Dr Oz: Yonanas, Reebok Real Flex Shoes & Dr Oz Lunch Giveaways


Dr Oz: 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways

Doctor Oz did a show dedicated to Healthy Holiday Gifts, and the best part is that even viewers at home have the opportunity to enter the Dr Oz 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways to win the Healthy Gifts that he showed on his show!  You can read about some of the gift giveaways at the following link: Dr Oz Giveaways and the rest are mentioned below.  You should also check-out this list of affordable gifts from Live With Kelly: Affordable Gift Guide, as well as this Gifts That Give Back list!

Dr Oz: Dogeared Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Necklace

8th Day Of Christmas: Dogeared’s Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Necklace- Janice, an audience member, stated that she joined Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation and was working toward being healthier Dr Oz 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways. She had recently lost 13 lbs and felt great. (Good for you!) She stated it has been more challenging over the holidays but she’s trying hard to stay on track. For those participating in his Transformation Nation Million Dollar You program, he would like you to have this special keepsake to remind yourself why you’re doing it. (Me? I have my skinny jeans to remind me!) The necklaces are worth $80, but you can visit Dr Oz’s website and get yours free. The healthy holiday elves popped out once again to give each audience member the cherished keepsake. I totally love all of the Dogeared Necklaces on the market!

Dr Oz: Nature’s Bounty Mini Fish Oil Giveaway

9th Day Of Christmas: Nature’s Bounty Mini Softgel Fish Oil (1 yr supply) – Jackie, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she tried to keep her heart healthy by exercising and eating right. She also took omega 3. (Of course Dr Oz went ga-ga over that answer.) Dr Oz says that omega 3 is great for reducing inflammation. Omega 3 can also reduce chances of plaque on the heart and help lower blood pressure. From my research, there do seem to be great reviews about the Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil other than Dr Oz even!


  1. says

    This is very frustrating. I could not figure out how to sign up for ANY of the free giveaways. Was this just a scam? Where these already given away before the show?


  2. Sandy D. Breitzmann says

    How do I enter these contests? Dr Oz is on right now so I will watch the show in hopes of learning how to WIN!

  3. Ruth Henicle says

    I love watching DR. Oz every day if possible. He has such great knowledge on health issues etc.

  4. Kathy DiCaprio says

    I’ve watched shows for years with all these giveaway,. I can’t afford all these things and would love to be one of those lucky people in the audience, but I can’t afford to travel to do that either. Finally, these things were offered to people at home and I can’t figure out how to apply. Please help.

  5. Martha Martin says

    I could not see where I could sign up for the free gifts. I would love to lose some weight next year. Love watching your show, lots of great hints on health.

  6. says

    I watch you all the time. I need these shoes. I was in a car wreck 2 years ago and both my legs were almost cut off. I am still trying to get walking again, but it has been very hard. Please help me. Thanks

  7. Nancy Zattosky says

    We are a family that could really use the gifts from Dr. Oz show. We are do wn on our luck, not as bad as alot of other people i am sure. I feel bad asking for this but i really need a pair of shoes. I have fybermyalgia and need to walk but i dont have shoes to walk. So if you can help me out i would appreciate it. Thank you, Nancy Zattosky

  8. Carol Martens says

    I love your show. Worked in the health district for many years and the way you have educated the public is fantastic. I live in Regina Saskatchewan and would love to enter your giveaways but not sure where to enter so please enter me.

  9. Tracey says

    I am very disappointed. I have been on this sight since the beginning of the show hoping to be one of the lucky members to win any of the free giveaways. I can’t figure out how to do so This is very frustrating. I am new on this sight and love the show and won’t let this deter me. Merry Christmas everyone. Better luck next time I guess!

  10. says

    I appreciate the health education Doctor Oz is providing all viewers of his show. He is such a great teacher and has taught me so much.
    I would love to win one of the prizes, As a senior citizen residing in Katy, Texas the possibility of actually being in his audience is extremely unlikely. My husband his been ill for almost and year, so we cannot travel until his health improves.
    The Sony prize would be my choice. Thanks for a great show, and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

  11. Janet O'Hara says

    Can’t find where to sign up for 12 Days of Christmas giveaways from Dr. Oz!!!! 12-19-11 @ 5:08pm.

  12. Bonnie Matos says

    How do you enter????? Trying for 10 minutes was told to go to transformation nation and sign up. Couldn’t find anything………

  13. says

    I would like a free gift from Dr.oz show .We watch every day because we love the show ,but i have IBS in i,m having a vary hard time with it 4 times a month .It,s out of canrol i,m sick all the time.

  14. rita mathers says

    i love watching Dr. Oz show every day, couldn’t find out how to sign up for the giveaways either.

  15. Cecil Davis says

    I am 78 years old and watch your show most every day with my wife and have learned so many things that have inriched our daily living ,both our health and social lives. Thank you.

  16. sophia armstrong says

    Would love to win one of these gifts also. Love the show. I am determine to live a healthier.

  17. Crystal says

    I wish there was more information about how to sign up for the giveaways. I was really interested in the Reebok’s and Yonanas machine. The Yonanas would be great for tasty treats for my small children.

