Dr Oz: Zero Gravity Simulation & Inversion Therapy Machine

Dr Oz: Alternative Therapy

Dr Oz did a segment on Wild Alternative Therapies.  If you have achey knees or trouble running on a treadmill or eliptical due to lower body problems, then the Zero-Gravity Simulation Machine looks ideal!  And if you have stress or or depression, Doctor Oz introduced us to an Inversion Therapy Machine that is thought to treat these problems.

Dr Oz: Zero Gravity Simulation Machine

Dr Oz was joined by Sean Whalen, whose father originally designed the technology behind the Zero Gravity Simulator fromDr Oz Zero Gravity SimulatorNASA.  It looks somewhat like a treadmill, but the lower portion fills with air pressure so that the person running feels weightless.  Now you can exercise with only a tiny fraction of your body weight impacting your joints to help minimize pain or pressure in your feet, ankles or knees.  The Zero Gravity Simulation Machine has even been proven in universities to minimize the pressure put on your lower body.  Dr Oz said that if you cannot afford a Zero Gravity Simulation Machine, then you can get a similar effect by walking in a swimming pool.

Dr Oz: Inversion Therapy Machine

Dr Oz’s second Wild Alternative Therapy was an Inversion Therapy Machine.  You place your hands on the handles of the machine, place your head through a hole, and with the assistance of a helper, you kick your legs up into the air so that you are basically doing and handstand.  You hold this pose for five seconds.  According to Eastern Medicine, this stimulates blood flow to your brain to help with stress and depression.  A low cost version of this is to lay across your bed and flop your head off the side of the bed.  Doctor Oz spoke about a similar device called an Inversion Table on a different show, click here to read about that: Dr Oz Inversion Table.

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