Dr Oz: Chronic Pain Disease: Why Your Doctor Thinks You’re Crazy!


Dr Oz:  Is Chronic Pain a Disease?   

According to Dr. Oz, there are 160 million people that suffer from chronic pain.  Doctor Oz says that far too often doctors do not take
patients’ complaints about their pain seriously enough.  However, recent studies have classified chronic pain as a disease, and as such, people should not be treated as if they are making up their illness.


  1. Nicole Geyer says

    When I saw this episode on chronic pain I had tears in my eyes. There are so many people living with this pain and doctors are very uncaring. Ive been dealing with pain throughout my body for about a year and a half. To where I can not work or do everyday things. Im only 40. I worry what is going to happen to me. Going to be in a nursing home at 45 or 50? They really dont know why Im having this issue. Ive tried everything. Of course the mental issue has been suggested. I am seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. I take many supplements. Probiotics, Vit D, Multi, and many others. Ive seen a Chiropractor, Massage therapist, many different doctors.Been on many different prescriptions. People just keep passing me off. I finally am seeing a pain doctor. Tried different things. Now Im going to be on a seizure med. He thinks it will help with the pain. I do have seizures. Occasionally. Ive got many food allergies too. Anyway, the show touched me. I felt like maybe people will believe me now. I just kept saying, wow that is me. Thank u.

  2. says

    please notify me when this episode will be rerun. Or can I buy a copy? I am 79 and have been trying to find a pain management doctor. Have seen two who were terrible I do not want to spend the rest of my life in pain..

  3. says

    Thank you so much for this program on pain. You don’t know how crazy some doctors make you feel and that makes you feel even worse then before you seen them. keep up the good work informing and enlighting us. Love your show.

  4. says

    I have been diagnose with Fibromyalgia and also buldging disc in my back…Every time you go to a dr.they give pain meds..That’s not treating the cause…I have beem told that I have so much going on with me that it’s hard to diagnose the problem…They never do lab work ??
    I’m 56 yrs. old and cannot exercise at all….I do light house work….I also see a gastrologist for constipation and all ge does is give me meds for a person that has diahreer….

  5. says

    After 28 years in medicine, I have a new view of what and how to treat pain issues. I use, in the office very old low-tech procedures called trigger point injections, C. Chan Gunn IMS/Intramuscular Stimulation and acupuncture/Acupuncture. These procedure are designed to reverse the triggers of pain and possibly cure the causes of the pain. No doubting or blaming the patients, no narcotics, no MRIs, no Surgeons and no more misery. In 2011, I would consider treating pain with a pill to be sub-standard and poor medicine. Dr Rod. Dallas, TX

  6. Floss says

    I had chronic pain for about a year and stumbled upon a book (and a doctor) that changed my life! I am now pain free and have been for about 3 years. Try reading any of John Sarno’s books. They can be found on amazon.com. His books are definitely worth the read!

  7. says

    I wanna share my experience with all of you , maybe it could help you. I had headack and stomach pain all the time. I weak up in the morning with bad headack, i though may be i have cancer. i went to so many dr. non of them could help me. i suffer so much.. i did so many test , ex-ray, endoscopy and …. After years i find out by myself some pill that i am taking every day cause of headack and stomach is . so please try stop any medication that you are taking now at lest for few days so you will see how you fell. Doctor job is not about helping people now,it is just about making money and it is not right. doctor should be really care about there patient.

  8. says

    I would like to share my 12 year old boy’s ongoing experience on this mysterious chronic pain that has been going since last March 2011. After having to take a corticosteroid, an antibiotic, antacid, and Benedryl for a chronic cough that lasted six months was finally diagnosed as having acid reflux and a bacterial and fungal infection in his throat and sinuses.Within a week of taking these medications ended up getting a bacterial infection called C.Diff. Before all these medications My son was walking going to school doing everything a boy his age does(other than this chronic cough). In March he was hospitalized because of this infection and having extreme pain in his stomach area. We were sent home with yet another antibiotic, anti nausea, and an antacids. He was supposed to be getting better. The pain he was feeling was excruciating. after 2 weeks was hospitalized and put on an N.G. tube. He’s had so many tests all have come back within the norm. He was unable to walk or taste. They started to treat him for psychiatric disorders in which all he did was sleep. My husband and I were only allowed to see him for 2 hours everyday and not be with him while he ate, in case we were giving him anxiety to eat. This went on for 4 weeks until the hospital decided there was nothing else they could do for him.He then had to go to an Eating Disorder Center to live for yet another month in which was still medicated on antidepressants, anti anxiety,antacids. We were only allowed to see him in counseling sessions at the center for 1hour and for 2 hours on Sunday. He was 30 miles away and we couldn’t talk to him on the phone only on Tuesday night for 20minutes. He still was unable to walk but could crawl, his cough went away, he did finally eat with no taste buds however still was not able to really walk and was still in chronic pain from his waist down. We were finally able to get him out after he was able to eat by himself. He’s been home since June, he eats and can taste his food. He is still in chronic pain and is STILL unable to walk. My pediatrician’s office has made me feel like it’s all in his head. We’ve been to counseling and tried the meds.This child has seen so many things that an 11 year old should not see and hear. I’ve been trying more holistic approaches with a holistic Doctor and we are now starting accupuncture. I am enlightened to hear of this C. Chan Gunn IMS/Intramuscular stimulation into the trigger points of his pain. My child needs help he can’t walk. We are desperate.

