Dr Oz: Winter Allergies: Refrigerator Door Seal & Heating Vent

Dr Oz did a segment called Winter Allergies Revealed where he spoke about how the symptoms of sniffling, sneezing, coughing and headaches may not be the common cold.  Doctor Oz said that 40 million Americans suffer all year round from allergies.  So do you know where Winter Allergies may be hiding in your home and making you sick?  If your cold has lasted over two weeks, then Dr Oz said that it is likely to be Winter Allergies and not a cold. Dr Oz Winter Allergy Remedy

Dr Oz: Winter Allergies

Winter Allergy Culprit #1: Dust on Bookshelves

Dr Oz said that bookshelves tend to collect dust which cause itchy eyes and sore throats, especially if they are in your bedroom.  So reduce your allergies by cleaning the bookshelves once a week, or move them out of your bedroom entirely.  Another option is to take antihistamines.

Dr Oz: How Antihistamines Work

Dr Oz said that allergens go into receptors in our bodies (often in the back of the throat) and turn on these histamine receptors.  An Antihistamine Medicine blocks off these receptors, so you stop the process of the allergic reaction before it even starts.  Dr Oz said you can buy Antihistamine Drugs for around $15.

Winter Allergy Culprit #2: Refrigerator Door Seal – Bleach Kills Mold

Dr Oz said that your Refrigerator Seal collects crumbs and mold grows there, so you want to kill off the mold spores.  You can dip a cotton swap into Eco Friendly Bleach and rub it on the Refrigerator Door Seal to kill the mold.

Dr Oz: Humidity Monitor

Dr Oz also suggested checking the humidity in your home to make sure there is not excess moisture that will increase the mold that grows in your home.  You can use a dehumidifier to remove humidity and you can use a $10 Humidity Monitor to make sure that the humidity in your home is in the optimal range of between 30% and 50%.

Winter Allergy Culprit #3: Heating Vent & Air Filters

Dr Oz said that the last culprit for Winter Allergies comes from not changing the air filters used by your heating system.  When your furnace kicks on, it can send insect parts into the air, which can trigger allergies in many people.  Dr Oz said that you should change your air filters every 3 months.

Dr Oz: Winter Allergy Natural Remedies

Dr Oz suggested eating citrus fruits, apples and onions to help fight off Winter Allergies, because they contain Quercetin which suppresses your immune cells from reacting to histamines.


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  2. Tony A says

    My allegries seem to be triggered when i go in and out of the cold, outside in winter or inside in air conditioning causing sneezing runny nose and sinus infections and blockage down the road helpppppp!!!

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