Dr Oz’s Dollar Menu: $1 Meals with Jamie & Bobby Dean


As part of Dr Oz’s special show where he launched what is called Dr Oz’s $1 Diet, he brought the Deen Brothers – Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen (sons of Paula Deen) – on the Doctor Oz Show to teach us how to make $1 Meals.  Now we have five easy and inexpensive meals for every day of the week with Dr Oz’s Dollar Menu… much healthier than McDonald’s Dollar Menu for sure!  Dr Oz's One Dollar Menu


  1. Kathy Halverson says

    These recipes sound doable and affordable! Healthy meals on a budget – what’s not to like??

    Thank you guys!!! 🙂

  2. Terri says

    I live in South Florida and there is no way I could buy what is need for these meals for 1 dollar per serving. Lean ground beef is about $6 a pound and a can of beans is over a dollar. Btw, I’m not talking about shopping at whole foods. The normal stores cost a lot more down here.

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