Dr. Oz: Women’s Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Cures

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Dr. Oz: Women’s Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Cures

By on February 24, 2010

Dr. Oz, with the help of Maya (seat 51 from New Mexico), discussed the top two reasons women lose hair and what we can do about hair loss.  Dr. Oz showed four samples of hair, and asked which amount represents the normal amount that an average person loses per day.  You should basically be losing 50-100 hairs a day.  In addition to looking in your shower drain and checking your brush, the best way to figure out how much hair you are losing is to grab an amount of hair that would fill a straw (about 4 mm of hair) and pull it gently from the base or root.  If you lose more than 6 hairs when you do this, then you are losing about 10% of your hair.  Dr. Oz only lost 1 hair when he did this and Maya

lost two… both of them have great, full heads of hair!

Do you know the most dangerous ways to wear your hair that actually cause you to lose your hair prematurely?  Here is the list:

Top 3 Dangerous Way for Women to Wear Hair:

1.  Don’t wear your hair in a tight ponytail, pulled back.

2.  Don’t put your hair into hair curlers.

3.  Don’t put your hair in tight braids.

All three of these hairstyles puts tension on your hair and pulls the roots of your hair… so please avoid these hairstyles.  Instead, try low, loose ponytails, wearing your hair down, or a headband.

Top 2 Reasons Women Lose Hair:

1.  Female Pattern Hair Loss

If you look at your hairline, and you are losing hair in one or more of these three spots, then you probably have female pattern hair loss: prominent middle line (where the middle of your hair or the part in your hair gets wider and wider), bald patch or hair loss on the crown of your hair and frontal balding which looks like a receding hairline.

2.  Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a temporary hair loss driven by emotional events like pregnancy or physical shock.  You generally will notice your hair loss several months after the event.  Your new hair should usually only be about 5% of your hair, but in this case, you will have a higher percent of new hairs to replace your thinning hair.

Dr. Oz’s Favorite Hair Loss Cures:

40% of women in America lose their hair, but don’t worry, there are many good cures.

1.  Minoxidil Hair Treatments

Try hair treatments like Women’s Minoxidil Hair Treatments.

2. Hair Transplants

Dr. Oz said that hair transplants tend to work much better in men than in women.

3.  Laser Hair Treatments

The laser stimulates the hair follicles to help make it grow.

4. Hair Powder

Dr. Oz’s favorite way to disguise hair loss or thinning hair is to use Hair Powder, which comes in a variety of colors including Dark Brown Hair Powder, Black Hair Powder, Medium Brown Hair Powder and Silver/Grey Hair Powder.  Dr. Oz gave a demo of how to use Hair Powder, and it is really amazing how well Hair Powder can camouflage thinning hair or bald spots!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Women’s Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Cures

  1. vera duke says:

    Thanks for the information on thinning hair. I did not see anywhere on the web where you can purchase hair powder. Do you know where or how to get it. By the way, I think Dr Oz’s show is the best show out there!!!!! Thanks

  2. Denise Zimber says:

    I as well am looking where to purchase the hair powder, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Mary currie says:

    Where to purchase the hair powder?

  4. hi , i cant find that episode were you dipped a paint brushin a liquid and it started to eat the paint brush away.every month everbodies hair grows ,but mine gets shorter i dont even need to cut my hair regurly. i have that problem. could someone please tell me what that chemial was?

  5. Janice McWilliams says:

    Where can I buy keratin hair powder?

  6. where can i get the hair powder

  7. Charlie Brewer says:

    Try “Great Hair Day” by Joan Rivers…its a powder you put on with what looks like a make-up brush. …it works really well.

  8. Toppix makes a very good hair powder, too — also sells other thin-hair camouflages.

  9. Norma Gutierrez says:


    I have used this powder for about 2 months, and it does work.

  10. Cheryl Wisenor says:

    Dear Dr. Oz, I would like to know if you discussed Keranique products for hair loss on you program. I try to watch all you airings but may have missed this one. If you did discuss this on your show, I was wondering if you had positive feedback concerning this product. Thank you in advance, Cheryl Wisenor

  11. Dear Dr. Oz. I would like to know if you discussed Keranique products for womens hair loss on you TV program. I try to watch your airings may have missed this one. if you did discuss this on your show, I would like to know if you had positive feedback concerning this line of products as I respect your opinion. Thank you in advance, Cheryl Wisenor

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