed to be the most costly and we are the fault. Put a candy bar up in price and the veggies down to poor mans affordability. Keep it real and allow us to eat it and regain our health. Why are we going back wards? We know more then we ever did and it is not helping us one bit. We are using that knowledge to make pigs grow faster (with five legs) so we can have it faster. We are force feeding the chickens so their meat is hardly as good as it used to be but there is more of it??? IMO, we are unsafe with almost everything we can eat now. They used to say eat whats on the outer edges of the store and not whats on the inside shelves of the store, (veggies) but if they GMO that stuff we are screwed. Where do we go except to grow our on gardens, I can’t do that now, I am already ruined. Shift work and odd eating times took all that away and if you do shift work, work with chemicals of any kind, hate your job place, or have this in your family, then you need to look for many more symptoms of diabetes and its complications. Be aware, you are no longer immune from it no matter who you are.

  38. barbara says

    GMO foods are going to make it more necessary to take supplements to get the nutrition you need. That said, I now grow my own “wheat grass” for juicing. I use “organic non GMO seeds”. Wheat grass has 99% of all the nutrients our bodies need to survive. I drink 1 to 2 oz’s a day mixed with lemon. This is how I am going to deal with the GMO foods. One has to be pro-active in todays world of big companies caring about profit before they give a hoot about your health…and we know the government is no better.

  39. Sally says

    Agree with that. I will look into this wheat grass stuff. I heard years ago that it can help with getting rid of cancer for people in treatment.

  40. barbara says

    If you “google” wheat grass, how to grow it, and it’s pro’s an con’s you will get a ton of information on it. I would not go so far as to say it’s a cure all….that has yet to be proven, but many many people have made their own personal claims about it’s benefits and I like to go by people who actually drink it and use it.

  41. Betty says

    I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for a year now and I also have diabetic neuropathy. So bad I could hardly walk. My Diabetes America doctor referred me to a Neurologist who ran tests for nerve damage, luckily only the small nerves have been damaged (no internal damage to my organs). I could hardly walk and had so much stabbing and burning pains – just awful. I began a balanced diet, lost weight and brought my A1c from 7.2 to 5.9. I no longer on pain meds for my feet. I think balance is the key protein, carbs (starch & low starch vegetables). Remember ‘BALANCE’ is the key. Whole grains are a must. Stay away from the white stuff – white flour, white potatoes, white rice and white sugars. It works!

  42. Rita says

    I agree with Sally! I’m a type II diabetic and am struggling to keep my sugar levels down. I’ve had to go on insulin but still struggle while I hardly eat carbs at all. When I do, it’s whole grains and whole grain products, no white foods at all! I would really like a piece of toast occasionally or a little brown rice. My diet mainly consists of vegetables, eggs, a few beans, lentils, vegetable protein & very little fruit. I’m vegetarian, so no meat. Not everyone can just watch their caloric intake and lose weight. Diabetics really struggle with weightloss and it has very little to do with their diet. I’m going to try the white bean extract, I would love if it worked so well that I could get off the insulin.

  43. Sally says

    You have to remember Betty, that balance is a great word if we were all built the same but we are not. Some have to find other ways to balance out their diet. Never pass on a tool of help. I would love to be you but that is not the case. As soon as I realized I was diabetic I went on low carb, and no sugars or whites, lost a few pounds which was a good thing but it never made a difference in my feet. I had my BS count down better and that for me is really tricky, not as easy as for some. We are not a machine and that is what others have to know so they don’t just come along and tell us we fail. If diabetes was from only one source it might be that easy but it is from so many sources that we become one and that too is showing us we are different. No one drug does the same for one as it does for another and no one food will either. It helps to understand and do trials with the BS count as with what we eat. Did you know stress can trigger High BS count? Yup, that and being over tired, and many other things like travel,,,, even other drugs for other diseases we might have. Another thing, you feel great now but do you realize that could change in a few years? Keep looking for ways to help when you might need it. We are not programmed to be something in the end. Things and even environment can change all that too.

  44. Sally says

    Thanks Barbera, will do that today when I get a chance. Any quick tips you can tell us? Is it grown outside or inside, how much does a person need on hand for daily use?

  45. Kristi says

    After watching this segment, I’ve done a little research on the White Kidney Bean extract trying to find where to purchase. I read several warnings about bad gastrointestinal side effects such as heartburn, excessive gas, bloating and diarrhea. Has Dr. Oz seen this in his use or practice? If so, what can you do to mitigate them?

  46. Sally says

    I have been using mine a couple of days now, Not finding anything I didnt already have so far so good.

  47. Julie says

    I too saw Dr. Oz and did a little research that DISPROVED this information. It was testing done by Dr Bo-Linn, Dec. 2, 1982 in the New England Journal of Medicine. After the group taking the w.k.bean extract had their feces analyzed, there was NO increase in carbohydrates / starches. He said there should have been a 400% increase if they were moved through the body. Where did these carbs go??? I was so disappointed because I am pushing 50 yrs and need help with losing 20 lbs. Is this just another way for companies to get rich? Misleading the public is very profitable these days. Also, why are these beans supplied only by China and Cameroon and not in the USA?? I don’t want to buy anything from China.

    A Dr Gerbstadt, and many others, have shown studies where these starches ferment in the large intestine, give off GAS, and cause the subjects to have BLOATING and DIARRHEA. If the stomach acid doesn’t digest foods, your body relies on the good bacteria to do this in the colon. This opens up a whole new problem for folks taking acid reducers for too long. I’ve been through all this too. Believe me, it’s just easier to eat right, no fried foods, just the basic God gave us.

    I was going to order this extract but not now. I wonder if Dr. Oz is doing any research. He probably has no time with his TV show, which is getting a bit too silly for me. I’ve seen him miss things in the past such as how to get rid of canker sores in the mouth. He didn’t even mention taking L-Lysine (amino acid) which works, unless you’re taking heavy NSAIDs. I looked it up on Web MD and it listed NSAIDs as causing canker sores. On a totally unrelated matter, I have not had as much as a cold or allergy in 4 years and I guess my probiotics and papaya smoothies have kept me healthy. On a positive note, he did mention Feverfew which I’ve heard is a great, safe, natural pain reliever, especially for bad headaches.

    He also had a woman on his show who suffered horribly from PMS and didn’t even tell her about Sprintec birth control pills, which she could take and only have 4 periods per year with no PMS symptoms. I’m no doctor, my father is, and my mother is a retired RN. I just like to research and have cured more problems for myself, many of which doctors have created. When will they learn to respect natural remedies before relying on the drug companies. They think there’s a pill for everything. Guess what, we are the #1 country with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and mental disorders.

  48. Dawn says

    Glucomannan fiber, I’ve heard of it. That it is good and does not cause the tummy irritation other fibers can cause. bioinnovations.net carries it. they also have a great health program call “Your Health”. they really try to keep up with the latest in medical studies.

  49. sam says

    I have also done some preliminary reading regarding white kidney bean extract and l-carnitine. None of the medical research definitively shows any association of the consumption of these elements with any weight loss.

    I’m also disappointed that the Dr. Oz show would endorse the use of these products without adequate research to support their results.

  50. Kandi says

    I have been taking Glucomannan fiber for 2 weeks and have not changed my diet at all and I get very little exercise…I have lost 10 lbs.

