Dr Oz: World’s Most Shocking X-Rays & Emergency Steps to Remember


Doctor Oz did a television show on the World’s Most Shocking X-Rays and some Emergency Steps to remember in case you or a loved one has an accidental injury.  Each year there are 28 million accidents and 600,000 accidental injuries.  We have all heard about the scissors stuck in a mans throat, the scissors a surgeon left in a woman’s womb, the child who swallowed 30 magnetic toys, the child who swallowed sewing needles and the fire tongs that pierced a child through the head into the brain.  Dr Oz brought onto his show a woman who was pierced through the chest with a microphone stand, a child who punctured his eyelid and eye with a key, and a man who was impaled by a 17 foot tree.World's Most Shocking X-Rays

Microphone Stand Impaled Woman’s Chest

Jessie, a musician from Florida, fell on a microphone stand that punctured her chest when the railing of a banister broke.  Jessie was pregnant at the time.  When Jessie tried to pull out the microphone stand, she heard a suction sound because the microphone stand punctured her lung.  She also had multiple fractured lungs.  Jessie showed Doctor Oz her scar where the microphone stand punctured her in the chest and the scar where the microphone stand came out her back – I cannot imagine how painful that must have been.  Jessie was just a few weeks away from delivering her baby, so the doctor’s did a c-section and both mom and baby are healthy now.  Susan Brundage joined Dr Oz and said that a few life saving moves was that she did not pull out the microphone stand.  Also, in an emergency situation with a pregnant woman, you should focus on the mother rather than the pregnancy.

Key Punctured Eye of 17 Month Old Baby

Nicholas was 17 months old when he fell on a key behind a recliner chair, and the key punctured his eyelid and went all the way into the back of his eye.  Nicholas was taken via a helicopter to the hospital where they were worried about loss of vision, injury to the brain and even the possibility of infection of the cerebral spinal fluid.  Luckily, the key did not penetrate into the brain but it did rupture the eye.  Since the key did not puncture the globe of the eye, he was able to  maintain his eyesight.

17 Foot Tree Impaled Abdominal Cavity of a Man

A man who served in the US Army raises alpacas and llamas on a farm.  One day, he was digging a small lake, and he got impaled by a 17 foot tree.  He called his spouse and told her that a tree fell on him, because he did not want to make her panic by saying a tree went through him.  His spouse called 911 and directed them to where he was located and he was taken via a helicopter to the hospital.  He said he had an amazing surgical team, so he was in the hospital from May 20 through June 6.

Dr Oz’s Emergency Steps to Remember

1.  If you get impaled, leave the object in place.  The focus should not be on the object itself.  If you try to remove an object that impales you, then you are basically unplugging the dam and you could bleed to death.  Dr Oz said many impaled patients have been learning not to take out objects by watching tv shows like ER.  We have lots of blood vessels plus lungs, a brain, a heart and other body parts that can be damaged by being impaled.  By leaving the object in your body, the surgeon can take it out in a controlled fashion which is much safer.

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