Dr Oz: Why Do You Sneeze? What Makes You Sneeze?

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Dr Oz: Why Do You Sneeze? What Makes You Sneeze?

By on December 3, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called Ask Dr Oz: Why Does My Body Do That?  Doctor Oz answered all kinds of sensitive and even awkward questions about our bodies from Why Do My Feet Tingle After Exercise to Why Do We Sneeze to Why Do I Pee At Night to Why Does Pregnancy Make Your Feet Grow? Dr Oz: Why Light Makes You Sneeze

Dr Oz: Why Do I Sneeze After Exercise?

Dr Oz was asked by a lady in his audience about her Excessive Sneezing problem.  She said that whenever she has vigorous exercise, she always sneezes a lot.  Dr Oz said that sneezing is a natural reflex that happens when you irritate the lining of your nose.

Dr Oz showed an animation to explain what makes us sneeze.  As you inhale particles, there is a nerve that feeds impulses to your brain stem, which in turn sends a message to your diaphragm which causes you to sneeze all of a sudden.  When you sneeze, it travels at around 100 miles per hour and Dr Oz said that there really is not much you can do to prevent sneezing.

People will sneeze when they exercise sometimes because you hyperventilate when you work out, which can irritate the sensitive mechanism and turns on your diaphragm – causing you to sneeze.

Dr Oz: Light Makes You Sneeze

Dr Oz also said that some people will sneeze when they are exposed to light.  If this happens to you, please leave a comment below and share what triggers you to sneeze!

Dr Oz: Full Stomach Makes You Sneeze

Dr Oz said that some people will sneeze when they have a full stomach too.  Here is a link to another Dr Oz Show Recap where he spoke about this condition that causes some people to sneeze when they get full: Stomach Sneeze Reflex

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Comments to Dr Oz: Why Do You Sneeze? What Makes You Sneeze?

  1. i always know when i’m full because i always sneeze 3 times why is this.?

  2. Jessica M**** says:

    I sneeze all the time about 10 minutes after my workouts. Then when I finally calm down after my shower, I go outside in the light and start sneezing all over again. I just tell people to stop saying “Bless You” or else they would be saying it all day.

  3. any one else with this ?

  4. When I eat a big meal, I will sneeze atleast 12 times over a time frame of about 10minutes. Me an my friends always thought I was allergic to something I eat.

  5. I sneeze when I close my eyes at night. I try to fall asleep, maybe a minute after closing my eyes, I sneeze and that’s it. I sneeze and fall asleep. Every single night, it has never stoped. It’s been so long, I can’t even tell you when it stared. But why when I close my eyes at night? Shouldn’t it be when my eyes are exposed to light?

  6. I sneeze intensely after mountain bike riding. It comes on so strong that I walk around with a box of tissues for days afterward. Even out to dinner I sometimes must ask for a garbage bag or something to throw my gross tissues into. Its gross and embarrassing, and people always think I’m sick. I’m sick alright. Sick of sneezing…

  7. I sneeze after going outside after being inside (I call them sun sneezes), anytime I look into light, and after taking nyquil. I also started to sneeze when I finished eating and now I started to sneeze after I drink anything. It is several sneezes in a row.

  8. I sneeze when exposed to bright light. I also sneeze when I take Nyquil and when I eat dark chocolate bars.

  9. The Sun Makes Me Sneeze. Sometimes I Just Can’t Stop (Its Scary When I’m Driving). Other Things That Make Me sneeze Dark Chocolate, Mints, Nyquil And Sometimes Coffee. The Worst Thing That Makes Me Sneeze Is When I food or water go down wrong tube And I Choke A Little, Right After Or while I’m Coughing I Sneeze. Not A Good Combination (Needing To Cough And Sneeze At The Same Time).

  10. i sneeze every day multi times between 10-15 1 hour before or after 3pm very strange been this way for 30 years

  11. The Sun Makes Me Sneeze and so does NyQuil

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