  51. Judy says

    Dear all…I am a Diabetic of 6 years and have been on a mission for these 6 years to handle it WITHOUT medications. I have been reading articles and diets and anything I can get my hands on …especially the last 2 years. Dedicated to it!…

    I too heard of the white kidney bean extract on Dr. Oz’s show!!…I have been taking the Carb Blocker white kidney bean extract for a few meals now…and I honestly believe it is MIRACULOUS!

    If YOU are a diabetic, please do yourself the favor of trying it.

    I have had no ‘side effects” at all…However, I would recommend that if you are on any medications (and especially insulin) that you be very careful and take the extract into your diet gradiently. In other words, BE SMART. Your medications will need to be watched very closely so that your blood sugar does not go too low!!

    I wish for you the same results I have had!…
    THIS very well may be my personal ANSWER…and I hope yours also!!

    I would even venture to say that this supplement may mean the END of high blood sugars in anyone who uses it.

    I can not attest to the weight-loss aspect yet as it really has been only about 4 days…but I have lost 2 pounds in that time…Just not sure if it is related…but I assume it is!! 🙂

    Good luck to all of you!!

  52. barbara says

    Judy….thank you for adding your experience with “white kidney bean extract”. One thing I need to point out to you however is…..this supplement does nothing for your sugar levels when eating things with “sugar” added, like candy, cakes, cookies, etc. It only works for “starchy” foods that turn to sugar like, potatoes, pasta and white breads. So I do not think this is total substitution for some people who needs medication like myself. Unless one is willing to give up white sugar that is…if so then it may be as you say an answer. I personally am not willing to live my life entirely without ever eating any sugar, and fruit can be considered sugar for they certainly raise my BS levels when I eat any….so I need my meds.

  53. Summer says

    My best friend has been using the white bean extract for a month now and has already lost inches. She started out in a size 24 pant, but they soon got so loose they nearly fell off of her. She then tried on a 22 and they were still too big. She was delighted to discover she is now a size 20 and is hoping to lose even more. She hasn’t changed anything else in her diet or routine. Her mother also began taking the extract a month ago and she has lost weight as well. Neither of them have had any negative side effects. I am definitely going to get me some of this!

  54. Summer says

    I forgot to mention that my friend also has diabetes and she had tried all kinds of diets without any success. She is so very happy to finally be losing the weight she has tried to lose for so long.

  55. Judy says

    Hi, Barbara…VERY nice to meet you!…As I said, I am really NEW to this…But I have been battling the Diabetes a few years now…and truly am amazed these last few days. I really don’t eat much in the way of actual sugar, so you are right…I have not tested this area…But really…for example, my husband and I went to an Oriental Buffet last Friday for the first time in awhile and I purposely ate the same way I “normally” would…even ice cream!… (just to compare…and “test” the Carb Blocker…skeptical as I am!)…and rather than the 265 or so that my bgs would have been…144 was what I was at 2 hours later!…That truthfully flabbergasted me!!

    But…thank you for the “heads up” regarding the actual SUGAR!…I will be careful with that!! (I did not know about that little detail!!)

    The bottom line is that this supplement gives me quite a bit more hope for my future…and there is nothing like HOPE!

    Good luck on your road…and write back to me anytime…ok?

    And, again…thank you for your knowledge!


  56. Judy says

    Wow!…What Summer says about her friend’s weight loss is very hopeful,too!
    If a diabetic can lose weight around their middle (especially) it majorly helps them …that is an extra added BONUS!!…I’ll take it!

    One thing more I did want to add and that is that (and perhaps this is TOO MUCH info about me :p …But, I have a very sensitive colon …as I had major emergency surgery a few years back…and so many things affect it 🙁 …but I have had no ill effects AT ALL from the white kidney bean extract…so maybe it affects different folks differently! 🙂 (I wish I could say that I had a good experience with the glucomannan…Literally , I took it 3 times and was on my back for a WEEK with gas and pain and rumblings I never would have imagined!…(It is a Pre-biotic…as I now understand…and I definitely will never try that again!)

    I love reading all your experiences here!

    Thank you so much!


  57. Tammy says

    I have been taking Glucomannan Fiber every since the show aired, and have not lost a pound. I wanted to lose 7 lbs for summer, and thought that this was the answer. I am very upset that the information was so out of line. Dr.Oz please don’t get our hopes up, and please research your information before you let us down.

  58. Kandi says

    Tammy sorry to hear you have not any luck with the Glocomanna,but the Lady Dr. had stated that if one thing does not work for you than add one of the fat metabolizers until you find the one that gives you the results you are looking for. I have lost 10 lbs and have not changed the way I eat….other than I am not as hungry and I use to be a late night snacker, not anymore.
    If you only have 7 lbs. to lose than I assume that you are not really overweight and these fat metabolizers are for those of us that are extremly overweight and have a slower metaboliziem.

  59. says

    I have tryed white kidney bean extract for about 2 weeks and haven’t lost anything and the last couple nights by the end of the evening I have had stomach pain like cramping. And have had gas .

  60. naraja says

    Ok, where can one buy this WKBE?? I want the real deal. So many stores and sites seems to have a knock off. AND what mg should I take??? Can it be mixed with other ingredients such as chromium etc??

  61. Sally says

    I am using both, depending on what I am eating, “Daily PGX” when it is something that I cant sprinkle WKBE on, so then I take a capsule 20 mins before a meal, or WKBE if it is a pasta or cereal that I can sprinkle it on. No side effects yet. A slight bloating with the PGX but tolerable No weight loss yet but feeling a little better in the day then before.
    I am hoping it is our answer too. And no it wont help with sugar. What many don’t realize is sugar isn’t the really bad culprit in diabetes tho. The while products like flour, potatoes, white rice are our real problem. Foods that become sugars to the body after being transformed. I believe if we could knock them sugars down, (like Judy said above,,, she even ate ice cream at the restaurant and was lower then her usual) then we might have it beat. I want to try bananas and see what happens. Turns out (I heard) bananas are almost as bad for simple carbs as a candy bar. I am not sure the WKBE will help with it but that would be the ultimate test cos except for the carbs, a banana is good for us. I miss eating them. And damn, they are a cheap snack!
    Funny story, when I found out I might be diabetic, I was going for a BS check in the next am so my last meal was what I believed would be the best and longest lasting meal so I could do the fasting. A banana and a granola bar (a healthy one). I read so high for that BS test. Dr said “what did you have for your last meal”? He laughed so hard and said your BS might not have been that high if you just ate a regular meal, it was the carbs in the granola bar and the banana that made it so high. We learn so much being diabetic!

  62. Sally says

    Naraja, I got mine from a Canadian site, it is called Carb Intercept sprinkles to go. Each packet is 1000mg Phase 2 carb controller, or WKBE. I dont always put the whole packet on, depending on how much white product like flour there might be in the meal. Sprinkle it on carefully. When I put it on cereal if not mixed in well it tastes a little, kind of a turn off. Also sticks to your teeth if it is clumpy in your mouth.
    You should find it at a health food store or online easily.

  63. Melissa says

    Adding any kind of fiber to your diet can make you bloated and gassy for a couple of weeks because your body isn’t used to it. After a couple of weeks, your body should adjust and the bloating and gas should go away.

    I don’t really agree with taking a pill, even if it is a natural supplement, to give you a license to make you lose weight without you putting forth any effort into losing that weight. And before people freak out on me, I am very overweight myself and I’m not judging if you want to take a pill to make you thinner, I just don’t agree with it. Everyone can do whatever they want with their bodies and that’s great, it’s just my personal opinion that a pill isn’t going to make you skinny if you don’t change certain habits. And yes I know, not everyone is pill happy so please don’t freak out on me!

