Dr Oz: Wine Reduces Stress, But How Much Is In A Glass of Wine?

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Dr Oz: Wine Reduces Stress, But How Much Is In A Glass of Wine?

By on March 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Does Wine Reduce Stress?

You’ve heard that a glass of wine is good for your heart health, but can a glass of your favorite vino also be good for your stress? (I would love to know this one too!) On today’s show, Doctor Oz explored whether a glass of wine can help you relieve stress. (This oughtta be good, folks!)

Two audience members, Brenda and Mary, told Dr Oz that they were stressed all the time.         They had to deal with work, family, finances and other stresses throughout the day.

Dr Oz Wine Stress Remedy

Dr Oz: Does Wine Reduce Stress?

The question posed was could they go home from their hard day of work and grab a glass of wine to take the edge off?

Both ladies enjoyed wine, but how much wine was the key question. Dr Oz says that people who are hardwired for stress cope with alcohol differently than those who are not. (This is a key element when looking to find out if drinking a glass of wine will reduce your stress.) Dr Oz noted that for folks that are stressed, one glass of wine will calm you down, but a second glass will not alleviate stress. (Darn, there goes that theory!)

How Much is a Glass of Wine?

Okay, ladies, put the Big Gulp cup away. Doctor Oz showed you exactly how much a glass of wine should be. He poured wine into a wine glass. Brenda and Mary were to tell him when to stop, indicating how much wine they believed was considered “a glass”. In reality, that glass of wine that you drink a night should be no more than 5 oz. Most people (myself included) believed double that amount was considered a glass.

Dr Oz: Wine Rules to Reduce Stress

-Limit to one 5 oz glass per day
-Drink with friends
-Drink wine with food
-Don’t become a wine drinker to stay healthy (HA!)

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