Dr Oz: Why You Love or Hate Foods – Supertasters, Non-Tasters & Average


Doctor Oz did a segment on why people love or hate certain foods. Gary Vaynerchuk, an expert on the mystery of taste, joined Dr Oz. The first type of food that they tested was a bowl of mashed turnips. Some people strongly hate turnips, because the bitterness really bothers them. These people are called super-tasters. There are also non-tasters, who tend to like mashed turnips because they do not taste the bitterness. And there are average tasters, who are basically ambivalent. Supertaster strips can be used to test if you are a super-taster, average taster or non-taster. If you are a supertaster, you should try sauteing your vegetables to take out the bitterness. Supertasters

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