Dr Oz: Zerona Fat Laser Removes Belly Fat


Dr Oz: Zerona Laser for Belly Fat

Dr Oz did a show called 5 Minute Miracles to Fight Fat, and one of the segments featured the Zerona Fat Laser that removes belly fat using Cool Laser Technology.  Dr Jame Heskett told Doctor Oz that you can melt inches off of your waist and keep them off for good with this miracle procedure that fights away fat without going under the knife.  Dr Heskett has performed the Zerona Laser Procedure on her New York patients and says that it has been very successful.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Laser

Dr Jame Heskett told Doctor Oz that the cold laser used in the Zerona Procedure perforates fat cells so that the contents of the fat cells leaks out and get Dr Oz Zerona Lasermetabolized by either your liver or through exercise, which is why you shrink.  Dr Oz showed an animation to demonstrate how the Zerona Laser works.  The laser goes through your skin and hits your fat cells, so they turn to mush and dissolve.  Your white blood cells come along and suck them up so the fat shrinks.  Dr Heskett calls it the Zerona Trifecta: the laser is non-invasive, completely painless and does not destroy the fat cells which is important for your endocrine system.  Also, if you destroy fat cells, then if you gain weight in the future, it will go to undesirable places.

Dr Oz: Zerona Belly Fat Procedure

Dr Oz found a lady named Catherine, who is 48 years old, and she hates her belly fat so much that she named it the “Fat Cat.”  She said that she tried to lose weight for years, she exercises, she eats right, but nothing works.  Dr Jame Heskett said that the perfect candidate for the Zerona Laser Treatment is someone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle but who wants to jump-start their weight loss program, which may have been insurmountable before.  Dr Heskett demonstrated how to use the Zerona Laser on Catherine.  She basically aims the laser at the area where you want to reduce the fat cells.  You put on laser glasses, and the laser does its work for 40 minutes.  The really cool thing about the laser is that you will actually lose fat everywhere, even though the laser is only aiming at your belly fat.  The reason is that your fat cells communicate with each other.  Dr Heskett told Dr Oz that patients lose 3 inches to 11 inches in 12 weeks.


  1. says

    Ruth, Dr Jame Heskett said that you can expect to lose 3″ – 11″ in 12 weeks when you have the 6 treatments with the Zerona Fat Laser. She also said that when she does the treatment, she guarantees that each patient loses at least 3″ of fat. So I suppose that is the best way to measure its effectiveness!

  2. Deborah Killinger says

    How do you get the pesticides off strawberries? I saw this on a show about a year ago.

  3. Sarah says

    Just purchased a zerona offer on trubates.com. They have a few offers on the site right now you can choose the business you want to work with.

  4. saru says

    how long it takes time..;? do it side effect after ? how much totly cost.? how much weight will be lose?

  5. Elise says

    I am very interested in having this procedure done. I am a 49 year old female who exercises 3 times a week on my bowflex treadclimber, I eat well, my body looks great except for that belly…I am located in the Poconos and would like to know if you can recommend a doctor for me preferably in New Jersey or New York. If you know of a reputable doctor in Pennsylvania that would be fine also…Please help me…I am very serious about this….

  6. says

    Elise, can’t recommend anyone in NY/PA area, but, for others who are interested, I know of a few places in California and Minnesota — all of which are running 50% off (or more) deals on Trubates.
    $350 for $750 Zerona in San Jose: http://bit.ly/TruZeronas
    $1100 for $2200 Zerona in Santa Rosa: http://bit.ly/TruZerona
    $1799 for $5250 Zerona in San Francisco: http://bit.ly/TruZeronaSF

    $850 for $1600 Zerona in Minneapolis: http://bit.ly/TruThinMN
    $1249 for $2600 Zerona in Minnetonka, MN: http://bit.ly/TruThin

    Hope this helps!

  7. says

    Saru, they recommend that you go in for 40 minutes, every other day for 2 weeks/6 sessions. You lie on a table while the laser does its work. It’s painless, and there’s no recovery time. People tend to lose 3-12 inches of fat. Of course, it’s up to you to keep the weight off — but isn’t it SO true that those last few stubborn pounds are the hardest to lose? Even if you eat healthy and exercise. The total cost is typically $2,000-$3,500 — but check out my above post. Trubates has several deals so you can get yours for $350-$1,799.

  8. bobby ramos says

    i live.in bramton ontario canada, i am very much interested in having zerona lazer done, i will be 70 yr’s old on june 25 2011. i have tried al most every thing i work out 5 to 6 times a week.
    please help or can you recommed someone near by, i am willing to travel to bafflo if it’s possible.is there a pace in ontario canada.please recommed. thankyou. b.ramos

  9. barbara says

    need daily doses and average prices on following supplements from 5-16-11
    grapeseed extract, apple pectin, and forskolin

  10. carol says

    there is a place in Easton, Pa that does Zerona…its called

  11. Elise says

    Hi Carol…Do you know anyone that has had it done there in the facility in Easton? I was on a consult there a couple of weeks ago, now I am just deciding whether or not to do it…..

  12. JEANNIE says


  13. says

    Hi my name is gaynell I live in the Bronx . Need a good doctor near the Bronx to who does this procedure thanks in ADVANCE. Second request.

  14. John Paul says

    I think that consumers on the most part are influenced a great deal by marketing and unfortunately Zerona has great marketing.
    The unsuspected consumer who does not do their homework or read Zerona’s marketing: Lose on Average 3.64 inches in waist, hips, and thigh circumference combined in 2 weeks – key work COMBINED – and does not realize that the area to which he / she has gone in with to lose (ie. abdominal) is not going to be a significant inch loss in.
    This is a loss to the consumer as far as I am concerned. If I went to go and purchase sessions from Zerona and I was looking for reducton in my abdominal area – I would not care if I lost .25 in all other areas they measure – and end up with a possible inch off my abdominal – not worth the price! In fact I think its a rip off!

  15. Jocelyn Thomas says

    I am very interested in having the procedure done. can someone tell me of a doctor in South Africa that does the Lazer treatment, any phone numbers , doctors names please.

    Awaiting for someone’s responds please

  16. kana says

    How come they never said if the patient they selected on Dr. Oz lost any weight??? Probably cause she didn’t. Look at the reviews on Realself. sounds like a scam

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