Dr Oz: White Willow Bark & Arniflora Arnica Gel Pain Remedies

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Dr Oz: White Willow Bark & Arniflora Arnica Gel Pain Remedies

By on January 9, 2012

Dr Oz: 7 Pain Remedies

On today’s show (7 Days: 7 Solutions to Pain), Doctor Oz gave you 7 days to help get rid of your pain and to improve your health without prescription medications. 160 million people complain of constant pain. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 people will have back pain at some point in their lives. More than 20 percent will have reported pain to their doctor. On the Doctor Oz Show, he tackled your pain issues one layer at a time, from the muscles, to the nerves, to the skeletal system. By the end of the week, your pain will be gone! Dr Oz showed you how to fight fatigue, cut cellulite and even how to get rid of that chronic headache. Read on to find out how you can turn your health around in just 7 days.

Michelle, from the audience, joined Doctor Oz on stage. She told him that she had neck and back pain, which came from sitting all day long.

Dr Oz: Pain Power Pill

Day 1- Lower Back Pain- Your muscles work just like a ladder.

Dr Oz Pain Solutions

Dr Oz Pain Solutions

You can open and contract them with exercise, such as walking or jogging. Minerals prevent muscles from latching up and having a spasm. If you take away minerals, your body will not move properly. Without that ability to open, your muscles will spasm and cause pain.

Remedy: The Pain Power Pill- This is a combination of potassium, calcium and magnesium. The pill should contain 600 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium and 200 mg potassium. You can purchase this pill at any health food store or pharmacy.

Dr Oz: Posture Pillow for Neck Pain

Day 2-Neck Pain

3 P’s For Neck Issues:

-Purse- you want to carry approximately 3-5 lbs. Michelle’s purse weighed over 8 lbs. Dr Oz says a heavier purse tilts you over and causes an imbalance.

-Pressure- This is daily pressures in life. According to Dr Oz, we tend to hold tension in our necks.

-Posture- without proper posture, your spine pulls you over.

Remedy: Doctor Oz says the best time to deal with neck pain is at night when sleeping. The ideal pillow should have a center area. (Posture Pillow) Rest your head in the crease (center) area of the pillow. (Doctor Oz had Michelle demonstrate the proper way to sleep by having her hop in a bed on the stage.)

Dr Oz: White Willow Bark for Herniated Disc Pain

Day 3 – Nervous System

Carmen, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she had pain in her foot and leg, which also caused pain in her back.

Day 3- remedy for herniated discs. To demonstrate how this worked, Dr Oz used a glass cylinder to represent the nerves. Inside the cylinder were stacked jelly donuts with discs in between each jelly donut. Dr Oz pushed down on the donuts (and discs) and the red jelly (inflammation) oozed out.

Remedy: White Willow Bark- This works through the same pathways as aspirin. Take 4-6 ml 3Xs per day with a glass of water. Carmen tasted it and stated it was not bad.

Dr Oz: Tennis Ball Foot Massage

Day 4- Foot Pain

Carmen stated she had foot pain every day and in fact, had it at that very moment. Dr Oz stated that foot, or sciatic nerve pain, happened because of constant compression and the nerves being squeezed upon.

Remedy: Put a tennis ball in your pocket (or rest it on the side) and sit on the ball and lean over on it, rolling around. Roll on it for 10-15 seconds to relax the compressed muscles. Do it on both sides to balance out.

Dr Oz: Arniflora Arnica Gel for Joint Pain

Days 5 and 6 – Skeletal System

Dr Oz brought out Stephanie, and audience member, who told him that she had pain in her joints, more specifically in her feet, because she jogged a lot.

Doctor Oz had Stephanie put on the gloves and then uncovered a knee bone. Dr Oz says that joint pain happened when there was repetitive trauma on the joint from activities like running or walking. Dr Oz pulled apart the knee and showed a smooth area and then a rough area next to it. He had Stephanie run her finger over the rough area (where the trauma occurred) and describe it. Stephanie described it as “rough” and “coarse.”

Remedy For Joint Pain: Arniflora Arnica Gel- This is a homeopathic remedy for knee or joint pain. You can purchase it at drug stores.

Remedy For Foot Pain: Orthotics for foot pain. You can purchase ready-made ones at the drugstore or you can visit your podiatrist to have a foot cast made, specifically to fit your foot.

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  1. Have not been able to find the calcium, magnesium and potassium altogether with Dr. Oz’s prescribed dosage..any ideas

  2. How to cut foam cushion, to sit on to help your back. Where does the cut go? To the back or front? Thank You, June Rizzo

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