Dr Oz’s De-Clutter Checklist for Hoarders

Doctor Oz gave a checklist for hoarders to help them get rid of stuff using 3 simple steps – mild prevention, bacteria prevention and dust removal.  One of the big problems of being a hoarder is that you end up in a physically unhealthy environment.  Neither adults, children or babies should live in a house with mold, bacteria or lots of dust… but in many ways the mold is the most dangerous problem.  If you have a mold problem in your home, try this Mold Home Remedy, which is all natural so you won’t be exposing your family to harsh chemicals.Woman Working

Dr. Oz’s De-Clutter Checklist:

1.  Mold Prevention

Dr. Oz said that mold is very dangerous and toxic, and when you have a lot of clutter, you cannot always see the mold growing everywhere.  So make sure to get rid of clutter and get rid of mold with this Mold Home Remedy.

2.  Bacteria Prevention

Bacteria is just as dangerous as mold and can wreak havoc on your family and your home.  Make sure to take your garbage out often, and do not let trash collect in your home.

3.  Dust Removal

Dust is primarily dead skin cells, but also pet dander (if you have animals in your home) and bugs and insects.  Most people are allergic to dust and so dust can cause a variety of reactions including itchy eyes and throat or even breathing difficulty and lung problems.  So get rid of your clutter, excess papers that you no longer need, and keep your home from turning into large piles of items.

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