Dr. Oz’s Game: Guess the Food Rules with Tomato & Walnuts


Dr. Oz played a game on his show called “Guess the Food Rules.”  Lets see how you do!

Dr. Oz’s Quiz: Guess the Food Rules –

1.  Eat _____ to increase prostate health. (Fill in the blank.)

2.  How does your body best absorb lycopene in tomatoes? Choose from: sliced tomatoes in salad, pasta sauce or tomato juice.

3.  Eat _____ to increase fertility rates?

4.  Which has the most Omega 3’s? Choose from: tofu, squash or walnuts.

Answers to Dr. Oz’s Food Quiz:

1.  Eat TOMATOES to increase prostate health, because tomatoes contain lycopene.

2.  Your body absorbs lycopene the best in the form of pasta sauce.  You should eat 10 TB of tomato sauce a week!

3.  Eat food rich in OMEGA 3’s to increase your fertility rates.

4.  Walnuts contain the most Omega 3’s.


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