Dr Oz: Why Do My Feet Tingle After Exercise? Bodies Exhibition

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Dr Oz: Why Do My Feet Tingle After Exercise? Bodies Exhibition

By on December 3, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called Ask Dr Oz: Why Does My Body Do That?  Doctor Oz answered all kinds of sensitive and even awkward questions about our bodies from Why Do My Feet Tingle After Exercise to Why Do We Sneeze to Why Do I Pee At Night to Why Does Pregnancy Make Your Feet Grow? Dr Oz Exercise Makes Feet Tingle

Dr Oz: Why Does My Body Do That?

Dr Oz was asked so many questions by a lady named Judy that he sent her to Bodies: The Exhibition in South Street Seaport to look for some answers.  Judy asked all kinds of questions like the following:

– When you bite into something sour, do you get a shooting pain in your jaw?

– Do you get bad gas after you workout?

– If you sleep with your mouth open, do your teeth get discolored?

– Do you get constipated when you travel?

– Why does my eye twitch when I go to sleep at night?

– In the morning when you put your foot down on the floor, do you have a shooting pain that goes through your foot?

Unfortunately, we did not get answers to any of the above questions from Dr Oz, but he did answer an important question about what makes the bottom of your feet tingle after exercise.

Dr Oz: Why Do My Feet Tingle After I Exercise?

Dr Oz said that if your sneakers are too tight, then it can become uncomfortable because your feet swell during exercise since gravity drives blood to your feet.  You have tendons on the top of your foot and nerves on the bottom of your foot, which help you to detect if you step on something dangerous (like the time that I stepped on a nail on the streets of NYC and the nail went through the sole of flip flop and into the bottom of my foot – ouch!).  However, these same nerves can cause tingling in your feet after you exercise.  Dr Oz said that from the age of 40 and on, your body changes a lot.  For example, your shoe size increases half a size every decade and puts extra tension on the nerves in your foot.  Dr Oz said that your feet tend to increase in size at the end of the day too, which is why you should buy shoes in the evening because your feet will be at its biggest point.  Dr Oz measured Judy’s foot and she was a a size 12 shoe, which was no surprise really because she was very tall – she made Dr Oz look short!  Also, Dr Oz pointed out that you should check the size of both feet because sometimes they are different sizes.

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