Dr Oz: Wrinkle Fighter Smoothie & Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipes

By on November 11, 2011

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipes

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Anti-Aging Expert, Sari Greaves, RD, to show you how to make 3 delicious smoothies that help you look younger and improve your health.  Sari agreed that these smoothies were an excellent way to guard against premature aging.  To judge the taste, Dr Oz brought up 3 audience members, Amanda, Joanne, and Debbie.  (This is a segment I wouldn’t mind being a part of!)

Dr Oz Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipe

1. Energy Boosting Smoothie – Doctor Oz said that this smoothie is high in protein. Dr Oz Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipe


– Non-fat Greek yogurt
– Cocoa powder (gives the nice chocolate-y flavor)
– Peanut butter
– Banana (for calcium)
– Cinnamon (helps regulates blood sugar)
– Ice

Blend it all together.  Amanda, who stated that by 3:00 pm she was always tired, tried it.  The smoothie was a hit!

Dr Oz Wrinkle Fighter Smoothie Recipe

2. Wrinkle Fighter Smoothie – Joanne wanted to help reduce the crow’s feet around her eyes.


– Fresh fruit or frozen
– Low fat chocolate milk
– Green tea (anti-inflammatory properties)
– Frozen mixed berries

Blend it all together.  Joanne and Dr Oz tried it and loved it!  Yum!

Dr Oz Full Body Revitalizing Smoothie Recipe

3. Full Body Revitalizing Smoothie – This smoothie targets cardiovascular health.


– Light vanilla soy milk
– Silken tofu
– Ground flaxseed meal
– Almond butter (for antioxidant as well as a great source of Vitamin E)
– Canned yams
– Ice

Blend it all together.  Debbie and Dr Oz tried the smoothie and gave it two thumbs up!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Wrinkle Fighter Smoothie & Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipes

  1. Dawn VanGeenen says:

    Dear Dr. Oz,
    I saw this eposoide with the smoothies but there are no mesurements on how much of the ingredients you need to put in or what the nutrition facts are.

  2. Yvette Richards says:

    Dear Dr. Oz,

    I am interested in your Wrinkle Fighter, Full Body Revitalizing, and Energy Boosting Smoothies but no measurements and nutritional facts per serving are shown for the smoothies.

  3. I am interested in the smoothies also, no measurements, SOS.

  4. Sharon Bleitner says:

    I too, love these smoothies w/no measurements-I could not copy/share/e-mails, etc. the page w/the recipes–what to do???

  5. They were no measurements on the Anti Aging Smoothie! I would like to try them, but I need the measurements.


  6. The Garcinia Cambogia instructions for using says to take 2 tablets before a meal, which meal, all three?????


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