Dr Oz’s Jumpstart: 5 Minute Deep Freeze for Weight Loss

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Dr Oz’s Jumpstart: 5 Minute Deep Freeze for Weight Loss

By on February 13, 2012

Dr Oz: 5 Minute Energy Boosters

Feeling as though you don’t have enough energy to make it through the afternoon? Dr Oz introduced Self-Help Author and Fitness Trainer, Tim Farriss to help you boost your energy in 5 minutes.

The 4-Hour Body Review

Tim Ferriss is a self-proclaimed guinea pig and joined Dr Oz today to reveal his secrets on how to boost energy and to help you elevate your mood.

Dr Oz 5 Minute Deep Freeze for Weight Loss

Butter Before Bed Can Help You Sleep Better!

His New York Times Bestseller, The 4-Hour Body, has hit #1and is still selling. Tim tests his fitness theories, and then shares it with his bloggers who also try it. When he gets a stamp of approval, he lets the masses know his methods so they can change how their bodies, look, feel, and perform.

Tim says that you can jump start your metabolism no matter what age you are, you just need to know how to direct the calories to the right place. Tim also suggested that sleep issues can be resolved by body temperature and body placement.

Dr Oz told Tim that he felt he had the science right and that he armed people with the necessary tools to reach their weight loss goals.

Tim says that he had heard many complaints from women regarding their bodies, but today, he was there to help.

LaToya, an audience member wearing a bathrobe (you’ll find out why later), told Tim and Dr Oz that she lost some weight, however, it’s that last 5 lbs that she just can’t seem to lose. Even though she exercised, she couldn’t seem to lose the weight. (Hey, if it’s only 5, she should be happy!) She wanted Tim to show her a way to jump start her metabolism.

Dr Oz: 5 Minute Deep Freeze Metabolism Boost

Tim stated that a NASA scientist introduced this method to him. When you exposed yourself to cold, you can double your weight loss.  (Does this mean I should move to Alaska?) Try taking a 3-5 minute cold shower. Dr Oz had LaToya take off her robe and step into a shower they had ready on stage. (Yes, she was wearing a bathing suit, if you were wondering.) LaToya turned on the shower and you could see the pain in her face, but the gracious audience cheered her on. (Of course they did, they weren’t the ones standing in an ice cold shower!) Tim stated that you want the water under 60 degrees. You can also jump start your metabolism by using ice packs on the back of the neck while watching television.

Even though it was cold, LaToya told Dr Oz that she would consider taking a cold shower if it could help her lose weight.

Dr Oz: Kimchi Mood Boost

Alice, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was getting married and wanted to supercharge her mood. Her fiancé constantly told her that she was grumpy all the time. (Good way to start a marriage!)

Kimchi Kickstart: eat 4-5 tablespoons of Kimchi. Kimchi is a fermented Korean food that will boost serotonin in the gut. Dr Oz, Alice, and Tim tried it. Dr Oz stated it had a pungent odor, however it tasted way better than it smelled. Alice liked it, too.

Dr Oz reminded that in order to boost mood, you need to start small with things to push it in the right direction and Kimchi did just that. Alice stated that now she could be a happy bride. (Good luck with that! Don’t be surprised if you see Alice on next week’s episode of Bridezilla!)

Dr Oz: Butter Before Bedtime

Carmen, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she tossed and turned at night, which kept her up and made her feel tired in the mornings. Tim, whose family used to suffer from insomnia, suggested Butter Before Bedtime: Take 2 Tbsp of almond butter before bed to help stabilize blood sugar. You wake up feeling better. Even if you get less sleep, you’ll have more energy. (If you get 4 hours of sleep, it’ll feel like 8!)

Positioning of the body: Carmen told Dr Oz that she started the night by sleeping on her left side and then in the middle. Tim told her that there was a power position to get more sleep. (Really?)

Sleep Power Position: Use a 90 degree arm and leg. This position is like swaddling a baby because it limits movement.

– Lie on your stomach
– Leave left arm and leg straight
– Move right leg and right arm up 90 degrees

Dr Oz: Morning Stretch

Bonus Tip: What does Dr Oz do every single morning to jump start his health? Stretching. Stretching will keep the blood pumping hard.

– sit in chair
– place feet firmly on the ground
– sit with back straight
– lock fingers upside down above your head
– reach to the right
– reach to the left

Hold for 20 seconds.

Also, take 100 mg of CoQ10 Q-gels. In gel form, it absorbs much faster.

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Comments to Dr Oz’s Jumpstart: 5 Minute Deep Freeze for Weight Loss

  1. Alexia Gerber says:

    My question is on the 5 minute deep freeze shower can you start your shower cold, and then finish with a normal warm shower or do you just strictly do the cold water and get out?

  2. My question is the same as Alexia Gerber:

    The 5 minute deep freeze shower :Can you start your shower cold, and then finish with a normal warm shower or do you just strictly do the cold water and get out? or Start with a Hot?warm shower with soap and everything and then rince with the cold shower for 5 minute?

  3. Start warm/hot…then go to cold….YIKES !!! It really wakes you up too ! You will get used to it..do it at night before bed as well…you will have a great sleep while you burn fat.

  4. My before work shower always included a cold blast at the end of the shower for the big wake up!. I learned this during my Sauna days…

  5. Do you have to let the cold water run over your head or just below the neck? She did not put her head under the water on the show. It would be soooo much harder if you have to keep your head under the COLD water.

  6. I have done the cold shower treatment. How I found that I could handle the cold, was to follow another study that Dr. Oz mentioned on his show. The study had found that if people swore, they could tolerate much more pain / discomfort. So one who is not given to bad language many of my friends would have been shocked to hear me swearing the “F” word out to myself. But honestly, I could stand the cold wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more longer then I thought I would have been able to. It maybe not your style.. but for the sake of good health. Give it a thought.

  7. DR.OZ……

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