Dr Oz: Yerba Mate Tea, Glutamine & Sweet Spritz Energy Boosters


Dr Oz: Energy Drink Recipe

Dr Oz did a segment on the truth behind Energy Drinks.  Skip the high calorie energy drink. Lisa Lynn, weight loss and metabolism expert, joined Dr Oz in this segment to tell you how to boost your energy with drinks made the natural way. Tanya, an audience member, joined Dr Oz and Lisa on the stage to be their guinea pig for the day.

Dr Oz: Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Tea- This drink comes naturally with caffeine and has natural ingredients to help you boost your mood. Dr Oz Yerba Mate Tea Before they had Tanya try the drink, Lisa warned that it was an “acquired taste.” (In other words, it tasted like hot gym socks!) You can purchase Yerba Mate Tea for $5 at grocery stores. Lisa also commented that because the tea was not packaged in a plastic bottle, you are also helping the environment.

Dr Oz: Glutamine Energy Drink Recipe

Glutamine— This ingredient helps boost brainpower as well as your energy level. Glutamine also helps spike up your metabolic rate. You can purchase glutamine for $10 at health food stores.
Prepare a quick and easy glutamine drink:


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    Yerba Mate Tea is available at Nature’s Tea Leaf and is an excellent all natural energy booster. It is mainly grown and processed in northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil. It contains xanthenes which can boost your metabolic rate and help decrease mental and physical fatigue. Yerba Mate is an excellent source of magnesium which is proven to ease anxiety as well as antioxidants to boost the immune system and protect against colds and flu.

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