Dr Oz & Yogi Cameron Alborzian: Holistic Health Overhaul 28 Day Plan

By on January 28, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment with the Alternative Health Guru Yogi Cameron Alborzian to give us a Holistic Health Overhaul 28 Day Plan that can make us feel better and look younger in just 28 days.  Doctor Oz said that if you feel tired, stressed, or like your health is out of control, this Holistic Health Plan could really help you!

Dr Oz: Yogi Cameron Review

Dr Oz said that Yogi Cameron got into yoga and spirituality through his best friend, who passed away.  And he decided to become a yoga teacher so he went to India to find his guru.  Yogi Dr Oz Yogi Cameron AlborzianCameron ended up taking 10 years to study yoga in India.  Now he wakes up every morning between 5 and 6 am to practice yoga and he does another 2-3 hours of practice at night.  His clients include everyone from professionals to housewives.  He checks their eyes and pulse, what they eat, how much sleep they get, and more.

Dr Oz: Yogi Cameron Alborzian

Dr Oz asked Yogi Cameron about the Holistic Health Overhaul Plan, and he said that it is all about how much do you want to change?  If you want to change enough, then 28 days will give you a great start.  Dr Oz also brought on a lady named Patricia from New Jersey who said that she always wanted to be a super healthy mom, but instead she feels toxic, tired, and stressed out.  Her weakness is junk food like chips and cookies.  Everyday she feels more and more sluggish, almost like she is hungover.  She wants to live a long healthy life and set a good example for her kids.  She is only 45 now but feels closer to 60.

Dr Oz brought Patricia to the Truth Tube and these were her results:

Patricia Truth Tube Results:

– weight: 184 pounds

– waist: 39″ (you want it under 37″ for women)

– blood sugar level: 100 (this is pre-diabetic)

Yogi Cameron Alborzian said that everyone needs something to motivate them every day and something to look forward to like a hobby, reading, or other activities to distract us from food.  Click here to read Yogi Cameron’s Holistic Health Overhaul!

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Comments to Dr Oz & Yogi Cameron Alborzian: Holistic Health Overhaul 28 Day Plan

  1. Sandy Tharp says:

    Dr Oz mentioned on today’s show-Jan 28, somthing that helps leg cramps? The husband said he rubbed his wife’s legs alot to give her some relief. I wasn’t able to write the name down fast enough. Could you find out & Email me?

  2. Leg cramps–you listed a vitamin or mineral that wouldincrease blood flow jn legs by enlarging the veins

  3. I look forward to seeing the results

  4. wicking socks can help and also L Arginine 1000 mg a day; forces the arteries to relax.

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