Dr Oz’s Healthy Hydration Handbook: Sodium & Potassium-Rich Vegetables

Doctor Oz did a segment on the Warning Signs of Dehydration, and followed it up with a segment called Dr Oz’s Healthy Hydration Handbook.  Do you know how much water you should be drinking?

Dr Oz’s Healthy Hydration Handbook

Hydration Tip #1: Know When to Drink More

Dr Oz said that if you exercise enough to get your heart rate up, then you should drink 8 ounces of fluid for every Doctor Oz's Healthy Hydration Handbookhour of activity that you do.

Hydration Tip #2:  Drink 1 for 1

Dr Oz said that if you drink dark tea or coffee, then to counterbalance it, you have to drink an equal amount of water because coffee and tea are diuretics.

Hydration Tip #3:  Hydration Through Vegetables: Sodium & Potassium

Dr Oz said that regular fruits and vegetables like blueberries, oranges, tomatoes and lettuce are all good for hydrating you.  However, Dr Oz’s top choice of produce for hydration include watermelon, papaya, celery and cucumber because they have lots of potassium and sodium which helps your body to hold onto water.  Dr Oz said that everyone needs 5 fistfuls of vegetables each day, but try to get 1/2 of your daily serving from the produce rich in potassium and sodium.

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