    I was skeptical of the products Dr. Oz talked about but I was interested in the kidney bean extract. After looking in to it a little more, I decided that drinking Metamucil practically does the same thing. I drink a glass at least half an hour before I eat so that it has time to expand in my stomach. When I eat, I eat pretty much as normal except my portion sizes are smaller. I feel full for much longer (because of all the fiber) and I still get to enjoy what I want but in much healthier portion sizes. I’ve been doing this for a month and I’ve lost about 15 pounds.

    I’m glad I found this page because I was interested in the kidney bean extract and I liked reading everyone’s testimonials. I don’t think we need a carb blocker, I think we just need to eat carbs in smaller portions!

  64. Sally says

    I could agree with you and disagree with you. I am diabetic and carbs, (those from white products as well as sugar) are what causes a person to become diabetic (more then sugar itself) as many here are. If I can get the worst culprit (IMO) to go away by using this bean extract then I have an advantage. Sugar is a diabetics fear yes but studies are showing that white flour products as well as white rice and potatoes are a huge problem that we were unaware of for many years. This bean extract cuts the enzyme that allows those carbs to do the damage.
    Now there is the option of getting off that stuff but it is hard to make sure you are completely off of it (Since even 100% whole wheat bread contains white flour, Sneaky yes)and then when you are on the road it is nearly impossible. Those carbs are a different kind of sugar to the body. They are not a natural sugar and need to be transformed into a kind that is then absorbable so they become a problem for us because the body doesn’t agree with it.
    Now having said that, sugar is a supporter of other issues too so still isn’t good and does cause diabetes in an infectious kind of a way to the gut, from what I read. Lots more to learn.
    You are lucky that you are not diabetic yet and since you found your fix even better, but mine (which is no more a pill then yours) is a different kind of fiber which helps for my diabetic need. It is an extract from beans.
    Now having said that, since it seems you are not diabetic, you should use what you are using, You probably need the carbs where they are hurting us so you are right to stay on the fiber you are on. It is right for you at this time.
    Mind you, if you have been over weight for some time you should have your sugar checked too just so you know you are not at risk, lotsa people don’t know they are close to becoming a diabetic or already are.

  65. Sally says

    Just so you know, years ago when I found out I was diabetic, I read up on diabetes and at that time I could afford to lose some weight. I went on a NO carb diet, basically meats and veggies and lost 40 lbs in 4 months. Have never gained it all back but did gain a few back. Have now lost 6 lbs on this white bean extract, so is it doing the same as going no carb? I think so, problem is we don’t want to go NO carb. I later learned it can hurt you too. Must do something that is moderate and check the BS counts. I have been on my WBE now for about two weeks I think so not too bad a rate of loss. A few cramps to report, goes away if I drink more water when it is happening.

  66. Melissa says

    Diabetes runs on both sides of my family so I know all about the dangers of diabetes! And I do get tested for it because my risk of developing diabetes is much higher. I’m still young so I have some time to make changes before it’s too late. When I was a teenager, my mother completely cut carbs out of her diet and she tried to get me to do the same thing but admittedly, it was too hard and I don’t want anything to do with a diet where I can’t eat carbs (unless there’s a medical reason why I can’t).

    My argument mainly lies with people complaining that they haven’t lost any weight while taking white bean extract and the bloating. Like I said before, people are experiencing bloating from the increase in fiber which their bodies most likely aren’t used to yet. So if people want to continue using it, that’s great but they’re going to need to use it for 2-3 weeks before their bodies fully adjust to the fiber. I understand how the extract works and why people would use it but if it’s primarily being used for weight loss, have people also tried to reduce how many carbs are eaten? Like the show said, these supplements do not give people a license to go crazy with food. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect to drop a bunch of weight by just using an extract because then you don’t learn anything about healthier eating habits which ultimately lead to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Using the extract is fine but I think it should be used in conjunction with better eating habits, not used on it’s own.

  67. Sally says

    OK, I am not here to correct you but what you said about time to change before its too late. I had that thinking, and it not about the bean extract. I thought I had time cos my family was diabetic in their later 50s, I was a full blown diabetic at 41(in fact my mother, 20 yrs older then me was diagnosed a year after I was already diagnosed), what a shocker that was. I had it sneaking up on me and the funny thing is my feet were hurting long before being tested. it is not a disease that comes and you have it due to blood sugar count in a way, it is more something that is happening and then the numbers show up. Some get some kind of warning, some get symptoms as it is sneaking in the back door while we are not looking. My bet is because I was working mid shifts my body said this isn’t good, not knowing a proper time to eat and sleep. I had several signs of it before my blood sugar was the proof. If I had known then….
    The brochures that tell us what to look for are so out dated. If you experience going to the washroom often suddenly or a huge thirst happening, that could mean your body is reacting in the kidneys. We sure don’t want to be there before we know. Oh and the eyes they tell us to watch for,,, that means you have had blood issues a looong time already.
    My symptoms were frozen shoulder, sore feet and suddenly getting boils. I have had it for years now and my eyes and washroom trips are still not an issue. Go figure. Better to change now as you said you are but keep your eyes open for lots more then the old brochures they are putting out will tell you. I looked it up in every way I could and the list of symptoms are surprising. The government/health authorities are still not telling us this information. Have you hear of neuropathy? Used to be an end of time part of diabetes.
    As soon as I found out I did the no carb thing for 4 months and the frozen shoulder thing went away and so did the boils but it was too late for my feet, the damage was done and now I live a painful life every day, every minute, shocks, stabbings, burning, zaps and ice cold pressure feelings, less carbs helps lighten those pains. Problem for me is the pain drugs make me feel worse in my head and my heart as well. Lots of jittery moments I couldn’t get past.
    I don’t swear by the no carb thing for anyone but it did change lots and I did it with my doctors permission and care. He tested my blood every three weeks to make sure I was running good numbers. After the 40 lbs weight loss I went back to some carbs but am careful when I can be and when not possible the white bean helps (out on the road lots).
    I have a real problem with carbs, too many and I feel awful in the gut and in the feet and I know something is wrong. I am adjusting to the bean extract. Is also improving my bowel actions. We have to find whats good for us and this to me is coming in handy where I cant be sure there are no bad carbs. Funny I tried the fiber thing like you and it didn’t make a difference for me, we are all so different I guess.

