Dr Oz’s Healthy Dinner Club & Rocco’s 500 Calorie Salmon & Spinach Recipe


Doctor Oz is starting a new program called the “Dr Oz’s Healthy Dinner Club,” where he encourages all of us to reach out within our towns, to our friends, family and neighbors, to start cooking 500 calorie dinners every night.  How great would it be if we could setup groups of around 7 families, where each family would cook a 500 calorie dinner for all 7 families once a week?  We would all start eating healthier, plus we would save a ton of time and money by grouping together.  So if you are interested in finding families to partner with in your neighborhood, leave a comment below with your town and I will do my best to match people together!  Dr Oz's 500 Calorie Healthy Dinner Club


  1. Sandy says

    Want to get Rocco’s receipe for sweet and sour vegetable stir fry using tamarind paste. Could not find it on your web site. Don’t really like salmon but will give it a try. We have Rocco’s new book and have tried many of his receipes. Very good. Love your show. Would not miss it.

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