Dr Oz’s Hot List: Food Scale, Crispbread & Gaiam Ball Chair


Doctor Oz did a segment called The Dr Oz Hot List, which is a list of three products that Dr Oz loves.  I personally wonder if Dr Oz really loves these products, or if somehow he is being paid to endorse the products.  But either way, I must say that all three items truly intrigued me!

1.  Perfect Portions Food Scale

Dr Oz said that the Perfect Portions Food Scale is $59.99 and he gave a demonstration of the neat scale.  You put your bowl on the Dr Oz Gaaim Balanceball Chairscale and turn it on (which automatically makes it subtract the weight of the bowl), then your pour your food into the bowl and enter a number that corresponds to whatever food you just poured into the bowl.  Then the scale automatically calculates a “Nutrition Facts” panel for your portion, which tells you how many calories, fat, etc. you have in your portion.  You can read a great review of the Perfect Portions Scale here: Perfect Portions Digital Scale Review

2.  GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread

Dr Oz said that a bunch of his friends were losing weight and he asked them what they were doing, and all of them said they were eating GG Crispbread.  Dr Oz also said that GG Bran Crispbread reduces your risk of Cancer, Diabetes and Constipation.  Some suggestions for how to eat Crispbread include with peanut butter or hummus.  Four wafers of the GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread gives you almost all of the fiber you need in a day.

3.  Gaaim Balanceball Chair

Dr Oz said that we are a nation of sitting, so while we are sitting, we may as well be improving our balance and flexibility by building our abdominal core a bit by sitting on a Gaaim Balanceball Chair.  Also, if you move your butt from side to side a little bit on the Balanceball Chair, then you increase the benefits of the chair.  You can read a great review of the chair here: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review


  1. Catherine Baker says

    I would like to win these products as I’m a heart patient, diabetic, overweight and vascular problems. that ball chair seems like something I can do as it’s hard for me to get around, I’m on oxygen 24/7 and Dr Oz has proven that labels on food are false would would encourage me to watch my diet more. My metabolism is very slow at the age of 67 and not moving much. I enjoy Dr Oz’s show and and I always learn something knew.

  2. Kim S. says

    Hi Dr. Oz,
    I love watching your show, it’s so educational! I would like to win these products because I am fighting diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestrol. I can stand to loose more weight. I’m exercising but that alone doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe these products can help me achieve my goals.

  3. says

    Hi Kim! We aren’t affiliated with Dr Oz… we are just Dr Oz’s number 1 fan site! I hope that you signed up to win the products though and I hope that you will win 🙂

  4. BM says

    Well, they spelled “Gaiam” wrong, but there are also several brands of similar chairs out there. Just do a search in Amazon or Google.

  5. Juanita says

    My GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread just arrived and I have eaten one wafer and I am working on my 2 second cup of Oolong tea. I will let you know how it works for me. My weight this morning was185.8 lbs.

  6. says

    Dr Oz, my mother was diagnosed with breat cancer 3 years ago at age 92, with a pace maker her heart doctor said she shouldn’t have surgery. So she was given a drug to slow down the cancer. I went with my mom last week to her oncologist to find out if the cancer has spread, since she is now having pain in her ribs and shoulders. She is now 95, and three years has bassed and we don’t know any more than we did then. I ask the doctor why can’t they do blood test to monitor the cancer. He told me that my mothers cancer can’t be detected in the blood. I thought all cancers can be monitored by blood test. Can you answer this question for me. This is a Kaiser Permanente doctor, Kaiser was treating my best friend, brother, sister-in law, and my husband now they are all dead of cancer.

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