  68. Judy says

    I guess the bottom line for me is that I just feel so blessed to have an alternative now that enables me to have more carbs…And it’s kinda funny but now that I CAN have the carbs when I use the bean extract, I don’t really “crave” them as much as before. In the six years that I have had diabetes, I have always been controlling it/trying to control it with diet and exercise…Now that I have the bean extract it is more in control than EVER. I really do have so much more freedom…I just can’t tell you what that means to me!! It’s kinda like before there used to be stop signs and red lights everywhere…now there are just caution signs…and stay alert signs.
    Many people (unless they have diabetes in their family) don’t often know the actual complications and health issues that diabetics have…They are nothing to mess around with!
    This white kidney bean extract offers MANY possibilities…It’s like being thrown a LIFE PRESERVER!! 😀

    Thanks everyone for your stories and experiences…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
    Love, Judy:)

  69. Judy says

    Hi, Maria!…My understanding is that you would have to eat ALOT of beans to have the same effects…So I think the answer is NO…Also, The capsules (you take 2 about 5 to 10 minutes before each carb-containing meal) only cost about 10 cents each…and you can carry them in your pocket…or purse! 😀

  70. Sally says

    Also Maria, it comes in a powder you can shake on, The singles packets are a little more money but they travel nicely with you in case you end up eating out, that is where carbs will get you for sure. I bought the shaker bottle for home which is much cheaper and with the shaker and the packets you dont have to remember to take anything before, these just get sprinkled on your food and work with it while you eat cos there is no capsule break down to wait for. Mind you sprinkle carefully it does change the taste a bit if not careful and is kind of sticky if it gets clumped in your food.
    And yes, I heard you would have to eat several cans a day to get the extract level needed. You could add them to your diet for days you are in total control of your carbs of course as a small maintanance tool I am sure.
    If you are diabetic you should check your sugar if you use this stuff. One so you know you dont go too low and two so you know if it even helps you.

    My good news, something is working,,, I had a totally pain free night last night and most of today, first time in a very long time. No pressure or burning in my feet waking me up, none while walking today. Now there is some but not as much as normally. Will see where this goes.

  71. Sally says

    I m glad it is helping you Judy, seems to be helping me, the bowel cramps seem to have gone away too. Must be adjusting.

    I kinda wish DR OZ was coming on here to give us more info on this stuff, he must know more then what he has shown so far.

  72. jack says

    Hello folks, when Dr. oz was talking about taking WKBE he then mentioned something about konjac root I couldn’t hear what he said? Did he say you shouldn’t take Konjac and WKBE at the same time? And those of you taking WKBE does it cause you to have “dumping syndrome, or leakage???? I am fearful of this happening in public, should I be or not?
    Thanks Jack

  73. Sally says

    Hi Jack. I had bowel problems for years and they seem less of a problem now since using the WKBE. I dont use both Konjac and WKBE at the same time. Not sure if you should or shouldnt but since they work a little differntly I just wouldnt.

  74. says

    I just started useing white bean expract but coundnt find it called just that. What I was sold is Phase 2. Thats how it is marketed in my area. Is there a more pure or better way of buying it? Please let me know.

  75. Sally says

    Mine is called Phase 2 also. I think that is it. Might come under another name by someone else.
    One I have is just called “Phase 2 Startch Neutralizer”, that is a bottle the size of a spice shaker and the other is a phase 2 as well called “Carb intercept sprinkles to go”, that is the singles packs I bought from the same place online.
    I wanted the shaker for home and the packs to go with me in case there is a need to eat while on the road.

  76. jack says

    Thanks Sally for the info and advice! I just ordered all 4 products that were discussed on dr. Oz. One question, do you choose to take WKBE instead of Konject Root when you know your going to have a heavy carb meal? Thanks for your time, ever grateful Jackie

  77. Elgin says

    Just started. Product is called “WHITE KIDNEY BEAN” and is put out by Absonutrix.
    They are capsules, 500mg and the bottle claims “antioxidant” and “carbohydrate blocker”.
    The manufactures directions say “Take one (1) capsule daily as a dietary supplement.”
    I’ve only taken 3 (three days) so far, but I haven’t felt any adverse effects.

  78. Tammy says

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has taken 3 in 1 Carb Blocker? I could not find the White Kidney Bean alone, and the lady that sold it to me told me it was the same thing. I took two of them at 8:00 P.M., and by morning I was very sick to my stomach. I was sick until the next day? Just wondering if anyone else has had the same reaction? I was told it had no side effects, but boy was that wrong. Where can I get the White Kidney Bean alone. All the stores in my area say they cant get it. Thanks for any info!:)

  79. Sally says

    (((Some bottles of this KIND of stuff and even certain fiber products say start low and work up to the dosage suggestions.))) correction

  80. Cat says

    I have done white kidney bean extract now for 2 years. I did not get all the GI problems that run as side effects on some websites. It is safe and it does work. I have lost about 50lbs since I started and I feel great. I dont eat the same amount of food as I used to because the bean makes you feel full faster. Plus, I think when you absorb less food, your body gets used to not having so much and so you dont crave it as often. I love it and I buy the powder on ebay. I then pack it into pills myself at home with a pill dispenser. This is soooo much more affordable than buying it in stores. Especially, if you’re going through 6 pills a day. My brother and dad started using it too. They lost 15lbs in the first month and they always keep the bean powder handy (they eat a lot of fast food). So, I’m really happy with this little bean and I think it’s a lot better than taking weird weight loss pills that usually never work or make you feel sick. Also, the ones in store look different than the powder you buy online and that’s buffer. Another reason why I buy the powder in pure form.

  81. Judy says

    Hi, Cat…I am with you!…I have had no bad side effects…And YES it is nice to have a NATURAL alternative to help with weight loss…and Diabetes!…I am so excited for you with your weight loss…I am going to now start concentrating more on that!!! Thanks for your positivity!…And good luck to you and your loved ones. We are all so blessed that Dr. Oz spoke of this on his program!!…Thanks Dr. Oz!!…:D

  82. Fraz says

    I spoke with a biochemist about various “natural cures” and he told me that just because findings are published in the NEJM doesn’t make them true. He said there are cures for cancer that are not to be made known because there’s no money in a cure. What is published is often politically /financially driven. Best bet…go all natural. Do you really think they want you to never get sick? The pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc would go bankrupt.

  83. Sally says

    I am glad this stuff is working for me. I am fighting another disease and am looking for what has helped other people,,, My husband was diagnosed with cancer in the mouth and he is fighting it now. I have him on many natural products and we are seeing a remission. He didn’t want to tell me cos I am sick and partly disabled so he hurt himself by waiting till it hurt to tell me only because I could hear it in his talk. He is at a stage 3 carcinoma which is not a good thing. I got him on about 7 products the very next day and he has seen the growth stopping, the size is reduced and he is feeling better and while we wait for the radiation I am doing everything I can find to make him stronger for the treatments, all natural and as most men will say “GIT away from me with that!” he is doing the opposite and is taking all that I tell him to take. His doctor was mad at first when he thought I was going to take over the treatments but now they are happy to see this is going on. He has three weeks before treatment starts because they have all those cat scans and mask building to do along with other stuff they do to set it all up. I am hoping for a cure even if the radiation does it but he has 7 weeks to do and that is damaging to the mouth and throat, My hope is he is reassessed and by then they decide a whole 7 weeks is not needed. Anyone who has some knowledge on cancer and what helps could let me know whats good, would welcome anything that you know has helped someone. I hate to be fighting my disease and his at the same time but I do know this, natural is good, we just have to do our research. Thank you all for listening.

