Dr Oz: Wrinkle Causes: Sugar & Just 1 Sunburn Cause Wrinkles


Dr Oz: Just 1 Sunburn Causes Wrinkles

Dr Oz and Science Bob did a show on Extreme Myths Exposed, and one of the topics they discussed was the secret reasons that you have wrinkles.  I do not know how much of a secret it is that sunburns cause wrinkles, but I was surprised to learn that just one sunburn is enough to cause wrinkles!  Plus, do you know the food that you eat every single day that causes wrinkles?  Sugar!  Here is the latest scoop on Wrinkle Causes.

Dr Oz: Wrinkles & Sunburns

Dr Oz asked Science Bob to do an experiment to show how just one sunburn alone is enough to cause wrinkles.  Science Bob covered his hand in water to represent a thin layer of sunscreen Dr Oz Sunburn Causes Wrinklesthat can protect you from getting wrinkles.  Then he put soap bubbles filled with methane gas on his hand to represent UV rays from the sun.  Doctor Oz lit the bubbles on fire, and sure enough, Science Bob’s hand was not harmed, burned or even hot.  The moral of the story is that even a thin layer of sunscreen can protect you from getting a sunburn which causes wrinkles.  I hope that nobody is still thinking about sitting out in the sun this summer without sunscreen!  In fact, I have started using sunscreen all year long on my face and other skin that is exposed to the sun.

Dr Oz: Sugar Causes Wrinkles

Dr Oz said that another culprit that causes wrinkles is in your diet.  Sugar causes wrinkles (in addition to all of the other damage it does to your body).  If you eat too much sugar, it binds the proteins and breaks down collagen and elastin in your body.  Minimizing sugar becomes even more crucial when you are 35 years old or older.

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