Dr Oz’s 50’s Prevention Guide: Menopause, Cancer & Heart Disease


Dr Oz’s 50’s Prevention Guide covered topics including Menopause, Cancer, Exhaustion and Heart Disease.  Do you know the best ways to prevent these health problems?  Doctor Oz gave a list of What to Buy along with Screening and Treatments for Menopause, Cancer, Exhaustion and Heart Disease.  So lets save as many lives as possible by sending all of your friends and family members a link to this article! Dr Oz 50 Prevention Guide

Dr Oz: Menopause Treatments & Screenings

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Lori Warren who said that some symptoms of Menopause include night sweats, sleeplessness, moodiness and an increase in your waist size.  There are many profound changes that happen in a woman’s body during menopause.

Dr Oz: What Causes Hot Flashes?

Dr Oz explained what causes hot flashes.  If you look inside of a woman’s ovary, there are eggs that shrivel up and stop producing hormones including estrogen.  This hormonal shift makes your heart beat faster and causes your blood vessels to dilate, which makes your skin temperature increase and you sweat.

Dr Oz: Hormone Replacement Therapy Controversy

Dr Oz asked Dr Warren to explain what is the Hormone Replacement Therapy Controversy, as well as her opinion on the topic.  Dr Warren explained that in Hormone Replacement Therapy, you replace estrogen and progesterone, or only estrogen if you had a hysterectomy.  The controversy comes from the fact that it is not for everyone because of the risks involved such as Breast Cancer, Heart Disease and Blood Clots.  Dr Warren said that she is still in favor of Hormone Replacement Therapy for generally healthy women.

Dr Oz: Menopause: Black Cohosh Tea & Sage Tea

Dr Oz’s list of What to Buy for Menopause includes Black Cohosh Tea and Sage Tea, both of which can be soothing and help with hot flashes.  Here is a link to another segment that Dr Oz did where he spoke about Hot Flash Treatments like chilled pillows and Keishi Bukuryo Gan.

Dr Oz: Cancer Screenings & Treatments

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Marisa Weiss, president and founder of BreastCancer.org.  The biggest risk factor for cancer is growing older, but Dr Oz said that getting cancer is not just about chance, like getting a lottery ticket.  We have a lot of control over cancer.  The life saving cancer screenings for all women over 50 include:


  1. Kathy Morgan says

    Thank you for the skin supplement recommendations. How does a person prevent Vitiligo of the skin? As I age, it is increasingly more noticeable. I have blotches of white skin everywhere. Sun screens don’t prevent it. My Dr. says there are no cures or preventatives….it is all auto-immune.

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