  18. sophia armstrong says

    Would love to win one of these gifts. I love the show, it helps us to live a healthier life.

  19. says

    Have been unemployed for almost 6mos., I really wanted to get some things for free but unable to figure out how to request the “free” gifts. Help!

  20. Sylvia says

    Tried and Tried to register for the free gifts, could not figure out how, So sad probably no gifts to recieve!! I guess it was all a scam!!!

  21. Josephine says

    I want to get the blender for my grandma for Christmas, but I don’t know were to call or sign up.

  22. Fifi says

    I watch your show daily, and if I can not watch I recorded it. I tried to register for the free gifts, so far no luck.Thanks for all your help. You are doing a good job. Fifi

  23. Tina Montgomery says

    I would love to win the running shoes for my husband who is trying to lose weight.

    We watch your show daily and appreciate all your wonderful tips.

    Tina M.

  24. Sonia Scott says

    How can I enter the contest to win a pair running shoes and the bissel vaccum? I need both desperately.

  25. Richard Patton says

    I was so thrilled to hear from dr oz I could win a free vita mix! I’ve been dreaming for one of these for years!!! Times are tough & can’t afford it right now & really sad it looks like this was a misunderstood situation! Well, you all know qvc & hsn have them & you can buy with making payments. I’m so upset w/ Dr Oz!!!

  26. Donna J says

    i typed in the web site Dr. Oz posted on his television show to enter the 12 Days of Christmas, but there is no way to enter the contest. so would you enlighten me how to enter the contest. I enjoy your show because it has a lot of health topics that educate the public. I have suffered from sinus infections for years and have been seen by different ENT,s even a ENT surgeon and all he did was to refer me to see an allgenist and treat me continually with antibotics. Thank you ofr showing me there is another to treat the infection and not just the symptom.

  27. says

    I would like the running shoes. And I need a small flat screen monitor. I have a very old school monitor. I heard they cause cancer. I had to have a basal cell cancer removed from the side if my right cheek. I am really worried about it coming back, this is the 2nd time it’s been cut out. So I need a 19 inch monitor so I won’t have to worry about mine causing cancer. I also would like to be on your show because I would like to loose weight. I had several accidents and has took a toll on my health and my weight. No matter what I do,I can’t loose weight. Now I am on Nature Throid. I hope it helps with my weight control.

  28. John Charles says

    Dr. Oz should be ashamed! I tried to register for his “free giveaway” and could not. It would say I am registered but then try to log on and would say NOT registered? I tried with a different computer and it let me register but would not confirm it. What a waste of my time. Did random people really get the claimed prizes? Very UN-professional. It is three strikes your out, and this is it.

  29. Jeanette says

    .. I’m also havin problems registerin, I hope Ur staff reads all these comments an U consider to accept Us for all ur give aways, due to not able to register… I would love to win any an all of UR Christmas gifts…as they would help me deal with an easier life.. thanks, have a Merry Christmas an a prosperous New Year…

  30. sara says

    I won a the “hot list” makeup kit, valued at 227$…. i was already registered at the page, so i clicked on a gift at 6pm, and got a “congratulations, you will receive your gift in the mail” screen, I had to fill out my address thats all, nobody that has won has gotten an e-mail or anything else notifying us after wards, but we shall see if it does indeed come in the mail…. i know several people that won apple tablets, vitamixes, yonana machines, and reebox….. i hope we really did win….. the contest was short and VERY fast, you had to click instantly to win anything, the prizes went fast! 🙂

  31. Rosa Roldan says

    I am a big fan of dr.oz. I have been trying to get on his show. How do I register for the tablet and the peter thomas cream? Iwould like the tablet for my grandson and the cream for me> I have huge bags under my eyes.

  32. Michael A White says

    My weight is 430 pounds my doctor has told me that i won’t make it to my 55th birthday i need help. i was 330 pounds when he told me this. as you can see im going the wrong way!

  33. Brenda says

    Dr.Oz I was trying to register for the Sonya Tablet x and there is no way to enter so Please if you could befre this expires let me now how to register thank you.

  34. sara says

    THERE IS NO WAY TO REGISTER FOR THESE GIFTS!!!! It was a ONE day giveaway…… if you didn’t get it the day it was given away, you just don’t get it…..

  35. Robin says

    I registered and won the Yonannas ice cream maker but I have not received a follow up email or anything. I was just wondering when to expect it in the mail. I am really looking forward to using it!!!

  36. Patty says

    Dr OZ, your so called Christmas Giveaway is a JOKE and I’m beginning to wonder about your shows ethics! I have written twice about some of the same “complaints” as listed and heard NOTHING!!! I too was registered and it said I won a Sony Tablet and guess what…nothing!!! It said you would receive an email and the “gift” within 6-8 weeks! HAHAHAHHA You are a JOKE! Maybe Ellen is honest???? Has ANYBODY received ANY thing????????

  37. Stacey says

    My husband DID get his sony tablet, and I DID get my dr roth kit… both are AMAZING!!! 🙂 maybe you didn’t really win, or read the rules correctly…. almost everyone that has won HAS won there gifts already…… 🙂 check out hip2save/dr.oz giveaway for all the winners…. sorry about your luck.

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