  84. Judy says

    Hi,Sally…I am so sorry to hear about your husband…But please tell him to NOT lose HOPE…There are alot of folks keeping positive thoughts about him and that has GOT to help him…BUT (on a more practical level) …Don’t you remember when Dr. Oz had Dr. William Li on his program talking about foods to eat to cure and prevent cancer? That show was awesome…AND he has been on another couple of times since…So, go to doctoroz.com and search Dr.William Li…also search other sites for his name…Dr. Li is (as is Dr. Oz) a very high integrity fellow…and you can tell he KNOWS what he is talking about. Dr. Li also has a very strong purpose to help people…So please try this avenue…and keep us posted if you can…
    Good luck to you both…I hope there is a beautiful big rainbow at the end of this trail!
    (I’m betting on it!) ;D

    Love, Judy:)

  85. Sally says

    Thank you very much Judy for your kind words and information. I don’t remember that show, musta missed it but will definitely look for it. Thanks for pointing me to it. I will keep you posted, so far we are seeing remission since he told me about it. Whats too bad is he held off telling me for too long because he was worried it would make me worse. Actually has made me feel better cos I feel my problems are soooo less then his and it has put some energy into me to help him out. I put him on lotsa stuff in hopes to stop it if not reverse it some before treatment starts. It seems to have stopped growing and a little showing of it getting a slight bit smaller. I don’t check every day, about every 3 so I get to see if there is any difference and there has been bits here and there. We will get through this double whammy,,, I hope 🙂 Thank you again Judy, we are all here to support each other, is the best thing.

  86. Dwayne says

    Hi Sally if you are looking for something false to fight cancer and help with the side affects of chemo I wish I had known about covalent silver which is not colloidal silver,Covalent silver is fine to go into the blood cell and kills all pathogen parasites and cancer cell it worth a chance it works

  87. Sally says

    Hi Dwayne, I am thinking you mean something else to fight cancer. If so you are telling me that Covalent silver will help. I will look into it and see what it is all about. Do you have any experience with it or know someone who did?

    Right now I am working on my bean extract and still doing well with it. I want this to work because in the next 7 weeks I am gonna need all the strength I can get to deal with hubby and hopefully his side effects are not as bad as I hear they can get to be. I have him on lots of stuff and he is tolerating it well, no stomach upset and we still haven’t seen any new growth, it receded some and has stayed that way with a bit more receding. Definitely not a fast paced thing going on but is better then seeing more growth. He feels strong and is not getting tired from all of the stuff I have him on even tho it is a job just getting it all down along with learning how to eat like a pig. He has to have 3300 calories a day now so when he starts he will have lots to fight with and then we have to keep it up to that during treatment. Funny, me trying to lose a few pounds and him needing to gain a bunch.

    BTW. I have been reading about vitamin B for diabetics. I am talking Benfotiamine. It is a man made type of B1 made in China in the 50s for pain of some kind. It happens they are finding it helps with pain of neuropathy but it also is proving to stop the destruction of diabetes in three different paths. So far they cant say it works because they haven’t proved it on humans but if it is true it will stop eye, kidney and nerve damage and maybe reverse some of it. I started taking it yesterday and will tune you all in if it makes any difference for me. We do have to find something that will stop those damages or we suffer later and till date there is no medicine for that.
    I can provide links if anyone wants them. Remember it is still in trial stages so take it with caution if you do and do lots of research. Would like to hear what DR Oz says about it.

  88. kayla says

    Judy & Summer-
    Where did you purchase the white kidney bean extract? I can’t seem to find it anywhere! :/ Thank you!

  89. Diana says

    i never saw the show. i take carb intercept and believe it has helped. my weight was 215 and was a size 18… now i am 169 and a size 8!! this was a combination of carb intercept, protien diet, reduced calories, and the meds from Internet Medical Clinics (b12 shot, Lipo shot, and phentermine). all of which i saw a doctor for and was monitored monthly. That is 46 lbs that none of the other diets and diet pills ever helped with. i have bought Glucomannan and almost all of the other diet aids out there with NO LUCK until IMC and Carb Intercept. I love my carbs and do go up some in weight when i don’t take the CI. I monitor every pound and watch everything I do but i love honey nut cherios and bread. just an FYI for anyone who wants to read it. I have been through my own trial and error for the last 11 years and just now have found this to help me push thru the brick wall of dieting. Good luck all!!!

  90. Possum Combes says

    Hi Sally 😉 So sorry to hear about your husband’s situation (on top of your struggles)Am thrilled reading the progress you guys are making…& your initial weight loss success (Well done!!)
    I have also enjoyed & the progress & info from others on here… I came onto check what others were saying about WKBE as I got offered some so am looking forward to getting started on it!!

  91. Lilia says

    where would i buy white bean extract from and if anyone could tell what brand works best…

    near me i have vitamin shoppe and GNC

  92. Julia says

    Lilia – I just purchased some at the Vitamin Shoppe today. It is under the name Phase2 but if you look at the bottle it states it is 500mg of White Kidney Bean Extract

  93. Sally says

    Thank you Possum combes,,, we are doing well right now, hubby’s treatments are done and he did amazingly well, the radiation techs were commenting right up to the last treatment on how well he was looking for someone doing what he was with chemo and radiation. things he should have felt in third week didnt happen and he avoided the feeding tube as well as expected ulsers from he radiation.

    Right now he is experiencing a few of the expected symptoms but mildly and as his treatments were done so he is healing at the same time. The Rad doctor thinks it is killed and should see the lymph nodes go down to nothing in the next few weeks. Then he needs to keep getting checked.

    We didnt tell them but we kept him on some stuff even tho they told us to take nothing, one of the saves was likely the Omega 3s I had him on, probably why his skin took 7 weeks of radiation with no ulsers and no burns. He feels great now, and that is what counts, thanks for all the kind words and support you have given, been a long 7 weeks!

    I lost the ability to get my phase 2, supplier ran out,,, took me a while to find some cos in Canada no one seems to sell it in health food stores. I quit losing any wieght and even put on a few pounds but not much, have found white been again and hopefully start losing again. Man that stuff is hard to find. I convinced a health food store to find it for me so they will in orders of 6 and i get to pick it up when they call, hey better then none at all :D.

    Will let you all know if I do start losing again, now that some other worries are less maybe I can get my stuff together and lose a few more, want to lose at least ten, plus the five or so I gained then stay stable, that would be good for me. Total 40 lbs then.
    Hope yer all doing good.

  94. Sally says

    MJJ, i think it is what caues a low carb diet, I think if your carbs are low already there might not be much point in taking the phaze 2 white bean cos that is what it is for, to make an enzime that converts carbs like white food products become useless and not do the converting which is what messes with diabetics. We cant have too much carb converting going on, it is IMO possibly worse then sugar itself.
    If I am going out to eat this phaze 2 really helps cos you dont know what they use in their cooking. Also if my own cooking includes carbs and sometimes it is hard to avoid them. I’d be careful if taking on a low carb diet cos as far as I know, yer brain needs a few plus your blood sugar could go too low if not watched, if you are diabetic you should check your blood if on any insulin or diabetic meds of any kind. I see some products warn against diabetics using it, that is surely because some might go into a sugar low (coma possibility) if they dont watch their blood reaction. So far has been good for me, I am balancing my metformin and the phaze 2.

  95. Mary says

    A friend mentioned that I could just make my own white bean powder. Can you just grind it or does it need to be cooked and dried first? Any thoughts?! Thanks

  96. says


    My name is Deanna Hurn. I would like to know how the White Kidney bean extract is working for everyone. Has anyone noticed weight loss or results in the last month or so since gaining this wonderful knowledge. Please email or let me know.

