Dr Oz: Yogurt- #1 Super Snack For Home & Office- Pineapple & Yogurt

Doctor Oz named his #1 super snack for all of us to eat – yogurt!  I personally love Greek yogurt with a touch of honey drizzled on top – delicious.  What is your favorite type of yogurt?  Lets inspire each other with our favorite yogurt recipes!  Please write them in the comment section below.  Dr Oz’s assistant of the day was absolutely hilarious, though my heart went out for her for having to dig through a large vat of yogurt, but she did get a kiss from Dr Oz at the end of the segment, so I did not feel too badly for her!  Dr Oz's Yogurt Recipes

Yogurt Quiz:

Probiotics are a good bacteria found in yogurt that prevent inflammations in what part of your body?

Teeth!  Gingivitis happens when your gums get inflamed, and the probiotics in yogurt help  to prevent this.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, which is great for your teeth and what else?

Bones!  Calcium in yogurt is great for strong and health bones.

Adding fiber to yogurt is a great idea for making it yogurt more filling.  What’s a good source of fiver that tastes great in yogurt?

Pineapple!  I love the idea of putting pineapple in my yogurt!  When I was younger, my grandmother would serve me pineapple and cottage cheese – which I still love… I wonder why I never thought about having pineapple and yogurt!



  1. says

    Great question Julie! It is my understanding that not every yogurt contains probiotics. Do a little research before you go to the store (there are lots of resources on probiotics and yogurt online) and / or read the container. Certain types of kefir (a yogurt type drink) for example have probiotics. I also believe it is important to look for live bacteria & probiotics (dead bacteria & probiotics are not as helpful). What is everyone’s favorite yogurt?

  2. Julie says

    Thanks for your quick response. My family’s favourite is peach Activia and mine is Astro Original. Are these kinds pasteurized? It does not say on either container if they are. Also, how much yogurt to you recommend we eat in one day?

  3. says

    My pleasure Julie! I always try to reply to comments as quickly as I can, but even more exciting is that we might be adding a chat room to the website so that it can be even more interactive! Back to yogurt though… it is my understanding that the majority of yogurts sold at grocery stores are pasteurized. I like to eat a small bowl of greek yogurt with a touch of honey every morning!

  4. Eva Lazar says

    I like to put a handful of frozen blueberries in a dish, add any flavor of activia light yogurt ( only 70 calories) then i add a small handful of walnuts or slivered almonds and either sheredded wheat or some other heathy cereal…i mix it all up and voila! It tastes great, i’m getting my probiotics, my fibre, my omegas…and it fills me up for a 2 to 3 hours until my next small, healthy meal 🙂

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