  9. J Chandra says

    I am a Physiatrist who treats chronic pain. I have gotten into the habit of checking patients with unusual symptoms along with pain for Lyme Disease. And more often than not something shows up positive in the bloodwork when we had been thinking “it is just fibromyalgia”. The problem is that Lyme disease is a very controversial subject/diagnosis(I am talking chronic Lyme). It is very hard to diagnose or find someone who will treat this. Still when I read about your son, I can’t help thinking Lyme.

  10. says

    Thank you so much for the advice on testing for Lyme’s disease. I’ve been telling this to his pediatrician that I want this test done. We do have an appointment soon to see a rhuematologist in which will be one of the things I would like to discuss with them.Thank you again J Chandra.

  11. says

    This article was so dead-on it gave me hope again that maybe some healthcare professionals might decide to train his staff to treat everyone with dignaty and respect and assume if we say we are in pain – then by default they believe us rather than immediately determining that those of us with chronic pain are just drug seekers.

    I “fired” my orthopaedic surgeon of about 12 years becuase his nurse finally SAID what she was really THINKING. I got a “Now (my name) we all know you have issues with pain medicine and we aren’t going to give in to your addiction”. I was stunned and just cried.

    Fast forward 6 months with my new orthopaidie surgeon who ordered a new round of tests and when he got back one of them the local hospital included a report from the same test done in 2009.

    In 2009 I “only” had two complete L1 and L2 fractures in my back. (While my “fired doctor” ordered the test, had my insurance pay for it, and used me as a cash cow in order to feed his new “surgery center” to provide me with nerve blocks – – OOPS, he forgot to read or look at the test he had ordered. Fast forward to 2011 re-test, I now have four complete lumbar factures, on top of a fracture in my neck.

    I can still feel the sting of hearing my doctors’ nurse telling me I’m just a drug addict and I needed “help”. Since I was already seeing a psychiatrist, she suggested I finally admit what “wes arready knew – – I was a drug addict that needed drug rehab.

    From complete humiliation, I could not face that doctor or nurse again.

    In comes the new doctor, who then presented the milogram to a “board” of ortho surgeons to determine the order in which my surgeries would be performed – – all agreed my back first, then my neck. But every one of them told my doctor that they hardly believed I had been working this entire time. (If you don’t work, you won’t have insurance to even pursue the issue, or be able to eat, or to continue to live in a building rather than under a bridge.

    My fracutures are so bad in my back that its scheduled as an emergency procdure this week.

    I want SO bad to go back to the first doctor and demand an explaination and an apology – with his entire staff standing there. Since its obvious to me that I was disucssed around the office due to my “addiction”.

    Had he been compentent and applied the standard of care he is expected to exercise – I woudln’t be facing a total lumbar fusion with the S1 and not missed so much work and the chance at promotions due to the severity and frequency of my migraines. (New doctor said probably 70% of my “migraines” are due to the neck issue.

    While I thought this doctor was a god-send, I’ve still had to wrestle with his staff to get minimal pain relief while waiting for an opening for surgery.

    Every doctor needs to realize that they don’t know everything and know by treating everyone like an addict, they are leaving many of us to live with debilitating pain and a poor qualify of life and even are CAUSING us to be depressed because we are in pain all the time and when you finally say ENOUGH is ENOUGH – – their staff is sheilding him from having to “deal” with his patients and give the nursing staff free reign to treat people with pain like a street junkie living under a bridge.

    My only hope in spending time to post a comment is that maybe ONE person will be helped by a doctor recognizing themselves in this post and chaging the way they treat their patients that tell them they are in pain. Better to take care of that paitent with dignity and respect and provide the standard of care they took an oath to uphold.

