Dr Oz: Yonanas, Instant Marinater & PB2: Top Diet Products


Dr Oz: Diet Products Under $50

Dr Oz placed a national call to all his viewers in search of their best diet tips for under 50 bucks.  He sorted through many of the ideas shared by people and came up with 4 of his best viewer tips to share with the Dr Oz Fans.

Dr Oz: Yonanas Banana Ice Cream Maker

Stephanie, a Dr Oz Fan, weighed 389 lbs.  With diet and exercise, she is now 185 lbs thinner.  She has more energy and confidence and eventually left a job where she was miserable.  She is now pursing her dream and is a yoga instructor.


  1. Helen says

    Hi: Love your show. I have a quick question. On 10/18 show, did you state that strawberries are very acidic?

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