Dr Oz: Your Heart’s 7 Lucky Numbers

Dr Oz: 7 Heart Health Numbers

Dr Oz did a show called Your Heart’s 7 Lucky Numbers to teach us everything we must know to have good Heart Health.  Doctor Oz said that your heart is your hardest working organ in your body that pumps all day and night.  These 7 numbers and tools will help you to keep your heart healthy for years to comes.

Dr Oz: Resting Heart Rate 90

Dr Oz said that your Resting Heart Rate should never be more than 90 beats per minute.  If it is over 90, then you have a three times greater chance of Dr Oz Heart Healthdying.  A slow heart rate means that your heart is powerful, but a faster heart rate means the opposite.  When your heart is not healthy, each pump gives much less blood so it has to pump faster and faster to keep up.  This also helps to tell how much inflammation you have in your body.  Healthy fats are valuable for minimizing inflammation.  Your heart rate also tells you about your stamina level.  Just by exercising you can improve your stamina and make your heart more powerful and healthy.  Doctor Oz said that the last reason this is important is that when you get inflammation, it is often caused by emotional stress in your life.

Dr Oz: Sodium Daily Allowance

Doctor Oz said that 1.5 grams is the Sodium Daily Allowance for people over 50 years old.  This is the same as just a single tsp of salt.  And do not forget that lots of food already have salt added to it.  When your heart is wrapped in sodium from eating too much salt, it has to work harder and eventually it gets muscle bound, can’t move and leads to Heart Disease.  Do you know which of the following foods has the most salt: a bagel, vegetable juice or cheddar cheese?  The answer is that the bagel has the most sodium (570 mg of salt), followed by the vegetable juice (481 mg of sodium) and then the cheddar cheese (340 mg of salt).  If this surprises you, then you are like most of us!  This is why it is important to read food labels because salt is hiddeni no ur food all the time.

Dr Oz: Sugar Daily Allowance

Dr Oz said that 100 calories is the maximum amount of added sugar we can have per day.  But how do you measure what is an extra 100 calories of sugar in your food?  Basically, 25 grams of sugar on the nutrition facts label is 100 calories of sugar.  The sugar category is often under the “total carbohydrates” label.  Ingredients like evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup and brown rice syrup are all sugars.  Extra sugar leads to obesity and an increased risk of strokes and heart problems, plus it can lead to an elevated level of cholesterol and blood pressure.  Foods such as apple sauce, nonfat yogurt and salad dressing often have hidden sugars, so you must look at the nutrition label carefully.  Dr Oz said that the one exception is dairy, because lactose has some natural sugars.  But you still want to avoid dairy products with added sugar, like yogurt with syrupy sweet fruit on the bottom.

Dr Oz: Fiber Daily Allowance

Doctor Oz said that women should have 25 grams of fiber per day, and men should have 35 grams of fiber.  Flax meal is one good source of fiber, along with bran flakes (5.3 grams of fiber), pears (5.5 grams of fiber) and black beans (15 grams of fiber) per serving!  Dr Oz said that studies have shown that the more fiber you include in your diet, the more protected you are against Heart Attacks.  So fiber is not just about bowel movements!  Fiber actually binds to cholesterol in your intestinal system, and it pulls the cholesterol out of your system and flushes it away in your bowel movements.

Dr Oz: Alcohol Daily Allowance

Dr Oz said that women are allowed to have 1 Alcoholic Drink per day.  He especially promoted red wine and beer.  Why is wine good for you?  Antioxidants and Polyphenols found in red wine protects your heart’s vessels, especially the lining.  Beer is rich in Vitamin B6, but you still have to be careful of all of the carbs and sugar found in it.

Dr Oz: Transfats Daily Allowance

Doctor Oz said that you are allowed to have ZERO Transfats per day, because it builds up plaque in your system and is awful for you.  But just because a products says that it has 0 grams of transfats on it, that does not mean it is true.  A food company can write 0 grams of Transfats if it has 1/2 gram per serving or less.  Dr Oz said that his staff found example of crackers, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, peanut butter and coffee creamers that all fall under this category.  So how do you know if you are eating any Transfats?  Look for the ingredient “Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil” because any hydrogenated oils are Transfats.

Dr Oz: Hemoglobin A1C Test

Dr Oz said that the Heart’s Power Number is 6% which is the maximum number you can score on a Hemoglobin A1C Test.  If you score over 6%, then you are Insulin Resistant.  Diabetes continues to grow from generation to generation, so this is an important number to watch out for.  What is Insulin Resistance?  If you look at your liver and your belly fat or omentum, the omentum sends toxic chemicals to your liver.  Then all of a sudden, you have high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure.  Dr Oz said that you can lower your sugar levels by adding lemon juice to your foods, which makes your body able to process sugars in your food more easily.


  1. says

    Love your show Dr.Oz,could you please give any help for fibromyalgia.I had open heart surgery in 2000 and shortly after the pain started and gotten worse every year.Please help.

  2. Carolyn says

    i’m not sure if this is the place to ask questions or not, but I would like to know if you have heard of Dr. Brownstein and his opinions on thyroid problems. I just watched a presentation and it sounds logical, but would like your opinion. thanks.

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