Dr Oz: Y Lift Facelift to Look 10 Years Younger Instantly


Dr Oz: Y Lift Review

In this segment, Dr Oz brought out cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yan Trokel, to demonstrate how his new cutting-edge procedure, The Y Lift, helps you instantly look younger. The Y Lift is named after the letter “Y” because it is the ideal shape of high cheekbones, a nice jowl line, and a taught neck (Y formation). There is no cutting involved and the procedure only takes 30-40 minutes in your doctor’s office. The Y Lift is different from a facelift because you are not pulling and tugging. With the Y Lift, you’re simply replacing the volume that a person loses as they get older. By re-volumizing, you’ll get an instant result.

Dr Oz: Y Facelift

Dr Oz showed a before and after image and I did see a difference.



  1. YoMah says

    like infomercials, the critical information beyond the medical concerns one might have, was completely absent…
    what is the average cost or cost range
    how long does the lift last
    what conditions does this procedure work for better thanfor than others

  2. Rita Cotharn says

    How much does the Y facelift cost and where is Dr. Trokel located – and how long does it last?

  3. kim says

    My questions exactly. there was not enough follow up info. sounds & looks fantastic. but whats the cost & how long does it last?

  4. karen says

    I would like to know what type of filler or volumizer is he using..how long does it last and whats the cost?

  5. Cam says

    I am surprised to see that Dr. Oz brings somebody to his show without explaining the procedure properly and without talking about the products he is using. he could at least talked about the filling he used and for how long this procedure is good for.

  6. Evelyn says

    How much does it cost and how long does it last? Where can someone find someone who is qualified to do this procedure?

  7. Natalie says

    I am wondering if he used juvaderm which lasts one year and is often used around the mouth for anywhere between 700 to 1000 dollars based on how deep the wrinkles. This also needs sculpted after injection and provides immediate results. One thing he did mention though is that his filler causes the body to generate collagen which juvaderm does not do although this could be a false statement. I am disappointed in Dr Oz for not discussing the price, longetivity, and safeness of the product being used.

  8. Lucy says

    I read on some other web sites that the Y lift cost $5500-$8500 and only lasts 2 years.and you need touch up’s in nine months. WOW

  9. Janet says

    I totally agree….What a useless, non informative segment. Thanks Dr Oz for referring to the filler as “the material”….no specifics, no cost. I wish Goldie Hawn would’ve fessed up too and stated what she had done to keep her youthful look rather than just mentioning she has good genetics. Yeah, sure it helps, but it’s hardly the entire story.

  10. Debra says

    I to am very interested in the cost of the procedure. Is there a Doctor in Dallas that performs this procedure. What filler is used.

  11. Angela says

    I too want to know the same questions all the others have asked. What type of filler, How long does it last, whats the cost, whats the potential future side effects.

    Thank you:_)

  12. Janet says

    I googled the MD’s website-he’s located in NYC and he using a hyaluranic filler. What supposedly makes this procedure different is the tool this doc invented to instill the filler. When I researched further, many other plastic surgeons’ opinions said “Be very careful of this procedure” (therealself.com)….alot of hype and probably too good to be true-the pics shown were not displaying long-term (at least 6 mth) results. They claimed regular fillers without the special ‘tool’ would give the same results.

  13. Sandy s says

    Janet……Thank you for the followup. I wondered if this procedure might e expensive as well as short term. If not done correctly lumps.

  14. oldcodger2 says

    I am beginning to wonder if Dr. OZ is doing ‘infomercials’ now.
    Goldie selling her book
    A plastic surgeon selling his ‘wares’

    The procedure looked promising – but I will wait a few more years and see what shows up in the media then The person who came out on stage after having the procedure done looked like ‘over kill’ – way, way too much filler. She didn’t even resemble her previous self. :0)

  15. LinKot says

    I guess we can assume the Y-filler-lift is expensive and doesn’t last long by the lack of information provided!

  16. oldcodger2 says

    I found another website (they deleted my previous comment about it) that said in the U.K. it costs about $2500 with $750 touch ups every 6 months. But, I believe I heard that in the U.S.A. it can cost $5000-$6000 with yearly touch ups. Wait until more doctors decide it is a good procedure – the price should drop and we should know in a few years if it is safe and lasting.

