Dr Oz: Wild Blueberries, Muscadine Grape Juice & Black Currant Juice

By on May 5, 2011

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz did a show called Cancer Detectives.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will get Cancer during their lifetimes, but can we prevent Cancer?  Doctor Oz brought onto his show two ladies who work full time on Cancer Breakthroughs.  One Cancer Detective, Mary Ann Lila, focuses on finding cures for Cancer in nature, while Dr Rachel Brem focuses on cutting edge science and technology to detect Breast Cancer (click here to read about Dr Brem’s latest technologies for Breast Cancer Detection: Dr Oz: Breast Specific Gamma Imaging & Dense Breast Ultrasound.

Mary Ann Lila is a Plant Scientist who looks at the value of pigments found in berries, tomatoes and other brightly colored fruits and vegetables, because they all contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that can stop Cancer in its tracks.  She thinks of food as a source of medicine to improve our health, and she goes searches all throughout the world in places like Mexico, New Zealand, Uzbekistand and Ecuador.  At the end of the day, Mary Ann Lila said that she is validating what your grandma always told you – eat your fruits and vegetables because they are good for you!  She told Dr Oz that plants are stationary and so they cannot run away from things that try to attack them, so they develop natural chemicals to protect them.  These same chemicals that protect the fruits and vegetables can also help to fight Cancer in your body.  Here are thee Cancer Fighting Foods that Mary Ann Lila said we must include in our diets.

Dr Oz: Wild Blueberries Fight Cancer

Mary Ann Lila told Dr Oz that Wild Blueberries have chemicals in them that prevent many stages of Cancer all at once.  Doctor Oz said that he did some research and found that these Wild Blueberries are exposed to harsh weather elements including sun,Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods wind, cold, pests and infections.  However, the plants do not die because they release chemicals to protect them, and these same chemicals are what protect us against Cancer.  If you have Cancer growing in your body, then the chemicals found in Wild Blueberries helps to starve the Cancer so that it shrinks back down.

Dr Oz asked Mary Ann Lila where you can find Wild Blueberries, and she said that you can find them in just about every grocery store.  But do not look for them in the fresh produce.  You will only find Frozen Wild Blueberries and they cost around $5.

Dr Oz: Black Currant Juice Fights Cancer

Mary Ann Lila’s second Cancer Fighting Food is Black Currant Juice.  She showed Dr Oz some Black Currants and said that you can tell from their bright color that they are going to be great for your health.  You can buy Black Currants in the form of Black Currant Jam or Black Currant Juice, or you can even find Frozen Black Currants or Dried Black Currants.  They are great at fighting off inflammation, which is the hallmark for increasing your risk of getting Cancer.

Dr Oz: Muscadine Grape Juice Fights Cancer

Mary Ann Lila’s final Cancer Fighting Food was Muscadine Grape Juice.  She told Dr Oz that unlike other grapes, Muscadine Grapes have lots of extra natural defenses and are rick in things like Resveratrol and Quercetin that protect you from getting Cancer.  You can buy a bottle of Muscadine Grape Juice for around $5 and Doctor Oz said that this is a great investment in your health to help protect you against getting Cancer.  If you do small things everyday, that is how you can make a difference in your life.

Dr Oz has done several shows now on Cancer Fighting Foods, so here are a few other recaps with more great Cancer Fighters: Dr Oz: Cactus Pear, Aloe Drink & Bottarga Prevent Cancer and Dr Oz: 5 Cancer Fighting Foods Prevent Cancer from Growing.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Wild Blueberries, Muscadine Grape Juice & Black Currant Juice

  1. ya all fruits and Vegetables are good for health but,how can we prevent those so many chemicals sprayed on them,is that enough if just wash and eat.please Dr Oz give me your advice.
    thank you.

  2. Dale Daniels says:

    Do you know where you can purchase muscadine grape juice and black current juice?
    We live in the NorthWest (Tri Cities) and cannot find any one who carries this?
    Can you help?

  3. Dale, I was able to find them online at the following links:

    Black Currant Juice Concentrate

    Muscadine Red Grape Juice (though it is sold out at the moment, but it looks like you can signup to get an e-mail as soon as it comes back in stock)

  4. Know of anywhere I can buy grapes? I live in Ohio and can’t find a place that will ship it to me.

  5. I meant the muscadine grapes.

  6. anita eversley says:

    I would like to know does Black currant Juice removes all toxins from the body? and does it make your stool black? How many times a day should it be taken?

  7. We keep hearing that we need the dark berry products, but how much do we need to ingest to realize the cancer fighting benefits?

  8. Anyone know if muscadine grape juice can be bought or shipped to Australia?? Thank you !!

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