Dr Oz: Why Are You Always Cold? DIY Thyroid Tests At Home

Dr Oz spoke about a question that many women have – Why Am I Always Cold?  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-of-the-Day was a lady named Margaret who said that her hands and feet are always cold, until she has a hot flash.  Her husband (like a lot of other men, I suspect) says that it is not cold!

Dr Oz: Where Is Your Thyroid?

Dr Oz Thyroid TestDr Oz showed where your thyroid is located in the neck (it’s about an inch below your Adam’s Apple).  If you have no Thyroid Problems, you usually cannot even feel it.  However, if it grows and gets bigger, you can feel it and sometimes even see it.  Your thyroid can dramatically change how you feel temperatures in your environment.

Dr Oz: What Does the Thyroid Do?

Dr Oz said that the brain tells the Thyroid what to do by sending it a hormone, and the thyroid is supposed to send back a message via another hormone that says that it got the message and is producing a hormone.  However, if something is wrong with your thyroid and it does not send the message back, your brain keeps sending messages to your thyroid and your thyroid keeps making more and more hormone until it gets to the point where your thyroid cannot keep up (this is Hyperthyroidism).  Your thyroid grows larger to try to keep up with the amount of hormones that it is being told to make.

Dr Oz: Why Are My Hands & Feet Cold?

Dr Oz said that your hands and feet get cold for another reason, though.  If your body is exposed to cold temperatures, it becomes protective of your inner core to help protect your inner organs like your heart.  So your inner core stays warm but your body stops sending blood to your hands and feet because these can afford to be cold.

Dr Oz: Thyroid Self-Tests

How to Feel Your Thyroid:

1.  Figure out if your thyroid is enlarged.  You do this by having someone stand behind you and place two fingers about an inch below your Adams Apple.  When you swallow, the person should not feet the thyroid if there is no problem.  However, if they felt a nodule like a knuckle or something large, then you should see a doctor right away.

Thyroid Pencil Test:

2.  Hold a pencil vertically at the outside corner of your eye.  If you do not see any eyebrow hair on the side of the pencil closest to your ear, you could have a thyroid problem.  People with thyroid issues tend to lose the outer 1/3 of their eyebrows, for example.  Dr Oz said that, by the age of 50, people should have their Thyroid Levels checked in any case.  If you do have a thyroid problem, do not worry – Dr Oz said that it is a fairly simple treatment.


  1. Karen says

    Hi Dr. Oz I have a question, I’m a mom of 5, 37 years old who suffer from Hyperthyroidism since 9 yaers ago, Eventhough I’m still on treatment recently I start to feel shock with my own saliva and sometimes I have problem breathing. Do you think I’m devbeloping Thyroid Cancer. I read these are two signs of cancer, What kind of test I should ask my Dr. to determine if I’m suffering cancer? Thanks so much

    Karen, Canada

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