    While there are plenty of drug seekers, why not err on the side of caution so that people can get the help they need, and for all doctors to work with their patient until they find the cause of their pain or refer them to someone that can.

  12. says

    @ Kris and all others. I see many patients with failed back surgeries and in my opinion they all never needed to have such dangerous procedures. The missing point in all chronic pain issues is the massive most venerable structures in the body and that is muscles, tissues, fascia, ligaments and bursa. Myofascial tissues wreak havoc in chronic pain cases. I’m positive that all of your doctors see you like they have X-Ray vision as a skeleton and look past the muscle tissues to something fixable in the skeleton. Myofascial pain can not be found with a scan or X-rays, but with palpation with your hand and fingers.

    Please read and refer to Janet G Travell, MD text books. If you pain manager or surgeon does not have her books readily available, see another doctor.

    Broken bones have a predictable pain cycle and evolution, really bad then by the 6-8 week period no pain. If pain lingers it comes from the stressed myofascial tissues.

    In your case, these are the missing points;
    1. Myofascial pain is treatable pain, treated with manual therapy as with massage, trigger point injections and acupuncture/GunnIMS.
    2. Why are you keep fracturing vertebra??
    3. You may have rebound pain from the pain medicine itself.
    4. You may have opiate pain medicine hypersensitivity syndrome. The syndrome will magnify your pain to levels greater than max of 10.
    5. You may have PTSD from the you plight, which needs to be treated.
    6. I would suggest you get some vitamins and magnesium in your system.
    7. I would think 3 time before spinal surgery … I have never seen patients with fusions recover completely. I would never advise any of my patients to have spinal surgery…never!

  13. says

    I have had a unsteady walk with dizziness, off and on the past couple of wks. Doc says its not my Dilantin Level. Can I do anything for this. walking, drives me nuts-Sometimes uncontrollaable

  14. Stephen Rodrigues, MD says

    Dilantin by itself can cause unsteadiness even at normal blood levels. Your docs need to find out why your are unsteady and dizzy. The cause for this can be the result of many many problems. Suggest extra vits and minerals and check drug to drug interactions of all your meds.

  15. Angela says

    I have to argue against the trigger point injections stated by a doctor earlier in this commentary – I recently had them and it took really bad life altering back pain to excruciating life stopping back pain. I have never been in so much pain in my life as post injection and 3 weeks later it isn’t any better. I am so frustrated! Now my doctor – and yes he is a pain ‘specialist’ insists it must all be in my head despite the very real injury I had, the lack of appropriate treatment post injury I received and the endometreal scaring that is aggravating the symptoms. His suggestion – see a psychologist! Are you kidding me? I am a 36 year old health care worker who is imminently going to have to quit work because I can’t stand the pain anymore. I now know completely why so many people turn to illegal prescription drug abuse. I was a nursing student with a great career to look forward to and because of this lack of caring and total disrespect for women’s pain I am about to end up jobless because of a debilitating disorder that is treatable but only when doctors take you seriously!

  16. says

    It has taken 15 years of experience to understand trigger points. TP therapy will work in
    >85-90% of cases. Here’s what I have discovered and other doctors care not to be aware of …
    My TP pearls:
    Do the active TPs and quite TPs.
    Do use the proper solution.
    Do use the proper needle length and size.
    Do as many as needed per visit and see the patient weekly.
    Do follow up with the patient within 72 hours to see if flaring of pain occurs.
    Do balanced points, ie the opposite side of the spine, higher and lower levels.
    Do stress points, ie jaws, pectoralis, adductors and gluteals.
    Do add into the syringe Traumeel or Sarapin.
    Do add in Prolo-Therpay substances.
    Do massage.
    Do Acupuncture.
    Do Chiropractic adjustments.
    Do have the patient on a wellness program, with lifestyle changes.
    Do stretching 4-8 times per day, even if awaken during the night.
    Do give the patient something for insomnia. NOT Ambien!
    Do use heat and take hot baths.
    Do soak in Epsom’s Salts.
    Do take magnesium glycinate to help relax the muscles.
    Do check for poisons that will corrupt the healing process. ie Statins and opiates.
    Do reevaluate at every visit to keep on the right course.

    Do NOT give the patient narcotics or Tramadol for chronic pain.
    Do NOT add steroids (toxic) or Botox (paralysis the muscles)-both will weaken the spine.
    Do NOT ignore or belittle the patient pain issues and other needs.
    Do NOT “Cherry-Pick” … you have to treat all painful sites.
    Do NOT trust the scans and X-rays to point you in the right directions.
    Do NOT give up because this is the right therapy!

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