    Deanna Hurn
    Academic Strategist

  97. Sally says

    To Mary
    It is said that to get the right effects of the bean you’d have to eat about 7 bowls of beans to make up what’s in the white bean pills and powder to make it do what you want from it. If that was the case then 7 bowls of the powdered bean you’d make at home from the beans too. My understanding about extract is they boil or extract with water or alcohols or other stuff,,, the important part that is effective so we don’t have to eat all the rest cos if we did, we’d never be able to eat it all, let alone have lunch after.
    In most extracts only a small amount of the whole item is put into pill form or liquid so we can take what we need rather then trying to get results from the whole item, in something like this it is the only way to get the good stuff in our bodies. Look into it more but my bet is you couldn’t get enough of the good stuff (that targets this specific need) to be effective in the target approach from even one bowl, to what they put in three little pills or a pouch of powdered bean extract. Not to say the whole bean isn’t good for you,,,
    Read more on extracts too so you can understand what it means. There is cold pressing, which is better then some companies boiling the heck out of their stuff and much more info to help you decide what’s best when you buy,,,,

  98. Sally says

    Hi Deanna

    Yes, I lost 25 ish pounds on it, couldn’t find it for a while and am back on it. Lots happening in our lives so been a bit uncareful but I should start losing again, I do feel better.
    I am diabetic so I have to watch the sugar count carefully when using it, can cause a serious sugar low, coma and other complications if not careful.

  99. deseray says

    for those looking for white kidney bean extract, it is in a product called “carb intercept” by natrol. This company also sells supplements and vitamins.

  100. Bonnie Wilson says

    I am using CLA and along with a lot of vegetables and lean meat and my protein drinks two times a day i am seeing results im looking to see if adding rasberry ketones will help or hinder what i am doing so far. My problem is cost im a single mother and its so hard to make ends meet. the vitamins can be costly.

  101. says


    If you’re not eating many carbs, white kidney bean extract won’t help much. The one good study that compared its use with varying carbohydrate intakes shows it only helps in high(er) carb situations. Based on the diet you describe, I don’t think it would be worth the money, even at only $20/month.

    Raspberry ketones, although promising, don’t have a lot of support from human trials. They’re pretty cheap, so might be worth a shot, but if money is tight you can reach your goals without it. Maybe wait until your results slow or stop to add a supplement?

    Good luck!

  102. Pat says

    I just did some research on the white kidney bean extract and it’s funny he is recommending some thing that is really proven not to work…the point is that if it stops the absorbsion of starches from your food and they end up in your intestine, the sugar/starch will be bombarded with the bacteria from your gut where you will end up in a whole lot of pain and full of gas, because the bacteria is assulting the high sugar/starch content that was not absorbed because of the supplement…testing has show thats not the case, it was shown that there was no more starch content in the patience stool given the extract than those who did not take it…the extract did not stop the absobsion of starch or it would have been shown in higher concentrations in the stool sample and it wasn’t. So now I have to wonder about the rest of the show as well! I need to do more research before I take anyones word on anything any more because Dr. Oz is starting to sound more and more like an info-mercial, selling snake oil.

  103. Patricia Mazzei says

    is there a difference between taking a pill of White kidney bean extract or a liquid suplement?
    Dr. Oz had a tsp of it in the smoothie, so that would have to be liquid. Correct?

  104. Terry says

    Jack – I’ve been using a brand called Futurebiotics. It is an extract (which was recommended), is in a vegetarian capsule (which I like), and can be opened up and the powder sprinkled on food or into a smoothie. Down 10 pounds in 3 weeks but I’m careful about what I’m eating and increasing my activity which Dr. Oz always suggests. Some health food stores have it but I got it straight from the company’s website at first because it hadn’t made it into stores yet.

  105. Sally says

    I am still using it, capsules and powder,,, capsules Do double as a pill or powder as Terry said,, look for “phase 2” thats important so I keep hearing, some other brands have fat blockers in them two and so the bean extract is a very small amount per each pill,,, having said that maybe some want the fat blocker ones as well… Dont know much about that stuff, but phase 2 is about the processing I do believe.
    I havent gained any of my wieght back yet.

  106. Christine says

    I don’t know about weight loss but I am diabetic and usually follow a very strict diet. But when I occasionally cheat and have more carbs than I should, the carb intercept phase 2 really works for me. If I eat carbs without the carb intercept it shows in my elevated blood glucose reading but the opposite is true when I eat carbs after taking carb intercept. I’ve tested this several times to eliminate the possibility of coincidence and it really seems to work.

  107. Shannon says

    I agree that i am now very leery of Dr. Oz because lately it seems that all he is doing is selling products….he used to teach us things and show body parts when he’d put his purple gloves on. Now it just seems to be about weight loss and pushing products. I’m really turned off by that….and not even sure if the white kidney bean extract would even work!

  108. Judy says

    Shannon…and anyone else “leery of Dr. Oz” or what he is doing…
    IF he is “pushing products”…he is simply trying to HELP US!
    WE are the ones who watch his show…to get knowledge and help
    ourselves and our health!…He knows who ihe is talking to!…
    And…IF you are “not even sure” the white kidney bean extract WORKS…READ THE ABOVE!

  109. Paige says

    I saw Dr. Oz talked about this white kidney bean extract. I am somewhat confused about smoothies recipe that he mentioned on his website. It said white kidney bean extract one tsp?? I do not understand what is 1 tsp does means equal one pill in smoothie drink? I am somewhat lost about that… Anybody would happy to explain to me if there is a way to find a white kidney bean extract 1 tsp liquid??

  110. says

    iam taking keytone pills now,and i want to know if i can take the whitekidney bean extract at the same time with each meals as the keytone please let me know if i can do that. thank u lena.

  111. Bobbie says

    My husband has been taking white kidney bean extract and Artichoke leaf extract for one week. he is an insulin dependent diabetic. He has lost 6 pounds and his blood sugar has dropped about 50 points. I am thrilled with these products.

  112. Ada says

    I have a 6 yr old son with a brain tumor that is affecting his weight sleep and much more. He is very obese for his age and no matter how hard I try to keep him on a strict diet and exercise program nothing works due to the tumor he gains at least 2 lbs a week would the white bean extract be safe for him to take and do you think it will help.

  113. Sally says

    I dont know Ada,,, being he has a brain tumor is a whole different story. The white been is more for blood sugar issues in my mind,,, to help a diabetic even tho its not suggested it works with proper monitoring,,, having said that, if yer son is not diabetic I wouldnt be putting him on it with other health issues,,, the brain needs some carbs and I am not sure how that works with a tumor,,, ask his doctor and a dietition who is trained for tumors and the needs.
    He is likely on lots of treatments and I wouldnt want to mess with that…
    A nutritionist would know more if he needs carbs or not with his condition. Sorry you and he are going through this,,, sad for you both,,, There are lots of sites that may help with his condition too, all I can say is lots of nutrition for him.

  114. Sally says

    To Paige
    1 tsp,,, is likely of powder,,, you can get it in pills, single packs and a bottle of powder as well and he probably means 1tsp of the powder,,, I think even the single shake packs are nearly about a tsp size,,, might even be that the powder In the bottle has a little filler in it for ease of measuring,,, I havent heard of it being sold in a liquid yet,,, not sure where this thought is coming from,,, anyone else know?

  115. Sally says

    For everyone,,, being diebetic means having a high blood sugar,,, in most cases and diabetics are trying to lower those spikes from white products like bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and sometimes because even if we dont intentionally eat those things the white stuff is hidden in stuff we think is good for us.
    A spike from this stuff can do us harm while we dont even feel it happening so we can take this bean stuff to help lower the spikes in blood count.
    If you are not diabetic and you take this my thinking is you could do damage while you dont know it,,, lets say it lowers my count when I could read a 14 we all should be a 5ish to nearly 7,,, so if you are of the normal numbers and it lowers your count, under 5 or more seriously, lower then that like a 2 or 3 You could have trouble if that happened.
    Low blood count is immediately more serious then a high spike. High spikes do us damage in the long run,,, if we spiked low, or you did, we could go into a coma,,, be careful what you do with this stuff and any other blood sugar lowering product,,, monitor if using this kind of thing.

