Dr Oz: Why Do Feet Swell & Grow During Pregnancy? Relaxin Hormone


Dr Oz did a segment called Ask Dr Oz: Why Does My Body Do That?  Doctor Oz answered all kinds of sensitive and even awkward questions about our bodies from Why Do My Feet Tingle After Exercise to Why Do We Sneeze to Why Do I Pee At Night to Why Does Pregnancy Make Your Feet Grow? Dr Oz Why Do Feet Swell During Pregnancy

Dr Oz: Why Do Feet Grow During Pregnancy?

Dr Oz’s next question came from The Bump, which is a great online resource for expectant women and first time moms.  The lady wrote to Dr Oz and asked why her ankles and feet were so swollen during pregnancy, and now her son is already 8 months old but her feet are still much larger.

Dr Oz: Relaxin Hormone

Dr Oz said that during pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called the Relaxin Hormone.  If you look at the anatomy of a foot, you will see that the bones in your foot are help together by ligaments and tendons.  The Relaxin Hormone releases the ligaments and cause your feet to swell and change size.  Dr Oz said that sometimes your feet will go back to their normal size after pregnancy, but other times they will stay stretched out and bigger.  The good news is that Dr Oz said it is not a serious condition if your feet do not go back to their original size from before you got pregnant.

Dr Oz: How to Avoid Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Dr Oz gave a couple of tips for keeping your feet from stretching out and getting swollen while you are pregnant:


  1. AVIS says

    why do feet grow in woman after a certain age. I am over 40 I went from a 71/2 shoe to an 8 and it feels like my foot is still growing. How do I make it stop??

  2. says

    I am not a doctor, so I cannot give you a medical explanation – but as far as I know, there is nothing we can do to make our feet stop growing 🙁 … don’t worry though, I think I read somewhere that size 8 1/2 is the most popular size in womens shoes.

  3. perrus says

    I went from a 7 to an 8 in my 30’s. That wasn’t a big of a deal, but now I am 36 years old, pregnant for the first time and I am terrified that my feet will grow since I have a great shoe collection, including 12 designer new pairs I bought in Italy before I realized I was pregnant.
    I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the size, even if i have to stay in bed for the 9 months!!!

  4. MarksMom says

    At 32, I was wearing a size 8 – 8 1/2 and just had my first child. Now, seven years later my feet are still growing and I wear a size 10. Just this morning I put on my size 9 shoe that I bought last winter and they are too small and tight! Back in high school I always wanted to wear a size 10, but I don’t have any that size…..now I have to go buy more shoes!!

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