Dr Oz: Why Am I Cranky? Top 6 Reasons for Crankiness

Dr Oz: 6 Surprising Reasons You’re Cranky

Dr Oz did a show on Crankiness called the 6 Surprising Reasons You’re Cranky.  There are things you can do to alter how you feel when you have a bad temper and mood swings.  Research has shown that your diet, your brain’s chemistry and your environment can all impact how cranky you are.  People complained to Doctor Oz about everything from sweating the small stuff to being in an awful mood until having dinner.  So Dr Oz set out to help all of us understand just why we are so cranky.

Dr Oz: Progesterone Makes You Cranky

Dr Oz said that the first surprising reason for being cranky is the Female Hormones.  We all know that our estrogen levels fluctuate up and down, but Dr Oz Crankymoodiness can also be caused by changes in Progesterone.  Major drops in Progesterone can trigger Crankiness.  There are two main times when your Progesterone fluctuates dramatically.  One is right before menstruation, which is why some women become moody and cranky during PMS.  But there is another big drop in Progesterone during Menopause as well.  Doctor Oz said that you can help to counteract this by taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids, or by making sure to get enough in your diet.

Dr Oz: Caffeine Makes You Cranky

Doctor Oz said that the second surprising reason for being cranky is that you are getting too much caffeine.  You can have a little, but if you have too much caffeine then you can get addicted, anxious and will heighten your hormone problems.  Plus, too much caffeine can actually make you fatigued and worn out.  Dr Oz said to limit yourself to 200 mg of caffeine per day, which is around 2-3 cups of coffee at most.  And you also have to keep in mind that there could be caffeine in things like over-the-counter headache medications and soda.  Instead of drinking coffee, you might want to consider replacing it with green tea which has some caffeine but also has healthy phytochemicals.

Dr Oz: Hypoglycemia Makes You Cranky

Dr Oz said that the third surprising reason for being cranky is that you are not eating enough, and this causes Hypoglycemia which leads to Crankiness.  You also have a harder time concentrating when you don’t eat, and so you might not even realize that you are having an issue.  Low blood sugar slows down the brain and makes you feel worn out.  So you must get on a rigid eating cycle.  Doctor Oz said that when his wife gets mad at him,  the first thing he does is to go look for food.

Dr Oz: Melatonin Deficiency Makes You Cranky

Doctor Oz said that the fourth surprising reason for being cranky is your bedroom.  Animal studies have shown that if you do not dim the lights when it is time to sleep, then they get depressed and do not sleep well.  You need melatonin in order to not get depressed, and by having lights on or the TV on while you sleep, your body does not make enough Melatonin.  Create a lights out policy at home and sleep in a dark room.  If you have to have the TV on in order to fall asleep, then set a timer so that it will turn off after a certain amount of time.  And if you have a digital alarm clock, make it face away from you so that the bright lights do not face towards you.

Dr Oz: Junk Food Makes You Cranky

Dr Oz said that the fifth surprising reason for being cranky is that you eat too many sweets, fast food and junk food.  All of these foods make you feel happier momentarily, but then the end result is that you get even crankier.

Dr Oz: Thyroid Gland Makes You Cranky

Dr Oz’s final surprising reason for being cranky is your Thyroid Gland.  When you do not make enough Thyroid Hormone, then you feel cranky.  Doctor Oz said that all of these reasons work together to make you cranky, but the food that you put into your mouth really unites all of them.


  1. says

    Could you please tell me if the medication Humira that I am using for psoriasis is causing such severe leg cramping from the back of the knee down to my toes. It gets so bad I cant’ walk without holding onto something. I know there are many side effects to this Drug. Even during the day the backs of my legs are sore. Its not that I dont’ exercise, eat fairly healthy etc. Could you please answer my question, I just cant’ stand the pain I am in. Thank you so much.

  2. Mister Man says

    Realizing that everybody you know will die, and your existence will be but a fluttering of a piece of lint to the universe can make you cranky.

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