  116. Paige says

    Hi Sally?
    Powder?? Where I can find those? I prefer powder more than pills because of smoothie drink. So, do you know where it is at for sure cuz I looked all over and I only see pills. 🙁

  117. Tara says

    All of this seems really interesting but my problem is that I live in Germany where you think it
    Might be easier to get but alas is not:-( am an insulin dependent diabetic with high a1c so
    I would love to try it. Any suggestions?

  118. Sally says

    To Paige,,, many sites offer pills, powder, and singles. I got the powder from Low Carb Canada.

    To Tara,,, get a family member to order it and send it to you,,, it could be harder to get because some governments rule over whats allowed in. I cant get some stuff that is sold in the States,,,
    I am not sure what Germany allows or blocks out but this might be one of those things.

  119. Amanda says

    I bought my white kidney bean extract (capsules) from drugstore.com. Also taking raspberry ketones, a multivitamin, B-12, and L-carntine. A guest of Dr. Oz also mentioned “tapering down the carbs” so that you eat the bulk of them for breakfast, fewer carbs at lunch, and the least amount of carbs at dinner (basically you increase the protein and fiber with each meal and lessen the carbs). I’ve lost three pounds in 3 weeks, have noticed more energy, and I don’t feel as hungry (probably because I’m eating more carbs at the beginning of the day!). I do step aerobics 2x a week and have been trying to watch my calories, too, but I’m not anal about counting them. If nothing else, taking all these supplements with (or right before) each meal makes me more conscious of the food I’m eating, my weight, and the effort I need to put in to lose it. LOL So it could just all be psychological!

    Good luck with everyone’s weight loss journey. I treat it like a 12-step program: one day at a time, and each day I do what I need to do gets me one day closer to my goal. Each day I screw up, that’s one day longer until I hit my goal. That mentality helps with the guilt if I do screw up, so I don’t beat myself up too much!

  120. tiffany Williams says

    i follow the format of the 17 day diet and elminate my carbs(because i have pcos) if i eat any carbs its brown rice or a potatoe. most of the time the only carbs i consume are in my protien shake and in furit … can i take this white bean stuff before a carb like those?? or if that pill not ok because i dont eat enough carbs…..(ps im not losing weight)

  121. vrose says

    Dr Oz isn’t pushing a product! he doesn’t mention any product names
    he is talking about helpful healthy foods that can also help with
    weight management. Phase 2 white kidney bean extract has been
    FDA approved for weight management.

  122. Christine says

    I have been using phase 2 (carb blocker) and chitosan(a fat blocker) and following a lower carb life style to combat the symptoms of dercums disease and other health issues. Sometimes I just want a huge salad with extra dressing to go along with my dry chicken,or I want broccoli with melted cheddar, or I don’t feel like removing the skin from the chicken or cutting the fat from a steak…or I want a bowl of “lower” carb cereal(usually 10-15 NET carbs) which I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk on(1 carb per cup)…it’s times like these that I find both the products very useful. I have lost a little over 100 lbs doing this and I KNOW I still over eat daily but until I can get a better handle on my food issues I appreciate having these 2 totally safe products to help me get rid of this weight.

  123. Judy says

    Wow, Christine!!…Your results are GREAT!!…
    Can I ask you how long did it take you to lose 100 pounds using these two products?
    Also…any other tips for doing this your way are WELCOME!!
    Thanks!! 🙂

  124. says

    Hi Judy, This has taken me a lot longer than I would have liked but it is healthier I guess….I started in September of 2010 and at that point I could barely walk and was pretty much house bound so the first few months I was doing the lower carb, chitosan and phase 2 I was VERY inactive and still lost weight. I do have dercum disease(which causes extreme obesity as one of it’s symptoms) but I know I also have a food addiction of some sort and have been working on that all throughout this time. I also find this way of life helps with arthritis pain a lot, from what a Dr. told me sugar ultimately causes more inflammation so by lessening it I have less inflammation and less pain…just another benefit I am grateful for.

  125. Judy says

    That is awesome, Christine!…I hope you are proud of yourself!…And yes, I do think you are right…losing over time probably is healthier…and you are far more likely to keep it off too!! 🙂

    Are you a diabetic (I am!)…It is extremely tough to BE a diabetic and lose weight (I don’t really understand that one)…But I am going to take your advice and take the white kidney bean extract AND get some chitosan also. (I never heard of that product until you mentioned it…Thanks!!) 🙂

    Thank you so much for your story…VERY inspiring.

    On these two products, did you take them both before each meal?

    Thank you again !!

  126. bobby says

    i saw dr oz with his shake for lunch. i bought the white bean extract in capsule form under “phase 2” label and being a diabetic i saw immediate results. i took a capsule b4 lunch and my b/s was 71 my usual is between 150-200 and same with dinner. i bought it at Vitamin Shop and the main purpose of the capsule is to block the carbs and eliminates it (makes you have a bowel movement). so far so good.
    would like to know if anyone knows if it comes in a powder form.

  127. janae says

    guys can you help am 20 and am over weight i weigh 200 ps i need help can you guys tell me what exactly to buy and where can i buy it?

  128. Patti says

    I have low blood sugar/hypoglycemia. I thought the white bean extract would help with belly fat. Did I misunderstand Dr Oz?

  129. Sally says

    Hey Patty, read back cos there is lots of info on this stuff to help you judge better but in my mind it could be dangerous for you being a low blood sugar type. You need carbs IMO, what you need is to remove the foods with fats in them rather then carbs. They are two totally different things affecting us all, having said that we need to remove foods with fats too but carbs can be our worst enemy over the two. Carbs are like a type of sugar,,, white bread has fats and carbs,,, Carbs,,,the useless bit left behind when they remove all the power house bits of the grains and leave us the white bleached garbage to make their bread, think of white rice as the same,,, the body translates these white bits into a form of sugar and when it has to do that too much insulin is called out and trouble happens, those extra insulin bits attack our cells and over time we get damages we dont really feel as it happens but the body begins to deteriorate. Yes, later a diabetic needs insulin cos the body cant produce it then, as is with people who are even born with Diabetes one,,, they already cant produce it. Complicated I know.
    In your case, having no carbs can put you at a super low and make you sick enough to go into a coma. Very dangerous as it would be for us should we not monitor that we dont go too low either.
    Thats my best way of explaining it in my own terms and maybe someone else can do better but my point is you shouldnt go with this being you are in an opposite situation we are.

  130. Sally says

    Also for those asking about powder form,,, read back, there are links given for powders, pills and even single powder packets. Mind you your pills are powder form, in most measures, three of your pills are equivelent to a packet used on a dish with carbs not desired in a meal for a diabetic as far as I know. You can crack them to sprinkle but IMO the pills are easier to take cos the powder can allter the taste and even make a gummy mess in your mouth if not sprinkled evenly enough to avoid that, best added and blended in a shake but those pills can be used there too for now, just crack what you are needing, I’d say a shake might only need one pill, unless you are eating a meal too and there are carbs in it.
    There are several sites on the web offering the powder in bottles, packets and pills. Most that offer one kind will offer all. I have them in all forms.
    Best to make sure it is phase 2, and watch, some are more for other diet needs which means there is phase two but only a small portion of the pill is because they have lots of other stuff in them so it might not do what you are totally expecting.

