Dr Oz: Why Do Women Bruise More Often As They Get Older?


Dr Oz: Mysterious Bruises on Women

Dr Oz did a segment to answer the question: why do women get bruises more frequently as they get older?  And what can you do to prevent this mysterious bruising?  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day was Janet from seat 139 who said that she tends to get bruises a lot that last a week or so.  Dr Oz said that there are certain risk factors that make some people more prone to getting bruises.

Dr Oz: What Is A Bruise?

Dr Oz said that when you get a bruise, this is generally what happens.  Something bumps into you that causes your blood vessels inside of yourDr Oz Bruises skin to crack and blood oozes out.  As the red blood loses oxygen, it turns blue, which is why your bruise turns a blue-ish color.  Then the blood cells are digested and form a type of bile, which is green-ish in color (hence why your bruise turns green).

Dr Oz: Why Do Older Women Bruise Easily?

Dr Oz said that women get bruises more frequently as they get older for many reasons, including the following:

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