Dr Oz Willow Bark For Knee Pain & Butterbur For Migraines

Dr Oz Natural Cures For Aches & Pains

Dr Oz did a segment on Natural Cures for the most common aches and pains.  I absolutely love Natural Home Remedies, so these segments always excite me!  Doctor Oz shared Natural Cures for Migraine Headaches (Butterbur), for Knee Pain (Willow Bark) and for Lower Back Pain (Devil’s Claw).

Dr Oz: Butterbur for Migraines

Dr Oz’s first question for two ladies in his audience was: “What is the best natural cure for migraines?  Butterbur or DHEA?”  The answer is that Butterbur is great for Dr Oz Willow BarkMigraine Headaches, because it relaxes blood vessels in your brain.  In fact, Butterbur has been used for centuries as a herbal treatment for headaches.  But Doctor Oz said that it can take weeks sometimes for Butterbur to help, so you should be patient and take it more as a preventative measure so that you won’t get migraines in the future, rather than taking it when you actually get the headache.  Click here for another great segment where Dr Oz spoke about how Butterbur helps with sinus infections as well: Dr Oz Sinus Infections

Dr Oz: Willow Bark For Knee Pain

Dr Oz’s second question was ” What is the best natural cure for Knee Pain? Willow Bark or Vitamin B12?”  The answer is that 120 mg of Willow Bark every day can help cure knee pain.  In fact, Willow Bark is as effective as or more effective than Aspirin for lots of aches and pains.  Click here for another segment where Dr Oz spoke about different natural remedies for back pain including Willow Bark: Dr Oz Back Pain

Dr Oz: Devil’s Claw For Lower Back Pain

Doctor Oz’s final question was “What is the best natural cure for Lower Back Pain?  Devil’s Claw or Ginkgo?”  The answer is that Devil’s Claw is great for Lower Back Pain because it helps to block inflammatory cells which cause even more pain.  Click here for another recap where Dr Oz mentioned that Devil’s Claw is great for back pain and other inflammation issues like Arthritis: Dr Oz Devils Claw


  1. Regina Yentzer says

    On today’s show (2/9/2012) Willow Bark seemed to be suggested as an alternative to Individuals who need to be on a daily aspirin regime. As being a bleeder (von Willebrand disease), a father on Coumadin and three nephews with Hemophilia, it is my understanding that the natural salicylic acid does not act as a “blood thinner” until it is altered chemically by man. Also in difference I have come to believe that Will Bark is a strong and safe anti-inflammatory for people who cannot take pain relievers that are equivalent to aspirin type products.
    Thank you,
    Regina Yentzer

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