Dr Oz’s Dad’s Hemorrhagic Stroke Warning Signs vs Regular Stroke


Dr Oz’s Father’s Stroke Signs

For eight years, Dr Oz has discussed stroke prevention on his show. But he recently had to learn that knowing the warning signs and actually putting them into action are two different things. Dr Oz’s family recently had a health scare when his own father suffered a stroke that could have ended his life. Even though he’s an experienced doctor, Dr Oz admitted that it was one of the scariest moments of his life.  Dr. Oz’s father and mother, who wore a bedazzled, jeweled, black hat and sequined, black, fingerless gloves, joined him on the show as well (how adorable was Mrs. Oz!?!?).  Learn about the critical warning signs of a Hemorrhagic Stroke vs a Regular Stroke on the next page, along with whether or not making a person angry can give them a stroke…

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