  17. says

    I thought she looked far prettier before the “Y Lift”. She had a unique, beautiful face with good bone structure. After getting her face puffed out, she looked like every other woman who uses fillers. Just spend a day in Beverly Hills, and you’ll see countless women who all look alike due to procedures like this. Scary. If you truly want to refresh your face, rather than waste thousands of dollars on a temporary treatment, spend a little more and get an actual face lift – – mid face, neck, brow – – whatever you think you need. Research plastic surgeons in your area and talk to people for recommendations. Make sure the doctor is a qualified plastic surgeon. Don’t do a cheap and quickie type lift. You may regret that decision for the rest of your life. I did a mid and neck lift about 6 years ago. I kept it subtle and age appropriate and have been very happy with the lasting results. My friend did one of those “weekend” facelifts – – she spent almost as much money with very minimal results.

  18. Niki says

    Well said, Pamela. After the “Y Lift” The woman’s face looked horrible. Why is Dr. Oz promoting procedures that have such tragic results?

  19. Diane Lovelace says

    The Y Lift….What is the filler,Cost & how long will it last ???
    Come on Dr Oz….finish what you started.

  20. marilyn casson says

    Face of woman looked like that LA fake look. Jaclyn Smith has that look today. Not quite like the L.A. duck lips, but moving in that direction. Like silicon, I question the safety of the filler ingredients. How about good old fashioned face and neck exercises and an organic whole foods diet with little gluten or dairy and some really natural moisturizers.

  21. Lana Freeman says

    I thought the woman who came out looked like she lost her facial expression. It did not look natural to me and I am disappointed to see Dr. Oz promote this. As far as Goldie Hawn, she looks like she has a bit of the duck lip going on. She just didn’t look so natural to me and again I was disappointed.

  22. denise salome says

    I came on the website to get the important questions answered. How safe, how long, how much!! I feel like you guys, a sense of mistrust starting to develope for Dr. Oz. If his producers are leading him down this path, I hope for EVERYTHING the good doc stands for
    he jumps ship.

    From the little, stress little research I have done, the Y facelift is relatively new. If I had to choose to have work right now,working on it, I would go with deep plain. Maybe in 5-8 yrs I’ll go for the Y.

    But my Guru OZ, please dont sell out……..

  23. denise salome says

    Did a lil more research. According to Forbes, Forkels Y-lift can last from 14 to 20 months. The good Dr. does advise you get “booster: shots every 9-12 months. Cost again according to Forbes between 5k and 12k That still can be a good option for some IF the touch ups are
    affordable AND you can commit for the next 20-30 years. It is to my understanding when you stop you are going to drastically speed up the aging process, a very nasty thought.

    Real Self is an excellent website for all thats out there for the average woman or man trying to
    look there best.

  24. says

    Dr. Oz……..get with the program or get OUT. The show on the Y Lift was so lacking in information,….. cost, type of product…. Have you lost your mind???? You appear to just throw stuff out there to see if it sticks……………..$5,000 to $12,000 sounds stupid!!!!

  25. Jan says

    They say it last 14 to 20 months. Is that if you get this so called “booster” every 9-12 months? What happen after 14-20 months? Seems like you created more volume in the face and could potentially end up stretching the skin in the process…it’s like you had weigh gain in the face…and you know what happens when people lose a lot of weight…can you say SAG! It seems to me that you run the risk of looking worse after it has worn off then you would have otherwise. So now you have to get it redone every 2 years or else get a face lift to make it permanent? Seems like there are a lot of unknowns with this one. Also as a note many people have said (here and on other websites) that fillers typically only last 6-9 months not 14-20 months. Maybe that is what those so called “boosters” are about. They simply redo the procedure. Also what is the cost of those “booster” procedures.

    All I’m saying is that there seems to be alot of unknowns about this procedure. That said I do believe that a lot of the sagging in the face comes from a loss of volume. Too bad they can’t come up with a way to replace that volume with something that is more long lasting and/or permanent.

  26. Marsha Turner says

    Dr. Trokel was on the Drs. and channel 5 news.
    It costs between 1000 and 3000.They use juvederm and radiesse. They say it lasts for two to three yrs.

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