  131. Sally says

    Having said all of that! I am no doctor so read all you can and make sure you take measures to keep yourself safe. What I say is from what I have learned only and is not advise of any kind, just what works for me and what I have studied for myself.

  132. Patti says

    Thanks so much. After reading the different posts, I knew the white bean extract wasn’t for me. Will cut out the white rice and switch to brown. Every little step in the right direction helps!

  133. Sally says

    White bread and pasta too if you are able,,, those others can cost more which is odd since they have to do less to them but thats life, they discover we get healthier on whats real and easier to make and they charge more. Health is costly.
    For you its not about cutting the carbs but just eating a little healthier and maybe an exercise routine if you are able.

  134. DachsieLady says

    I found this pill at SwansonsVitamins.com

    Phase 2 Carb Controller White Kidney Bean Extract
    Overall Rating:
    4.8 out of 5 . Rating Snapshot (6 reviews)5 stars54 stars13 stars02 stars01 star0
    Quality: 4.8 out of 5 .Value: 4.7 out of 5 .Effectiveness: 4.7 out of 5 .Convenience: 4.8 out of 5 .Satisfaction: 4.8 out of 5 .
    6 of 6(100%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    6 Reviews Write a Review Sale Price
    $13.79 Regular
    $17.99 Item #: SWD065
    Availability: In Stock
    500 mg 180 Caps
    Caps size = O*, Pill Size Guide

    Add To OrderQuantity:

    Add to Favorites Phase 2 Carb Controller for weight management

    Derived from white kidney bean extract

    180 capsules

    Looks like best price, but still would search iherb.com and do a google search for “buy white kidney bean extract” product. You may get a Nextag price comparison listing of products from various sites. Usually iherb and Swanson’s are the lowest price. Often you can search for coupons and promo codes for these companies too.

    I saw one site had a “liquid soft gel” white kidney bean extract product but can’t remember where now, but that seems to indicate it is available as a liquid. You could probably punch pin whole and squeeze the liquid into a smoothie or whatever food if you want. Swanson also now has the powder in a small cannister on sale two for one, but you have to be careful with powders because they may not blend in or disolve properly.

    I would just try this one product alone for a while at first. As far as over the counter diet products, I have been there done that for all of them except the rasberry ketones and the newest ones. Chitosan caused me hives. It is a concentrated form of some form of sea life.

    This kidney bean extract only works on complex carbs like grains and pasta and such. It has an enzyme in it that prevents the ingested carbs from being converted into sugar that ends up as fat deposits on our bodies. This product would not do anything to bust straign non-complex carbs like sugars.

    I find going straight low carb diet best to lose weight but hard on my stomach / digestive issues and also just get plain old carb cravings sometimes when on that diet. What is neat about these pills that if you fall off the wagon on a very low carb diet, you can, if you are disciplined enough, just take the pills BEFORE you fall off the wagon and consume a high complex carb meal. You can just carry these pills around with you and use them when you need to. They are not something you have to take every day for a long period of time.

    None of what I have written applies to diabetics. That’s a whole different ball game and you have to be very careful about that.

  135. angelika says

    I’ve herad from my firend about your Metabolism Boosters. I found more info on your site. I read your article and decided to try White Kidney Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketone. I take the Raspberry Ketone with water the first thing in the morning. Also, I take White Kidney Bean Extract before breakfast and before lunch. Since, these two the biggest meal I have. Do you think it is okay to take both of them as I mentioned? Thank you very much, Angelika

  136. gypsey says

    at iherb.com i found .. Irwin Naturals, 3-In-1 Carb Blocker, White Bean Extract, Maximum Strength, 75 Liquid Soft-Gels..$13.57..alot of good reveiws on this product

  137. Ms K Stone says

    After last week’s show on fat busters, I am eating only beans – nothing else except coffee – 1 cup 3 times per day – to lose body weight. After one week of just beans 3 times a day – as he told his guest – I am at the same weight. Argh! Suggestions – what am I doing incorrectly? I am 54, 5 9″ and 155 lbs wanting to go to 138 lbs. Love the beans and how it curtails hunger! Losing the pounds would make my smile even bigger! Help! Thanks, love your show.

  138. Renee says

    This may seem like a silly question but does the white kidney bean extract give you gas?

  139. says


    That’s not a silly question at all. From a physiology standpoint, any time you block absorption of a macronutrient, some GI distress (gas, bloating, diarrhea, etc.) can be expected. I’ve had some people report gas and bloating with white kidney beans, but not nearly as much as reported from raspberry ketones. It seems to be somewhat individual – and I would guess it has to do with the amount and type of carbohydrates you eat while taking WKBE.

    Good luck!

  140. melinda says

    I’m taking the white kidney bean extract along with the raspberry ketones. I haven’t had any side effects at all.
    For those of you having a hard time finding these items. I bought a 200 capsule bottle from Vitamin shoppe for 30.00. Saw the 60 capsule bottle at GNC for 26.99…crazy. I got the Raspberry ketone which also has carnotine for 26.99 and it is 100 capsules, also at the Vitamin shoppe….GNC you can get both as well, just more expensive unless you have their gold card membership or a coupon. You can buy offline if the store is not near you.

  141. melinda says

    By the way i’m trying it because I eat a lot of carbs unfortunately. I”m a vegetarian who loves carbs way too much. We’ll see if it helps me lose weight. I work out on a regular basis through dance classes, but weight just doesn’t seem to leave my body at all, even when i go on a low carb, high protein (nuts/yogurt) diet.

  142. Terri says

    I know that Hy-Vee Food Stores carries most of the supplements that Dr. Oz recommends.
    You can check at Hy-Vee.com for a list of locations.

  143. LJ says

    As a fitness professional, I will add that you should becareful when buying any supplement. Read the label to ensure that nothing has been added. A lot of products that are sold at typical health food chain stores have added garbage to the actual ingredient that you really want. I buy all of my supplements from http://www.Nutrabio.com I have no affiliation with that company other than I purchase and use their products myself. They do not add anything to their products and they are freshly made.

  144. Evelyn says

    I have been exercising and dieting for most of my 50+ years. I still have trouble maintaining my weight. I exercise an average of 4 days a week and I try to watch what I eat. I am with Barbara on the a little help. I believe that food is here not only to keep us alive but to give us enjoyment. That $20 a month is a lot cheaper than hiring a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

  145. Liz says

    I live in Arizona. Could someone advise me on where to find the White Kidney Bean Extract Powder? I have been to High Health, GNC, Sprouts & Walgreens with no luck. I already found & bought the expensive whey powder that goes into the recipe unfortunately. If I remember corrently the only place I could find it was on Amazon & I’m a little nervous about ordering it online instead of a store.

  146. Sissy says


    Look up Carb blocker on amazon. A ton of it and a whole lot of reviews. People can say what they want about research but I tend to listen to those who try it. I have been up and down with the Atkins for a couple of years. I always loose weight and gain it back when I get to busy. I have 4 kids, work and my husband works and goes to school full time. I do not have time to prepare meals 24/7 so was looking up some other things and ran across this by mistake. They have a great price on amazon. 3 bottles of 60count for 33 bucks. Can’t wait to try it! I just want a little help. Good luck girl!

  147. says

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