Dr. Oz: Women’s Health Taboos


Doctor Oz television show segment on women’s health taboos, especially after your menopause. Dr. Oz was joined by Dr. Lauri Romanzi, hilarious author of Plumbing & Renovations,to help women learn what to do if they are suffering from embarrassing health taboos.

If you are post-menopausal, then your estrogen levels are down which makes your hormones a bit out of whack and can even be to blame for things like dry skin.



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    Hi, I was diagnosed with IC in 2001. I am 45 years old. My diagnosing Doctor said that I gave myself IC with my stress. She also felt IC was a form of Hysteria. She had my husband convinced that I was severely depressed. I saw this woman doctor for five years. It was five years of hell. This woman treated me like IC was a mental illness; this doctor had my husband treating me as if I had a mental illness. I had to go out of state to find a reasonable doctor who could treat my IC. This doctor told me that IC is a disease and no matter how hard you try that you cannot will yourself a disease. I also spoke with a shrink out of state and this shrink said that stress cannot give you IC; she said if stress caused IC there would be a lot more people out there who would develop IC. My diagnosing doctor has scared me for life with her miss treatment of me. She had me doughting myself. She caused my husband and I to have marital problems with her insistence of my IC being a mental illness. With my first hydro distention there were photos of the pin point bleeding all over my bladder, there were scars on my bladder, and my bladder has shrunk to 1/3 the size of a normal bladder. Not only should there be national awareness information on TV about IC. There should be hot lines for people to call and get help and information. This disease can affect your entire life and the lives of the people around you. Doctors/urologists/i.e. all medical professionals should have mandatory classed so they can be informed about the new findings and studies pertinent to the treatment of IC. No one should go through what I have gone through. It was enlightening for me to find out about five years ago that bladders are not painful to people who do not have IC. You see even after my diagnosis and treatment by a very backwards doctor, I did not understand that your bladder upon filling doesn’t hurt. All I have ever known with a full bladder is pain. This one little thing “that bladders upon filling should not be painful” would enlighten many people. Thank You Dr. Oz for getting the word out there about Interstitial Cystitis.

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